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Monday, July 23, 2012

The News From Two Steps In The Future

OR, "I only bring you the news, and any concern I show is faked because I don't give a f'k one way or the other."

"Everybody wants to rule the World..."

"Now I don't want to get off on a rant here..."

Wal*Mart screwing employees, Hostess CEOs screwing their Twinkies, Petri dish went all in with his biographer, the foods I eat are genetically modified, and Israel is blowing up the people who originally lived there. I would not care if these f'krs ceased to exist. At least get them off of my TV so that it doesn't ruin my appetite as I eat my Soylent Green from Korea that I bought t a kosher 7Eleven.

For those looking for jobs, or other opportunities elsewhere, DON'T look for it here!

 The only news person I like...


PG&E wants to map faults / a weekend update /

Tsunamis to the left of me, Storms to my right; Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.
Because of hurricane Sandy, Liberty decided to take a walk. / power grid / Mega-City One / Life in the Big Apple is back to normal?

The Disney Empire grows further!

The Trump is one person I would celebrate the untimely death of.
Why I am all for the death penalty.
I wanted to see Detroit's point of view. Shut Out! / "Detroit Tigers 2012 World Series Champions"

To me, who has the money and where they put it is just a bunch of semantics.
What gives anyone the right to legislate their own bias into law?
"To reduce the cost of health and elderly care, let them die"
You DO know that if God answered everyone's prayers, you would all be dead!

New news source Yelp on steroids / ++ITEMS++ / Lance Armstrong / 'Too dumb to be a terrorist' / "Oracle capsizes" / The bacon conspiracy... shortage of pork / more on Bacon / If my car ran on urine... higher gas prices over the weekend / Also being blamed is CocaCola... American Airlines seats loosening / The A's in the play-offs / If you feel that it is dangerous where you live MOVE!

Kill with a car! It's safer.

"Zuck I am worthy to recieve you. Just keep it free and you will be heard" ~ Rod 23:89

Navy's oldest commissioned warship to sail again.

Child labor in our fields
Bleedin' heart &$^%s like to wring their hands in indignation. Yet not one of them would ever consider picking what goes on our tables. Cry me a river! and pass me the spinach,

Isn't it a shame that we have an unsanctioned ambassador of good will to the United Kingdom?
They have their "Double-Os" licensed to kill. We have our "Zeros" with mouths shooting their own foot off. On Anglo-Saxons. The Gaffs continue.

"A society and its government is as good as its roads."
Five years, $1.6B to connect to Chinatown and CA gets a D+ on highway and road conditions.

Noah's Flood, Coming soon!

"Give me your wallet or I'll blow your brains out!"
Parking meters, continued. Redlight cameras. And your friendly Wells Fargo.

US Military Defense Budget
In a world on the brink of an economic disaster of epic proportions, we as a nation are spending more on a military budget than the next ten combined.

Elitist Movement and the New World Order
University tuition hikes; trustees paid to live in the lap of luxury.
Parking meter rates go up around a stadium when there is a sports event going on.
Drivers soon to pay ten cents on the mile, not quite the same as the cost of gas, yet. "Driving is a [rich man's] priviledge, not a right."

The human right to expression loses.
Romney-Westboro would be comfortable in Russia.

Why train them to kill us?
Haven't we learned from Vietnam that friend or foe is not recognizable, until one kills you? They don't want us there! They have nothing we want! The US is the only nation that doesn't go for the primary goal of war, conquer or destroy.

It's not even safe to get some chicken at KFC!
Six homocides in ten days. This follows the shooting death of a 16-year old mom, just chillin' on a warm summer night. Is Oakland going for a record here?

Crop Failure Conspiracy
Farmers were awarded money to plant corn for us to get addicted to HFCS. Then raising the cost of it so that more can be used for biofuel. But selling it to other nations at a greater profit.
The news on TV lacks a lot of things. Sincerity being the foremost. Long ago, I posted that I would rather watch Jay Leno's opening monologue and Weekend Update from Saturday Night Live. CBS 5 is no exception, but at least it was the most concise of the Big 3. KTVU2 is more in-depth, but takes an hour. Too long for me with the 8-minute attention span. All 'breaking' and national news should be in the first 12 plus 4 minutes of commercials.

"Times have not become more violent. They have just become more televised" -Marilyn Manson
this is so true! Scandals, politics, and violence sell news. And especially disasters. They milk it until it becomes "old news." Politicians WANT to put their lies out on TV. Some people want their "15 minutes" of fame, like Balloon Boy. I personally do not care if Tiger Woods f^*$s around, or if Bonds suddenly dies due to steroid complications. Except for a very few genuinely compassionate anchors and reporters, I am tired of seeing fake ones on TV. Ask yourself "Whatever happened to..." and fill in the blank on any human interest story from not too far back.
By late 2009, whatever happened to...?"
The groper at Piedmont Avenue, Berkeley
The anaconda terrorizing a cul de sac neighborhood
The eroding hill accross the street from Highland Hospital
The restaurant robberies in Oakland
Current events and "breaking news" news is what advertisers want...and make no mistake about it, big corporations own the news! It's all about Ratings.

- see Max Headroom TV series "Good reporters MAKE the news" on You Tube

In Final
We are being fattened, made stupid, filled with paranoia, and given false hopes. Waiting for the next Messaiah. We/re just waiting in front of our facebook pages for that Great Culling and eternal bliss.

"Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong."

Sunday, July 1, 2012

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