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Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Do I Care?

@ Rodney: would you like to opine? share with us your wisdom regarding this event, please. (yes, I DID ask, there's your personal invitation.)

Just so everyone is clear on this, I am NOT a party person. I have put down BOTH Obie and Romne, based on what comes out of their mouth. I AM disappointed in Obama, but as in most 'second term' elections, I am more afraid of the alternative than I am of the status quo. It's not that I like Obama, far from it. I never did. But I will not have the likes of the PEOPLE McCain, Palin, Gore, Dole, Kemp, or Rommney fk'n with me before they even get in the room! You wanted my opinion... that's it!

"what IS the truth? it seems yours certainly supercedes all."
There is no absolute truth. It is what each individual sees it to be. I NEVER said that mine, or that I am, better than 'all.'

"have you considered checking your sources?"
Why should I? I love to read, yes. But everything? Just to base an opinion? Come on now. That's why I have you and "everyone else" to break it down for me. I have other things to do.

This political cartoon is a source?

This November may see a repeat of events of a Friday in 34 AD.

Now, about the behive in the news today. The Health insurance mandate.
Every side of this issue is ugly.
In order to let you know why I feel the way I do, I need to tell you something about myself. I worked for more than twenty years. Because of health conditions, I cannot do so to complete a normal forty year career. Yet, I cannot recieve for another decade. Not one cent of what I had put in for the past two decades! By then there will be no "fund" even to be called a deficit.
I paid my fair share! I see it going to those who never worked a decent week in their fk'n life! Or just got off the boat. Angry? Hell yeah!

I did NOT approve of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, but had no choice in the matter. As I had stated about most bills, it has flaws. This is a last-ditch effort to unburden the federal government of its obligation to the sick and elderly. It is opposite to "universal" in that it FORCES citizens to pay more than their fair share into something I, personally, don't believe in. Insurance. A lottery, a protection racket, a shakedown... with the legislature as the "muscle."
"To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical." -Thomas Jefferson

"At least $225 for an office visit. Depending on what I am being seen for."
I believe in saving for a rainy day; being able to pay for what I need. Not puting it in someone elses pocket. Especially not some collective. Insurance in any form is a scam! Car, life, and health... but all are requied by law. Services won't even be rendered unless you have "proof of insurance" so that the shop, pharmacy, hospital can gouge more from them than they can get from us consumers. The laws of consumerism and HIPPA supercedes the Hippocratic Oath. See no evil; see no sick... if they don't have insurance.
"I can't afford to get sick" is being said by more people now than five years ago.

In my opinion. What's yours? I put a value on it, even if I may not follow it. I don't follow.

In 2014 I will be arrested for not having affordable health insurance, because I am in no condition to work in order to pay for it, or the fine for not having it. "The prison system is an institution that has an excellent health care program and facillity." ~ Doctor Temperance, "Bones"

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Full Deck... includes two Jokers

On the fifteenth of June in the common year of nineteen-fifty eight, a Sunday. At 7:14 in the evening, under the galactic center. An event occured that would change the course of history, yet to be realized. An Event unlike any other. [music]

Born in 1958 near the Highlands of Berkeley and he is still alive. He is immortal. There are others like him, some friends, some relatives. For over half a century he's been a warrior, a lover, a wanderer, constantly facing other people in  the combat of sarcasm. He cannot lie, unless you force him to lose his integrity and with it, his power. In the end there can be only one. May that one be Rodney Lloyd Mariano Rivera y Penaranda, The Islander [intro]

Happy co-Birthdays... Dorothy Jesuitas, Shirley Starks, MariaFe Dela Paz, Bobby Peeks, Carl Rhodin, Geoff DeBortoli, Josephine Bandoma, and 3 different in-laws!
Also to be included are Pilya Maestra and Jeff Yee for a week later. And I completely forgot Ate Digna Medina (sister of Cora and Philip Medina), and Clinton Kennemore.

OMG I was just reminded that my driver's license expires tomorrow!

"Hold it right there boy... What about my age? Whats so damn troublesome about not having died? How old do you think I am anyway?"

My horoscope says that I will stay alive as long as I keep posting on facebook.

Ever wake up feeling like a new person?

I am The Doctor
"I never land on Sundays - Sundays are boring... well, I was born on a Sunday."

"Get to the point, before I die of old age - which, in my case would be quite an achievement, so congratulations on that..."

"Thing about me, I'm stupid, I talk to much. Always rambling on. This gob doesn't stop for anything. Wanna know the only reason I'm still alive? Always stay near the door."

There is something you need to understand, and someday your life may depend on it: I am definitely a madman with a box."

How the day began...
The surprise... the cake... how it really went
A message from Captain Picard

I am The Darkness, without which the light cannot illuminate!
The anger for which to test your diplomacy;
I am the fear, for you to get the courage to stand up against;
The ignorance for you to educate;
The boredom for you to entertain;
The Devil's advocate, testing your resolve;
I will break your heart, talk shit in your face, embarrass you in front of anyone and everyone.
I will do EVERYTHING to make you a better person! It worked with my kids; it will work on you.
I will be the death of you so that you will live a better life.
If you are not my friend, I will slow down for you to get out. But I will not stop. ~ I am The Void

羅德尼 里維拉 pronounced Luó dé ní·lǐ wéi lā is the phoenetic translation of my name in traditional (taiwanese) chinese.
Yep, that's me! or am I the fool on the hill?
This is like ME 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yggdrasil Quantum Tesseract

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About the title... it is not a Harry Potter spell...
Yggdrasil branches outward to connect Everything in the Universe;
Quantum is the most fundamental State of Being related to Everything;
Tesseract folds dimensions into itself creating Imfinity loops;
The Universe is a living Being that swims in an ocean where Time holds no meaning.