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Friday, November 27, 2009

Star Trek: Klingon and Romulan Intelligence Desks

The Klingons were originally portrayed as the primary antagonists in the 1960s. A Cold War existed as much as with the Soviet Union of Socialist Republics then. Expansion from Q'Onos [Moscow] was twofold. A buffer of member worlds [republics] and and conquest of farther resource sectors.

Romulans are a secretive race, similar to the Maoist China of the latter half of the 20th century to the present. Borders and internal security are paramount as in North-South Korea.

Komerex Klinzhai and Stelaam Romulus
I am a scholar on all things TtlhIngan. As a society, they are a proud and honorable race. There are many career paths, but the military is the most prominent in the current society. All paths are competetive, centering on individual strengths and loyalty first to the Empire, then to their House. Terraan equivalent would be the US Marine Corps. Q'pla !

Topic: Klingon Intelligence Report

Items on the WEB...

 An old OverviewAnother and Diplomatic Relations
 Fact Bites WEB search links

The Klingon Diplomatic Corps
 Klignon Language Institute
 Klingonska Akademien
Klingon Language
 Google in Klingon
Klingon Wikipedia

 Klingon Assault Groups

Final Relections on the author of Final Reflections

 Ship Recognition Manual by FASA and more Starship database and schematics

 Klin Zha the strategy board game of choice

 FASA Map put the Empire beyond Orion / Rigel and shaped like the northern African contiment
Star Trek Star Charts, Klingon Empire- pp 64-65 . . .zoom pp. 62-63

Klingon Homeworld – HIP 650050 – 142.75 ly; 45 deg above the Galactic plane in Leo
- past Regulus; HIP 48447 is half way at 71-72 ly
(HD 55693 - 120 ly along the Galactic plane with a class-G primary would have been my choice)
Rura Penthe - HD 50590
Mempa - h Eridani OR HIP 43310 - Sector connecting with Romulan space
Khitomer - Omicron Columbia
Beta Thoridor - HD 30670
Korvat - Pi Canis Major
Starbase 24 - HD 48938
No’mat - Omicron Leo
Brestant - Delta Lep
Outpost 4 - Omega Leo
Gorath - Theta Hydra
Epsilon Hydra - Federation outpost at near Klingon space
Archanis - HIP 37798 -
Donatu - HD 42618 - site of Battle of Donatu V
Cursa - Beta Eridanus
Ardana - Mu Leo [TOS Cloud Minders]
Sherman’s Planet - HD 247168
Organia – HD 18719 –
- HD 76218 - 114.7 ly from HD 55693 (and incidentally the same distance from Beta TRA)
Davlos - Nu Tauri
Adhara - farthest extent of Klingon space
Tribble Prime - Iota Gemini
Tiburon - Omega Fornacis
I am a scholar of the Romulan Way. Romulans have been prortrayed as a proud, but xenophobic race. They are arrogant and mistrustful [of even their own kind, as the Tal'Shiar is the prime example]. Diane Duane, the author of the Rihansuu series shows their best sides. The later series shows their worst aspects with no redeeemng values. It is my hope to find an understanding of this race in all alternate realities, so that crewman Daniels doesn't have to tell Archer "You don't want to look at that" when reaching for the book "The Romulan Empire." Jolan tru.

Topic: Romulan Intelligence Report

Based on the Star Trek Star Charts, Romulan Star Empire- pp 66-67 and the Celestia downloaded program . . .
Romulan Homeworld – HIP 650054 - 75.76 ly below the Galactic plane in Hydrus - half way to Achernar
- Beta TRA - 40 ly along the Galactic plane was my choice
Tarod Sector [Sector 030] . . .
Zeta TRA - nearest Romulus (5 ly)
Alpha Cir (15 ly), Nu Octans, Phoenix, 1 Centauri, Iota Pavo, Gamma Tucana,
Cheron - Omicron Gru - battle of,
Zeta Gruis - Earth Forces side of the RNZ (nearest Tarod)
Chi Eridani - Kaleb (Sector Sierra nearest to Earth)
Alpha Mensae - RNZ system closest to Earth (33 ly)
- includes Epsilon and Rho Virgo, and Eta Corvi above Romulan space
Alpha Caelum - Hyralan (Sector Quebec)
- includes Gamma Doradus, Beta Pictor, and Psi Vel
Algeron - Xi Virgo - site of Federation-Romulan Treaty of 2311
“Neutral” - Iota Puppis - half-way between Q’onos and Romulus along the Neutral Zone
Eta Antlia - “small end” of Romulan space
Algorab - northernmost of Romulan space
Achernar - southernmost of Romulan space
Pi Mensae - half-way between Algorab and Achernar; and the far side of Romulan space
Gamma Hydra IV - [TOS Deadly Years]
Delta Musca - last Earth Forces outpost of the RNZ
HIP 31134 - center of Romulan space
Beta Vol, Mu Velorum, Xi Hydra, Alpha Vol, and Zeta Vol lead to Gamma Vol -on the other side of Romulan space
Deep Space 6 - Tau Centauri / HD 109787 - 131 ly on the “other side” of Romulan space
Delta Doradus - farthest from Earth (120 ly); near Starbase 173
HIP 34698 - farthest extent of Romulan space

WEB sites of interest...

Wiki entry updated 2009 CE
 Diplomatic Relations
 a Database
Dictionary on the Rihansuu Langiage
 a Romulan Language Generator
 a History of the Earth-Romulan War
 Ruling Passion sim
non-Bordered Map

There were many other excellent Romulan related sites, but they were on Geocities, which Yahoo closed in October 2009.

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