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Monday, December 14, 2009

Earth threatened by Humankind

The following is based on fact, rant, and speculations.

Civilization as we know it is about 10,000 years old. We are in an "icehouse" effect that started less than 50 million years ago. Dinosaurs were extinct due to an event 650 million years ago. Solar radiation, Earth's surace temperature, and inorganic carbon dioxide will increase...resulting in the loss of water, oxygen, plant, and animal life in about 900 million years. The earth is more than 4 billion years old. "Life" is an abberation!

Politicians and some groups are arrogant enough to think anything we do will harm the planet. What carbon doixide and pollutants we put out is nothing compared to what is put out by volcanoes and all animal life that farts and decays. Our garbage landfills will last decades. So what! Radioactives will last for centuries. Again so what? Our overpopulated cities are choking the earth. NOT! After we are all dead and gone, the Earth will still be here! George Carlin had it right. We are only helping other species become extinct a little bit faster. The only species we are doing harm to is our own! And a damn good job of it too!

I believe that there was once life and a thriving civilization on what is now Mars. Earth was seeded before that civilization ended, some one billion years ago. By now all traces of life there have been erased with time. What is left is atmospheric carbon dioxide, surface ice, underground water, and no complex molecules. Much like what the earth will be like, one billion years from now. More than a billion years before that, civilization was on a world where there is now an asteroid belt. Was that world destroyed by artificial means? Who's to say!?! Life may have originated on the moons of Jupiter, where evidence of ice and vulcanism is evident today. Our solar system would have been only a billion years old. According to my theory, we still have time to terraform Venus. It is the hothouse that Earth was, before molecules bonded to become life-sustaining.

The Earth was NOT created in seven days, nor will it be destroyed in a movie theater!

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