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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

On Race and Nationality

Why is it that that politicians are the ones that can't speak politically correct?

Challenged? Hell I was psychologically challenged the moment the %#$&*$ doctor spanked my butt!! [OK I didn't cry right then and there, but that is another story for another post]

African-American? After how many generations in the USA? Not from Haiti? Are you sure? Hell, the first Adam-human was from that continent! So we are all African! [There is a sci-fi story about this...again for another post]. And if "my family" did something to "your family" in the 1860s, why the hell should I apologize?!?

Call a person from Nicaragua a Mexican, and you'll get your ass whooped! Make the same mistake in any other race and you will be handed your ass...except when it involves a white person! Why? Because unless one can remember a grandparent coming from a specific country OR live in a predominantly cultural neighborhood, there will always be more than one nationality involved. So unless one is that or a confirmed White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, Amish, or White Supremacist, a white person will always refer to themselves as American. [Or White...they did NOT come from the Caucasian mountain region]. As for our government, it only sees Americans as Republicans and Democrats...I posted that somewhere. [excuse me a moment...a black limo just pulled up...]

All peoples have a Racial commonality, not a National one! Recorded history shows that human civilization has broken by language, geography, religion, and strong leaders. The Bible had God scattering us across the world...Babel made us not understand each other, Noah's sons each took a different continent, Revelations says a divided world will be shattered by His Kingdom. Until everyone can understand that there are no idealogical or physical borders to divide us, we will never have world peace.

I hope I offended no ultimate goal is to offend everyone! Can I get off this box now?

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