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Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day and A Few Weeks Before

Go Spirit of 76ers!!!
Elton John performs Philadelphia Freedom for the first time, just in time for the upcoming BiCentennial. Even though he is a Brit who will later be knighted! A favorite song from my favorite singer back then.
Slow Dance With A Stranger - Danger Radio, heard at the Glendale Galleria mall...head bobbin' music.
In For The Kill - La Roux, great Universal City Walkin' music. Makes me forget that my feet hurt!

Everyone have a great and safe Fourth of July! And remember the Fourth Amendment.

Universal Studios Vacation 2011

Angie (Driver), Paul, Terrilyn, Myrna, and Andrew. All of us in the 4Runner.
Arrived to a still closed Santa Monica pier for a morning walk and stretch at about 7, after a six hour ride. Ate breakfast, shopped for a few necessities, and killed time before our afternoon check-in at Days Inn, Glendale. Only 7 miles and 15 minutes from our final destination. Very nice rooms.
We had shopped at Westfield Century City around noon and Glendale Galleria in the late afternoon.
Myrna was met by an old classmate friend and her daughter.

At Universal City Walk we first ate breakfast at Bubba Gumps. Shrimper's Heaven was a favorite. Mine being After the Storm Bucket of Boat Trash.
The lines were looooong, but worththe wait! We did the House of Horrors, Terminator 2: 3D, The Simpsons Ride, and Jurassic Park. We did not do the Tour, WaterWorld, the Experience, or King Kong 3D.
Dinner is at Karl Strauss highly recommended by Angie. Terrilyn again had a great pasta!
Home by 4 am, 4th of July Monday.
Before the EVacu-ation...‎20 hours from now we will be taking the USS 4Runner out to the universe [-al studios]. Gotta collect more 'on the road hits'...suggestions? This was a favorite kareoke hit nearly 25 years ago!
I can't use this song since this vehicle is going solo. I could put up a banner at the back saying "follow the Rubber Duckie, ten-four" Classic movie cross between Cannonball Run and Dukes of Hazzard (the original Good ol Boys).

Rock and roll still lives in 2063. Guy in the back NEVER tells the driver to "lower that [music] down a little." Just not done, Will.
Classic played on the maiden voyage of the warp driven vessel, previously posted. Actually the lyrics are quite naughty!

Strange happenings in the second or third episode of a then new show. If humor of a sexual bend is not for you, do not read the rest of the limerick below.
There was a young lady from Venus,
whose body was shaped like a penis.

A fellow named Hunt
was shaped like a cunt,
so it all worked out fine, just between us.
...(from The War Against the Chtorr by David Gerrold
copyright 1984)

An alternative limerick made by a fan…
About the mysterious Borg Queen confronted Picard in First Contact…
There once was a lady from Venus
Who's body was shaped like a penis
When First Contact was made
The crew were dismayed
When she told them her species and genus

On an answering machine...
"There once was a man from Nantucket,

who was old, but not yet kicked the bucket,
don't be a creep,
at the sound of the beep,
...leave a message or you can just f'-- "
BEEP …or…
"-orget about anyone calling you back!"

In a more recent Star Trek Next Generation movie. Picard and Worf chase and distract an errant Data. Picard/Stewart is definitely British! Worf learns there is more than just Klingon opera. Kareoke still exists in the 2380s.

Data clips...scanning for life-forms...about to crash...singing Blue Skies...tries humor and more

I know nothing about
- urban espionage, but I like Burn Notice;
- inter-office politics and spying, but like Covert Affairs;
- con games, so I follow White Collar;
- how it really works in a corporate law office so I watch Suits;
- how to be a social person, so I watch the USA Network

Zynga Now going public! Want to play a real game? Buy stocks and see if your money grows or not.

Happy Independence Day weekend, fiscal new year, and hot weather! Sales tax drops 1%, on-line purchases are now taxed, and there will be no potholes fixed, police or firemen to answer 911, parks and pools to go to. Have a nice day!

I worked for the US Government. I am paid in Federal Reserve scripts.
I also support our government. At least 1/3rd of my wages do.

June 30
‎'In the Beginning, the End was foretold. At the End, we still did not believe it!' - Scattered Remnants of Humankind 3rd ed.

It has been foreseen that predictions are false.

‎'For every angle there is a point* unless you are so obtuse**' * so get to it! ** that you are the customer - Geometry For Salespersons 2011 ed
Barbara commented- What acute quote.

Proff that we are intelligent life...we have opposable thumbs for texting. And those that don't...

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, with not a store in sight! Today's generation grew up in malls. I was found on the doorstep of 5 and Dimes, and left to fend for myself at Swans.

‎'The writing is on the wall'
This Wall is made for writing, profound to grafitti. Also for pissing, banging, and leaning on. But NOT for wailing! There's wtf[dot]com for that.

‎'Repent! For the End is coming soon!'
- Idiot, the End came and went. Y'all got left behind!

What is the difference between ignorance and apathy?
I don't know, and I don't care.
Don't let friendships end this way.

What would never be developed if we were still a colony to the Crown. Anything to add?

The history of cinema as WE know it started about 60 years ago with classics like Ten Commandments, any from Roger and Hammerstein, Gone With The Wind, and such. Like people, it has grown. Now surroundsound, 3D, and CGI are popular. We don't even need real actors now! Do you know I fell in love with the one in Final Fantasy...and she's not real!

posted to Isabel Taronga Gasolasco
Hello to the most beautiful classmate I have ever had! Thank you for becoming my friend again :-)

June 29
Heard at a speed-dating session...
What's your name?
- What would you like to call me?
Where are you from?
- You can't go there! [British for sure]
...How old are you?
- Old enough...
Why are you here? [sounding annoyed now]
- To meet pee-pullll
[Exasperated] Are you even human?!?
- Whut do you have against reptiles?

Rodney likes First Unitarian Church of San Jose.
As I said on June 15th, 1958 at 7:14pm under a bright galactic center "I'm outta here!"

Tea Party = Conservative for Reform
Democrat= Ways with No Means
Republican- No Way!
Catherine comments- Since those who call themselves "Conservative" are for banning choice in procreation, banning choice in marriage, banning choice in school curriculum, and spending government dollars spying on our own citizenry - why not call them pro-oppressives? - Your Resident Libertarian
Another GOP/Teabagger! Read more scary stories and at Wikipedia.
Kmowledge is the acquisition of information. Wisdom is knowing how and when to use it.  Constance Pleasant, Ed Grzybek and Enrique Gaspar like this.
“Instant Upload” is interesting. This feature of Google+ relies on the use of an Android devices to take photos or shoot video, and the content will automatically be uploaded to Google+ in the background and stored in a private album (which you can share with one click later). more
For those attending the 30 Day Water Challenge AND Free Slurpee Day @ 7-Eleven...good luck with that!
FaceBook is like my livingroom which I invited everyone into [why did I do that] and Photos is like leaving my albums on the coffee table [am I really so vain?]. Other than that, please respect my privacy and refrain from taking my photos, kitchen utensils, and towels.

see attached links... and
Alert: Tomorrow is sc  heduled to be postponed for another day. Stay tuned for updates.  Sharon Lejarzar, Claire Wagner and Steve Moyer like this.  Claire comments- Guys, I hate to tell you, it's always Today. In fact, it's really always Right Now. So git 'er done.
One reason I don't bowl. I don't have the balls for it.
If I had a penny for every dollar I ever earned, that would be about right taking inflation into account.
Watching the movie Clue. I'm the butler. Originally different theaters had different endings, not all of them.
How did you discover your favorite author?
The USS Enterprise was not the only starship in the United Federation of Planets!
[skip this if you find sexual innuendo inappropriate]
Sarcasm news is written better than 3rd grade articles in most front pages. Don't even get me started on TV News at 11! If The Onion doesn't get a Pulitzer, then it is just another POS award like the Miss USA title!
I was born in east Berkeley! cannot fond the original vid by cheech if there was one. btw I can never go to Arizona, sorry Emily Gunn.
I have an LG Optimus V with Android v2.2 with only 3G service on Virgin Mobile. It's beter all-around than the Intercept with the slide-out keyboard. I am learning thins as I go along, and getting only free things for now at the Market. Buying can get addictive...Terrilyn buys at least 4 things a week for the iPod Touch I got her a couple of years ago. It's my account :-) Everyone except Angie is jealous that I can go on-line anywhere...GPS, Shazam, and all that. Terrilyn can only go on FB just the same as texting. Oh, to upload albums, not just one photo at a time, can be done with a usb which I did not know was detatchable from the power adapter!
Oh, I named it 'Andi' for Android. and an Andrea I worked with long ago. Although technically a female one is called a gynoid, but I don't like the idea of poking/stroking a 'gyne.''

Angie's New Phone (also an Android 2.2) with AT&T

Muchelle Le, still missing
June 19 At Great America still. With Myrna, Angie, Terrilyn, and Topanga. Top Gun is now Flight Deck because it's not Paramount (among others). -The whole movie in 3 minutes. Can someone explain to me the deck crew bowing down [0:29] as if they were praying to or for the departing flight?

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  1. Rodney, my favorite was about Zynga. Sounds like you had a great road trip, music and all!