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Monday, April 5, 2010

Rod's Log Inconsequential

Stardate 419.11

Today is Easter Monday. "and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the Scriptures." At that period in time, zero did not exist. So Friday, the day he died and was buried was considered day one.

This has been an interesting weekend.

Tenant given 90 days [more, rent-free] to leave.
Sister and family relocating from Sacramento [CA] to Texas.
FB viral thingy.

In September, Leticia Bowen took over renting apartment 2 on Damuth, afer the previous tenant left without giving notice, She had stayed with the previous tenant on and off, before. In November, Lettie paid $200 of her $850 rent, and promised the balance before the month's end. December comes and goes, and 2 month's rent [less $200] is now due. January and February, she is has not returned any call attempts, mailed notices, nor knocks on her door. We paid "The Evictors" to start the legal process in MArch, which led to a court negotiation April 2. If an agreement is not reached, it will go to a jury trial in about a month, costing us $4,000 more as a retainer fee. It is agreed that she will leave by July 6 or be evicted [by the Sheriff] and be required to pay all rent [5 + 3 months].

The legal system is on the side of the "poor" with legal representation extorting the people with more of a "moral right." Anyone without a legal degree says "Kick 'em out! they are tresspassing" but it doesn't work that way. Even our lawyer was an asshole! Condescending to say the least. He was handling at least eight cases that morning, ignoring me in the hallways for about an hour and a half after introducing himself to us. In the future, I would never use the services of The Evictors [near Jack London Square]. We already paid $1,000 PLUS $250 for the services of Ed Nagey.

Lessons learned...Trust no one! You pay for what you get. Put everything in writing... references, credit reports, rental agreement or lease, reciepts, all communications.

My sister left the Home in Oakland after using our Parents' bank account to pay her bills, every year our Parents were in the Philippines. She also left me with a collections amount [of now $11.000] for a car I cosigned for, which was repossessed. She lived in Sacramento with a new family leaving one unemployed son with Grandma. She has come home briefly on a few occassions...when our Dad died, her grandson;s first birthday, and her eldest son;s wedding. She comes and goes like a thief, and I know my parents are embarrassed about what she does, but she is family! Anything wrong she does, they hide from me! Today, they are leaving for Texas, permanently! I say Good Riddance! She can get away with anything, and she has NO remorse. As with all Catholics, anyone not feeling guilt is not a sinner; anyone forgiven is absolved of ALL past transgressions...not from me!

Lessons learned...Trust no one! You pay for what you get.

Everyone disregard the post re :you HAVE to see this...its so HOT!" and FB Age verification! It seems like a viral thing! Don't grant access, don't open it! For the moment, I will accept no new applications, and possibly any invitations.

Lessons learned...Trust...well you get the idea!
A note on Stardates

First digit represents the month...4(th) month is April;
Next two digits divided by 3 (and keeping the remainder for the next step) is the day/date;
The remainder is to 8am to 4pm for 1, and 2 is later to evening;
The decimals are actually the time in hours and minutes.

Staredate 420.0056 is April 5, almost 1am.

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  1. Nathan Miller> Zero existed - the roman empire didn't use it.
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