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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CastleVille, anyone?

‎"A [man's] home is his castle." If this is true, we are under seige. "Land of the free" Then why do we pay property taxes? Houses and the land they are built on are bought from banks who profit greatly from the transfer of ownerships. But they are not in the business of real estate. Banks who lend the money own the home, not the buyer. Not until the loan is paid for... if ever. If found that the ..."owner" cannot continue to pay, they forfiet and the bank forcloses. Banks are not "for" the people.
Tax is collected on a property, indefinitely, for generations to come. By a government body that does not need to explain where that money goes to. Certainly not to the betterment of a society in general; a community in particular. That and fines is what allows a defunct city government to continue to remain the parasitic entity it is. Did you know that what is beneath your land is not your own? Law has it that if you discover anything below a certain depth, that it belongs to the utilities business that is in contract with the local government. Property "parcels" and "lots" are all but assigned by now. It used to be granted to individuals of wealth to lord over groups of people, settlers back then. A sort of feudal system that americans left europe, because of. Properties clearly defined in meticulously kept archives. 

Speaking of utilities. Your home is under the ransom of these companies. From water to heating, and the luxury of electronics. That is understandable, since we can't get that on our own. The roads to and from your home. Who maintains that? At one end of my block, alone, there are seven less-than-a-foot wide white circles around holes in the street. To be analyzed for approval by some commitee. Costing citizens more than what it would to "just do it." I cant, because I would be defacing city property. Yet, if I don't repair a crack in my sidewalk, I could be fined heavily until I fix it. Or for that tree in my backyard blocking a cell tower.

At such high prices of maintaining a home, I may consider going mobile... hit the streets. I know, the govermnent owns tht too.

In the end, the only property left to own will be a six by three by six foot deep piece of land. And even that is not cheap.