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Friday, October 5, 2012

Apocalypse Now!

By this time tomorrow everyone will be glued to their tv set and twitter feed, like it's worth a damn.
A reminder: I will be 'gone' for the next 30 hours with no outside media. To be on worlds where no one has heard of Obie-wan or Romneyulans. Good Morpheus. >while I was gone<

I do NOT have a partisan point of view.
There are more things I do not like than there are things that I do.

I do not like Mitt Romney. It is not because he is a republican. It is not because he is a mormon. Although I don't like those socio-ideologies either. Because he is either of those is just happenstance. He is a person I do not trust in the manner of speach and body language. If I ever met his kind in person, I would immediately turn my back and walk away. I neither like nor hate the guy. What I feel for him is apathy. I hold what he says in contempt instead. He has, in his own words, alienated women, the middle class, those that have a legitimate right to government support, as well as those who hold family values not considered 'normal' by his reasoning.
I do not 'like' Obama. He is a smooth talking salesman... used car, insurance, anything I don't want. I DO respect his current position. As I did the previous Presidents.
I never liked any person in any political office. With the exception of Richard M Nixon.
In Nixon's administration we got out of Vietnam, got tax rebates (not stupid spending incentives), opened trade with China (everyone afterwards screwed it up), landed on the moon, and helped Doctor Who save the world.
NOTE that I have only voted for five administrations, three Presidents, since registering after 1989. I don't regret my choices because the alternatives were idiots.

It's All Politics
WTF do jobs have to do with reducing a runaway deficit?
"We will not pass anything the Democrats propose."
At least we weren't kept in the dark and given propoganda to justify being thrown into a decade of wars.
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It is written that a man and a woman may be joined.
Status Update:
 Final judgement of Dissolution granted 10/10/2012 due to irreconsilable differences.
I had a phone conversation with my ex.

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