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Saturday, November 17, 2012


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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Empire Strikes Again

Rod's Log: post-Election 12849.32
We won!
Did we really? All this election proved is that as a people, we are divided down the middle.
Now that it's all over... Rod Peacewalker
Maps paint a pretty picture of red and blue (weren't the colors switched years back?).
The 'red' areas are The Cursed Earth. ok that was a cheap shot...
Electoral College.
The mysterious Mystakolian Illuminati that selects our Head of State is a block, or weighed, voting system designed to give more power to the states with more votes, but allows for small states to swing an election. Under this system, each state is assigned a specific number of votes proportional to its population, so that each state's power is representative of its population. So, while winning the popular vote may not ensure a candidate's victory, a candidate must gain popular support of a particular state to win the votes in that state. The goal of any candidate is to put together the right combination of states to earn 270 electororal votes.
By voting for a Republican presidential candidate, for example, you are really voting for a member of the Electoral College who is expected -- but not required -- to vote along party lines, too.
On the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December, the electors meet in their respective state capitals to officially cast their votes for president and vice president. These votes are then sealed and sent to the president of the Senate, who on Jan. 6 opens and reads the votes before both houses of Congress. How is it then that on the night of the election the Electoral Vote count is broadcast before the ink dries on the West coast ballots (California with 55 all-or-nothing votes)?
The winner is sworn into office at noon Jan. 20
2 Party System
Two camps, sides of the aisle, opposed to each other. How is a government supposed to work this way? The original Constitution already allowed for checks and balances to insure the "well off" land owning senators and the populations with their representatives have no unfair advantage when weighing legislation. We should not be surprised that neither side will work with the other. Conservatives will never cooperate with liberals; the rich with those who want equality.
The House of Representatives is a more accurate view of how regions, not States, feel about their Party. If not their candidate. Which today has a greater power to veto the President.
Are just that. Rhetoric. But above all things, swear not: but let your yes be yes; and your no, no; lest you fall into condemnation. ~ James 5:12 No one one may accurately predict the turn of events, therefore no one can make promises they might not be able to keep. End a war? get people employed to a fixed proportion? Get real!
Judas tried to force Jesus to lead the Jews against the Roman government. Jesus was condemned by those same Jews because he wasn't what they expected. Crucified as a scapegoat; sanctified as a symbol on the third day. A government is not one person! Although mobs are ready to put blame on one.
Great talk Mr President. But I, personally won't hold you to it.
Somewhere I learned never to stare into the camera. Obama did not... ever! My son and my "friend who lost" consider him shifty. I laugh at their superior intellect [Montalban voice]. "If I was talking to you, shouldn't I be looking AT you?" Absolutely! If there were no audience. But you are talking to Everyone of which the camera is only one set of eyes. He is indeed a smooth talker though. I compare him to a salesman trying to sell us what we think we need, but is really what he wishes to unload.
Romney did indeed look at us and the ones closest to the front. We can see the incredulous look in his eyes. The insincerity and snobbishness of this individual. Perhaps it is his Mormon upbringing. That of them being the Chosen Ones. He will never cooperate, never be the credible leader. He WILL have a cult following, though. Tell us what your plan was, sir. I, personally, would be glad to hear ir. I am open. I even have my own plans.
In other news...
[  ]  Jerry Brown no longer needs to hold students hostage. His ransom of $7 billion a year for seven years can now fund the transition of the prison system from one form to another, fund medical and other social services, and not cut school funded services. Which they already did in the past four years!
[  ]  The SuperPacs lost, so workers can be represented by contributions made by their unions on their behalf, whether they like it or not.
[  ]  The death penalty stays as is.
[  ]  Three-strikes prisoners will be reassessed and released if the third crime was not violent.
[  ]  No need for consumers to rely on labels to see if they should eat something... or not.
[  ]  In some states Pot smoking gays can marry... they're not hurting anyone!
May the Peace of Once Upon A Time be with you... or "Be nice ot I'll sic Emma on you!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tell me all your thoughts on God

'Cause I would really like to meet her.
Dear God, I pray, keep me away from all the people who I disagree with. But please don't kill me to make it happen. Amen.

[  ]  The Liturgy of the Mass is just one hour in a week, Ordinary Time.
15 minutes of two readings and a gospel. One predates Christ. The other post his death.
15 minutes of reflections and insights of the presiding clergy and reminders of our faith;
15 minutes in preparation of the gifts and lead-in to communion;
then concluding with a few words of the community's upcoming events.
"Go in peace." and reflect upon the words given today. Not the twenty or so seen on facebook every day. "Amen"

[  ]  But of that day or hour, no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”
[  ]  Mark 10:21, Matthew 19:21, Luke:18:22
[  ]  "For he is not a God of the dead, but of the living: for all live because him."
[  ]  At the Ressurection, who will I be married to? According to Mark 12:25 and Matthew 22:30 and Luke 20:34-36
[  ]  The practice of petitioning Saints or Mary dates to the earliest days of Christianity...
[  ]  Matt 7:1 Judge not  (lest ye be judged)
[  ]  The constitution, the bible, and the instructions to my remote...
[  ]  Looking or the meaning of life... 
[  ]  Be charitable because you want to be 
[  ]  The Gospel according to four people

[  ]   Stardate 12747.27; 30 Sep 2012, 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

My niece asks, "My friend is going to church tomorrow. She is christian. We're catholic. What is the difference between the two?"
I smiled, as I was about to proclaim a truth as well as a blasphemy against my fellow man in one thought.
"Catholics are one group of christians. Christians believe Christ lived, but not all believe in him the same way. Your friend calls herself 'christian' but, because I see she is Mexican, is more likely 'catholic' as well." As you see, it is very easy to confuse a 11-13 year old.
"Some believe Jesus is God," I continued. "Some see him as a prophet. Some see him as a form higher than us, but is not the same level as God. There are othe differences, not quite related to Christ. Saints, the holiness of his mother, differences with the authority of the pope. These caus divisions or 'schisms.' "
"Can she go to our church [Mass]?"
"Yes. We/they invite guests to attend. There may be certain rituals they may not join in though. For example communion." Although in this case, again, I am most certain she is catholic. Most devout ones, however, prefer that the family attend together. I said so. Sure enough, her mom declined the invitation for her daughter.

Daily scripture readings from the Missal... always read the WHOLE chapter
Numbers 11:25–29
James 5:1–6
Mark 9:38–48
Moses [rebuked a complainer], “Are you jealous for my sake? Would that all the people of the LORD were prophets! Would that the LORD might bestow his spirit on them [us] all!”
Jesus said [to a complainer]."Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, [or to come to harm]..."

If any part of you causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter into life and the kingdom of God maimed or crippled than to be whole and be thrown into Gehenna. This is NOT telling you to mutilate yourself. It IS saying that the alternative to doing wrong is comparable.

Today's message at Mass affirms my sermon to Terrilyn the previous night.
Those that have faith in God, with Jesus, contain the spirit of God and may proclaim so. One does not have to be ordained to preach. One does not have to be of a denomination to "be saved." There are those who cannot know Jesus, but nevertheless do good acts. Then there are those who do not recieve the message due to impairement, poverty and distance from civilization. Those peoples are not condemned anymore than newborns or those lacking of social requirements.

Therefore, go out and do good deeds, with no thought of rewards or recognition... Amen.

[  ]  Other readings of interet... Gen / Gen 2:22 / Matt 6 / Matthew 19:24 / James 5:1–6 / Religions are fairy tales


[  ]  I am not here to persecute Mormons...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Apocalypse Now!

By this time tomorrow everyone will be glued to their tv set and twitter feed, like it's worth a damn.
A reminder: I will be 'gone' for the next 30 hours with no outside media. To be on worlds where no one has heard of Obie-wan or Romneyulans. Good Morpheus. >while I was gone<

I do NOT have a partisan point of view.
There are more things I do not like than there are things that I do.

I do not like Mitt Romney. It is not because he is a republican. It is not because he is a mormon. Although I don't like those socio-ideologies either. Because he is either of those is just happenstance. He is a person I do not trust in the manner of speach and body language. If I ever met his kind in person, I would immediately turn my back and walk away. I neither like nor hate the guy. What I feel for him is apathy. I hold what he says in contempt instead. He has, in his own words, alienated women, the middle class, those that have a legitimate right to government support, as well as those who hold family values not considered 'normal' by his reasoning.
I do not 'like' Obama. He is a smooth talking salesman... used car, insurance, anything I don't want. I DO respect his current position. As I did the previous Presidents.
I never liked any person in any political office. With the exception of Richard M Nixon.
In Nixon's administration we got out of Vietnam, got tax rebates (not stupid spending incentives), opened trade with China (everyone afterwards screwed it up), landed on the moon, and helped Doctor Who save the world.
NOTE that I have only voted for five administrations, three Presidents, since registering after 1989. I don't regret my choices because the alternatives were idiots.

It's All Politics
WTF do jobs have to do with reducing a runaway deficit?
"We will not pass anything the Democrats propose."
At least we weren't kept in the dark and given propoganda to justify being thrown into a decade of wars.
Can never be trusted... Mitt Romneyulan  /  I fear Mitt Romney because I am an ignorant american.  /  Binders of women  /  Romnesia / Damn them, damn them all to hell!” / RANSOM MESSAGE
What would be the advantage to contributing to a presidential campaign?
The Right Wing, Left Wing, and the Tea Party  /  What's the difference?  /  more 47s  /  on veterans  /  Anyone who follows soapbox evangelists... / on Propositions and  am against the raising of the sales tax / Idiot... another / Now THIS is an Occupy Movement! / The "completely wrong" search / Legal Voter Manipulation #1010 /  Polls do not reflect final election results  / Part-timers with no benefits working / on mascots / "The President is supposed to protect his people! It's his JOB!"
It is written that a man and a woman may be joined.
Status Update:
 Final judgement of Dissolution granted 10/10/2012 due to irreconsilable differences.
I had a phone conversation with my ex.

In the News

My Thoughts Exactly!
There were clouds in my coffee [revisited]...  /  "Easy as breathing"  /  Sarcasm  /  NO is the first intelligent word ever said by Man
Do not judge me by my past. Or I might just go back and remove you from it.
"I pledge alliegence to The Flag" / Yes I am a liberal, socialist, democratic individual / I am not antisemetic, but I suppose I am antizionist.   /   I do not understand the concept of Astrology / human fascination at ends that meet / of Columbus Day / re Lance Armstrong  /  Congratulations to those who will be giving birth near Independence Day!  /  Dish TV goes door to door / You cannot win a role-playing game without encounters and challenges  /  A man fools around to see how different it could be. / You will never know if a ship is seaworthy when in the middle of a desert. - Noah  /  If I apologize, it does not necessarily mean I was wrong  /  "When you win, say nothing. When you lose, say less. " /  Psychosis (n.) / The greatest invvention of the human species was the printed word / Memes  /  something she said 

The Latest on fb
What I 'Like' but do not 'Follow' / photo albums / Where everybody knows your name  / if only there were a 'Slap' icon  / "Unfollow post"  / Some posts I can Unfollow and some that I can't! / Are you a facebook addict? / misc
The NETwork of ME
Church, State, and Circuses

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Computer is your Friend

"The closer you are to enlightenment, the farther you are from social normality" ~ The Physics of Life According to an Anti-Pro Ton [Like]

There has been a misconception by others that I am unhappy.
So far this year 89 freinds posted on my timeline; 55 on my birthday. Of 183 on my friends list.
Now Playing- Star Trek Online / NCC-1701s and construction / Nearly every episode of the old Star Trek follow the same formula.
My life in wonderland and forgiveness at Yoshi's with Clarice and David
The Harvest Moon
Fleet Week San Francisco, Fisherman's Warf
... seven events going on in SF
Oktoberfest at Dimond district, MacArthur & Fruitvale
Masquerotica returns to the SF Concourse Exhibition Center
TV Guide...
Once Upon A Time  /  Grimm  /  666 Park Avenue  /  Elementary  /  Beauty and the Beast
Barbarella [1:13 is a favorite... What do you mean?] /  The Prisoner  /  Space: 1999  /  UFO  /  Alma (short)  /  Frankenweiner / Ray Bradbury's Theater
Sherlock  /  Lost Girl  /  Secret Diary...
I am not an extreme left wing socialist democrat!
>  What we have is a democratic republic. Democratic (adjective) describes the republic (noun) the object that it really is. Represantitive democracy is an oxymoron. If you have anyone lord it over the populace, it is no nonger a democracy.
>  Cities should not be able to seek bankruptcy protection. They should be brought up for sale to be run by another entity, ie, corporation (see Robo-cop).
>  City-states, blocks, and communes are ideal if they are self-supporting.
No servant of the people should have a salary and fringe benefits. Just a living allowance, since slavery is illegal.
>  "A true democracy ceases to exist when the population goes beyond one person."
From The 47
It is so easy to read into what you read [more]
A president or governor doesn't create employment! [more]
Cry me a river! They are just people [more]
One can at least try to understand a half truth. [more]
... and other sayings
"Language is the most misunderstood form of communication" ~ dedication plaque at the Babel Conference of Diplomacy 2265
Science is attempting to understand all that exists. Whereas religion concludes that it just is.
"Don't mistaken my intelligence for patience; my lack of patience as ignorance." [more]
Movies in Review
Dredd  /  Resident Evil 3D
Andy Williams

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Again Revisited


How I felt two years ago.
What has changed since eleven years ago?
The year was 2001. A day like any other day, or so we thought. I was a late sleeper. New York was already early at work. I woke up to an Orson Wells hoax. Or so I thought. Drove to work, vaguely noticing there was not a plane in the sky. "Go home" was the greeting I got. The only other day I had ever experienced being sent home and the stores being closed was the day after Rodney King was assaulted. Disbelief was the general emotion at the time, seeing the towers collapse over and over again. Dumbstruck. Eleven years later, still dumb with disbelief.

Disbelief with our government!
We are Americans, no doubt about it. But we are more divided in the past eleven years than we have ever been in the past century and a half. Oh sure, there have been protests and riots, civil disobedience and unrest. But has there really been a sharp polarity in the taking of sides? We now have the 99% taking on the rich. Conservatives taking on the liberals. The high morals interfering with individuals needing to band together. Citizens forced to take a stand, Americans still, but focused against anything percieved as a threat to their current position in the socio-economic uncertainty. Our going >tsk tsk< over Nixon and Clinton's indiscretion is nothing compared to how we feel about the Office held by Bush, Jr and Obama. We have the media vultures to thank.

How can we be a united nation when our government is composed of opposing, constantly bickering idiots? 'We will not pass anything he proposes.' We (well maybe not I*) put these people into positions to lord it over us. To take the interest of money over that of those who put them in office. They answer to no one, no audit will ever satisfy us. *I did not put Romney, McCain, or Palin in the offices of their state so why should I approve of them by voting for our nation? T'll vote, not that it will matter, any more than praying. An electoral college will have made the decision by the time I stand in line. For awhile, I will feel good.

What has been accomplished in the past eleven years?
An economy gone bad, the blame set on a number of scapegoats. The problem not addressed. Bad business management and corrupt administrators. In all levels of government and in corporations. A federal system that "creates" money, thereby devaluing it. Nothing short of counterfeiting. Something illegal in the private sector. Unemployment is easy on the ears. "People losing jobs" is so harsh. Forclosure, homelessness, rise in crime. Declines in industries related to infrastruccture. Rising costs of essentials, food, medical care, education, fuel, utilities, all owned by corporations or administrators out of control.

But I digress.
Two wars, two enemy leaders killed. Maybe.
"Mission accomplished!"

Hate Me, I don't care!
How can I remember the names of the victims of 9/11? I never knew them. Not even the rescuers. Nor the soldiers that died in the Middle East, whose names are on crosses just over in Lafayette. Or people who died as a result of hostilities, mostly innocents. Most killed by their own people, who we are supposedly trying to protect and educate. Do their families deserve condolences any less than those of eleven years ago?

Just another day in paradise...

INWO cards c1995

Sunday, September 2, 2012


"Every tale has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Not always in that order."
This the story of Amy Pond. It begins with a little girl. Who waited for her raggedy man. Her raggedy Doctor. This is the last episode of the Ponds.

I watched the beginning and fast forwarded to the end. As River would say,"SPOILERS."

Rory and Amy become permanently trapped in 1938. To die at the age of 80 and 87, respectively. In New York, not Britain. Their shared gravestone is across the river of Manhattan. The Doctor can no longer go to the past to see them, it is said. Probably because he already existed and cannot cross paths with himself, thereby causing a paradox. The episode ends with River having to go back to tell Amy to write the book that the Doctor will be reading as this adventure unfolds. The afterword of which will finish off with two suggestions.

Don't be alone Doctor. And do one more thing for me. There's a little girl waiting in a garden. She's going to wait a long while. So she's going to need a lot of hope. Go to her. Tell her a story. Tell her if she's patient, the days are coming she'll never forget. Tell her she'll go to sea and fight pirates. She'll fall in love with a man who will wait two thousand years to keep her safe. Tell her she'll give hope to the greatest painter who ever lived."
Dawning comprehension, the Doctor sets the TARDIS to the next location. Excited. It closes with child Amy Pond, "Fish fingers and custard" running out of her house. Sitting on her suitcase. Waiting. "And save a whale in outer space. Tell her,"This is the story of Amelia Pond. And this is how it ends."

"Every tale has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Not always in that order."

Too bad I can't find the final few seconds anywhere except on my DVR.
With the exception of "The Angels Take Manhattan" aand "The Invasion of the Little Boxes" all of the previous episodes of this season so far are boring.

Before watching the new season 7 premier, I watched the marathon, the best of which is from season 5, 26 June 2010. An important date.... continues in The Big Bang, followed by Time of the Angels, Fles and Stone, The Hungry Earth, Cold Blood, Vincent and The Doctor, and The Lodger.

Season 6 Doctor Who in America
Began with The Impossible Astronaut some 200 years later in The Doctor's life. Ended with The Wedding of River Song, where the season began. Where The First Question is finally revealed to us.

Death Is The Only Answer and Good As Gold Doctor Who Mini Episodes were elementary school entries. An NTA Adventure is another mini episode, Amy is introduced to the TARDIS and One Too Many [Companions(?)] were deleted scenes.

The heart off the TARDIS is a sentient matrix / The Power of Words 


My ring tones

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Las Vegas

A little less conversation, a little more action!

Stardate 12611.8 USS Tahoe will soon depart for Las Vegas on an exploration and diplomatic mission. What has changed since my last encounter with the natives in late 1999?
Stardate 12612.0, a Sunday 2am Launch
Budget Rebt-a-car
Confirmation# 1184027625US6
7600 Earhart Road 94621 tel 510 633 5101

Stardate 12610.5. USS Tahoe, pre-departure systems check for launch at --2.0. Destination: Delta Vega through the M'hve Nebula. 100 strips of latinum to fill up!
Too bad ST:The Experience isn't there anymore.

6:30 sun up over Bakersfield with an ETA of 12613.4 noon check-in.
ARRival minus 10 minutes...
Speeding $400 lowered from 18mph over;
Pulling over to the left emergency lane $600;
Not pulling over to the right immediately (he was half a mile behind us!), could have been detained.
Let go with strict warnings on #s 2&3, priceless!

ARRived 11am
We are HERE
You know that you are in "Sin City" when there are no Gideon Bibles in the rooms.
In Las Vegas. Either you walk with God, or you're doing this.

Dinner with Sharon at Henderson, half-way to the Grand Canyon, Arizona border.

12614.07, a Monday
We walked from
Caesar'$ Forum at1pm to the Miracle Mile Shops for a lot of shopping.
We then crossed the Blvd to walk around the main level of New York New York but not the roller coaster. It is a lot of food places matching the diversity of the ethnic neighborhoods of New York.

I took a late night walk from Palazzo 1am w/ Myrna & Terrilyn...
around Venetian and its interior forum, to the streetside of Treasure Island.
- $10 Starbucks, everywhere there is a Starbucks,
- $30 taxi 'home' takes the roundabout freeway, A straight line on the Strip would have taken forever,

Angie w/ Paul hooked up with Lana straight on 'til morning.

I stayed up late nights to watch movies on HBO and Red Box. Star Trek the Voyage Home and The Ubdiscovered Country I enjoyed again. As well as The Expendables and the last 10 minutes of Cat People.

12619.125, a Tuesday
Luxor has the same interior I remember from eleven years ago. The view of the Mandalay Bay beach is where I had my picture posted at the FB kiosk.
-$ 89 Shark Reef at 4:30 for our group. It was worth it.
A quick walk through to the Excalibur, to New York New York neighborhoods of restaurants, we searched for a decent place to eat. (they're not cheap). We then walked around the Crystal and Aria, to end up at the other half of the Miracle Mile Stores. At 8pm, we saw the five minute Bellagio fountain show. as we waited for Angie to pick us up.

Paul treated us to dinner at Miller's Ale House where I had
the pictured seafood platter.

12621.5, a Wednesday
Breakfast w/ Gene "Osong" at Seafood City (yes I still eat filipino food).

We  checked out 11am, and left after picking up Lana. Coincidentally, Osong lives in the same compound of townhouses.

There was an exit to Boron CA. Which brought to mind "Death Valley Days" and the Borax label "20 Mule Team" brand of soap.
By 4pm we were in Barstow Station. The large McD has Telsa car charger parking spaces.

7:05pm 226 mi/ 3:42 ETA

Home by about 11pm.  Stardate 12622.9

Just a few photos.
Actually, this was Monday, the 13th of August. Before going to the Shark Tank at Mandalay Bay.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The News From Two Steps In The Future

OR, "I only bring you the news, and any concern I show is faked because I don't give a f'k one way or the other."

"Everybody wants to rule the World..."

"Now I don't want to get off on a rant here..."

Wal*Mart screwing employees, Hostess CEOs screwing their Twinkies, Petri dish went all in with his biographer, the foods I eat are genetically modified, and Israel is blowing up the people who originally lived there. I would not care if these f'krs ceased to exist. At least get them off of my TV so that it doesn't ruin my appetite as I eat my Soylent Green from Korea that I bought t a kosher 7Eleven.

For those looking for jobs, or other opportunities elsewhere, DON'T look for it here!

 The only news person I like...


PG&E wants to map faults / a weekend update /

Tsunamis to the left of me, Storms to my right; Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.
Because of hurricane Sandy, Liberty decided to take a walk. / power grid / Mega-City One / Life in the Big Apple is back to normal?

The Disney Empire grows further!

The Trump is one person I would celebrate the untimely death of.
Why I am all for the death penalty.
I wanted to see Detroit's point of view. Shut Out! / "Detroit Tigers 2012 World Series Champions"

To me, who has the money and where they put it is just a bunch of semantics.
What gives anyone the right to legislate their own bias into law?
"To reduce the cost of health and elderly care, let them die"
You DO know that if God answered everyone's prayers, you would all be dead!

New news source Yelp on steroids / ++ITEMS++ / Lance Armstrong / 'Too dumb to be a terrorist' / "Oracle capsizes" / The bacon conspiracy... shortage of pork / more on Bacon / If my car ran on urine... higher gas prices over the weekend / Also being blamed is CocaCola... American Airlines seats loosening / The A's in the play-offs / If you feel that it is dangerous where you live MOVE!

Kill with a car! It's safer.

"Zuck I am worthy to recieve you. Just keep it free and you will be heard" ~ Rod 23:89

Navy's oldest commissioned warship to sail again.

Child labor in our fields
Bleedin' heart &$^%s like to wring their hands in indignation. Yet not one of them would ever consider picking what goes on our tables. Cry me a river! and pass me the spinach,

Isn't it a shame that we have an unsanctioned ambassador of good will to the United Kingdom?
They have their "Double-Os" licensed to kill. We have our "Zeros" with mouths shooting their own foot off. On Anglo-Saxons. The Gaffs continue.

"A society and its government is as good as its roads."
Five years, $1.6B to connect to Chinatown and CA gets a D+ on highway and road conditions.

Noah's Flood, Coming soon!

"Give me your wallet or I'll blow your brains out!"
Parking meters, continued. Redlight cameras. And your friendly Wells Fargo.

US Military Defense Budget
In a world on the brink of an economic disaster of epic proportions, we as a nation are spending more on a military budget than the next ten combined.

Elitist Movement and the New World Order
University tuition hikes; trustees paid to live in the lap of luxury.
Parking meter rates go up around a stadium when there is a sports event going on.
Drivers soon to pay ten cents on the mile, not quite the same as the cost of gas, yet. "Driving is a [rich man's] priviledge, not a right."

The human right to expression loses.
Romney-Westboro would be comfortable in Russia.

Why train them to kill us?
Haven't we learned from Vietnam that friend or foe is not recognizable, until one kills you? They don't want us there! They have nothing we want! The US is the only nation that doesn't go for the primary goal of war, conquer or destroy.

It's not even safe to get some chicken at KFC!
Six homocides in ten days. This follows the shooting death of a 16-year old mom, just chillin' on a warm summer night. Is Oakland going for a record here?

Crop Failure Conspiracy
Farmers were awarded money to plant corn for us to get addicted to HFCS. Then raising the cost of it so that more can be used for biofuel. But selling it to other nations at a greater profit.
The news on TV lacks a lot of things. Sincerity being the foremost. Long ago, I posted that I would rather watch Jay Leno's opening monologue and Weekend Update from Saturday Night Live. CBS 5 is no exception, but at least it was the most concise of the Big 3. KTVU2 is more in-depth, but takes an hour. Too long for me with the 8-minute attention span. All 'breaking' and national news should be in the first 12 plus 4 minutes of commercials.

"Times have not become more violent. They have just become more televised" -Marilyn Manson
this is so true! Scandals, politics, and violence sell news. And especially disasters. They milk it until it becomes "old news." Politicians WANT to put their lies out on TV. Some people want their "15 minutes" of fame, like Balloon Boy. I personally do not care if Tiger Woods f^*$s around, or if Bonds suddenly dies due to steroid complications. Except for a very few genuinely compassionate anchors and reporters, I am tired of seeing fake ones on TV. Ask yourself "Whatever happened to..." and fill in the blank on any human interest story from not too far back.
By late 2009, whatever happened to...?"
The groper at Piedmont Avenue, Berkeley
The anaconda terrorizing a cul de sac neighborhood
The eroding hill accross the street from Highland Hospital
The restaurant robberies in Oakland
Current events and "breaking news" news is what advertisers want...and make no mistake about it, big corporations own the news! It's all about Ratings.

- see Max Headroom TV series "Good reporters MAKE the news" on You Tube

In Final
We are being fattened, made stupid, filled with paranoia, and given false hopes. Waiting for the next Messaiah. We/re just waiting in front of our facebook pages for that Great Culling and eternal bliss.

"Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong."