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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where is it safe to park your car in Oakland? Alameda.

Naturally you will be ticketed for any of the following...
Stopping at a red zone, even to throw your passenger out into the street! Same for picking up grandma at BART or the Airport. Double parking EXCEPT in Chinatown. Taking too long to pay for parking at the machine a block away. Stopping in front of a restaurant to pick up your take-out order. Meter counters [ I can't call them maids] come by every 15 minutes! Lovely Rita she's NOT. Stay away from the shopping areas of Dimond District, Grand Lake, Piedmont Avenue, any BART station, and next to parks and schools.

The residents of Oakland have a vendetta against anyone parking in their neighborhood. Sometimes their own neighbors!
Up in the hills above Montclair, there are streets that have no sidewalks, cannot allow 2 way traffic to pass, and where you can only park on one side. If you park in the direction opposite to the flow of traffic, park too close to the hedges and block walkers, OR don't live there, you will get ticketed. How the police figure who lives there and who don't is baffling...unlike Berkeley, there are no permit stickers!
If your registration is not up to date, you will get towed, unless you are parked in your own driveway. Partially blocking a driveway [even your own], being on, or extending over the sidewalk. And any other violation noticed will get you towed.

Although I would like to see this happen [skip forward to 5:53], Not to me of course...

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  1. Rodney, you may remember that I lived in Baltimore last year. It's an old city with narrow streets, few parking lots, and never enough spaces. Everybody double-parks all the time, especially delivery trucks, and nobody gets ticketed. The joke is that if you have flasher lights on your car, you automatically have a parking spot anywhere in Baltimore! We still call double-parking "Baltimore parking."