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Thursday, January 19, 2012


404... Dead link... whatever you want to call it. My Ant-anti-countermeasures...

                 T H I S  T O P I C   I S   N O   L O N  G E R   A   V A L I D   C O N C E R N

Until further notice, I am no longer an active participant of facebook and any other social media. I have always acknowledged the fact that there is no privacy anywhere on the WEB. Up to some point, I have nothing to hide. This was not some teen diary, outreach anonymous program, or narcissistic twitter. Just ME on the Internet. But, because of what I have browsed, I may soon be labelled a lazy pervert with politically dangerous delusions of grandeur! Lazy because, by the time stamps of comments and posts, it has been noted that I am available on-line 24/7. Note to self: Log off, stupid! as I would the stove when you are done and walk away... no difference. A pervert because I have viewed lewd pictures, videos, and porn sites... yes, it happens! Political?!? Well yes... It has been shoved down our throats every time we turn on a television, radio, or computer. Delusions? No... I AM GOD. of all that I see, hear, and have control over.
And if you are on my Friends List, YOU are guilty of the same by association!
This is the reason why I quit facebook. To protect YOU!
see Your Online Privacy Just Got Shot To Hell

I will continue to read Facebook's Newsfeed as I would a newspaper. I will go to your Timeline (Wall for those that are still holdbacks) to keep up on your most recent activities. At least those that still fascinate me. I will read any private messages you may send. But any response will be here, in my blog. Anonymously... my preference not to "tag" you. My comments, your shared links, but not your activities, will be shown here. You may or may not recognize the inferences.

Remember, anything you put out on the WEB is given implied permission to copy, re-post or share, (mis-)interpret, comment on, AND judge you, the author, by any means possible.

"Congress cannot stand by and do nothing while American innovators and job creators are under attack.” YES IT CAN! Let those same "innovators" protect themselves. Current (copyright) laws are fine, even if unenforceable. But leave government out of it!

Intellectual property, once made public, becomes free. Those who wish to keep its commercial value need to take measures to keep it from being copied.
 - except for those receiving royalties, in which case they should be ashamed of themselves for 'milking' their audience.
Rather than crying to 'mama government.' No law, now or to be passed, can be truly enforced. There will always be an 'underground.'
As for Anonymous, that is a movement that 'does because it can.' "People who wear masks while doing their thing" copies 1940s mystery men and comics heroes of the 1960s; their model from "V for Vendetta" which stemmed from Guy Fawkes. Showing the totalitarian government that they are not infallible against a united 'single faced' mass. Their final action, though to be the destruction of the building symbolic to that government. The fiction succeeds where reality failed.
We'll see how everything ends up, perhaps on the hollywood big screen, or the bootlege version available on YouTube.

I am boycotting CBS and its advertising sponsors. Google and Wikipedia blackout in protest. 
Read the summary of HR3261 and see the author Lamar Smith for the idiot he is! Copyright infringement is described as being the same as transporting drugs and dangerous substances. click on the text links for each