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Saturday, November 28, 2009

There is no Safety in FaceBook

...or anything you put on the WEB.

Woman stripped of disability pay over Facebook photos...

FB like any social network has no real security. It's not the government (even that, look at what happened to last month). Employers, those screening job applicants, divorce and insurance lawyers, anyone can access FB, twitter, and not need any private investigator to follow a suspect's habits. And since it is not regulated, anything on the WEB is still public domain. Anything you post (or anyone else posts about you) can and will be used against you in any public scrutiny. And once posted, you can't take it back. As for this Canadian woman's case, is FB therapeutic? let the psychiatrist decide. Not some insurance clerk.

FB hackers don't need to have FB! Just a system that can read it. Any media can be misused. Examples: A girl sends a pic to a friend; that friend posts it [sexting]- who's at fault? Twitter going to a movie, come home to see it burglarized. Have your kids ever YouTubed the inside of your house? Parents post a baby bath photo, and get arrested. Answer a CraigsList ad for a used car, "bring cash only" to a Montclair neighborhood; gets mugged. And any information can get corrupted- see my face in a cartoon?

Facebook Safety
"Think before you post."

Once posted, can be corrupted

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  1. This is a new thing to watch out for. Security on the social networks.