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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Aughts

George Bush 43 as President and ending with Obama just starting. 9/11 began the War on Terrorism. Free trade and outsourcing, forclosures and credit crisis Leads to bail-outs, stimulus plan, and cash-for-klunkers.

Mad Cow disease, bird flu, and H1N1 become threats even as AIDS grows.
Katrina, Indonesian tsunami, and earthquakes in Kashmir and China, and a European heatwave were a few of the most destructive natural disasters.

We are now in the Attention Age with Broadband, WiFi, Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for news and information, commerce, and interpersonal communication.
Popular are HD and everything Digital. Flat screens and home entertainment. Ps2, Wii, WoW, and on-line gaming.
Hand-held and hands-free, GPS and G3. Smartphones, iPhone, to iPodTouch. Windows Me, XP, Vista and 7, and Mac OS X are released.
15 minutes of fame- where anyone can be on American Idol to Big Brother. TV commercials Mac vs PC, AT&T vs Verizon, Carl's vs McD- this used to be illegal, mentioning the other brand, but I think Pepsi taste test [vs Coke] started it all. Low cost plans, upgrade to this, 2 year contract, for new members only. Hundreds of channels, thousands of apps, free downloads for 99 cents each.
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