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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Created in Six Days...On the Seventh Day, I Rested

. . . yeah, right!
July 11, a Monday morning
Sgt. Pepper movie 1978 (Peter Frampton, Bee Gees) part 1 to part 7
"So may I introduce to you the act you've known for all these years..." To avoid the Intro skip to 5:34. Such a gay [cheerful] movie, even if it did bomb in the US, Frampton was traumatized by it, the Beatles hated it...I danced in the aisle watching this!
After Fixin' a Hole, It's Getting Better because Here Comes The Sun.
Then I Want You corruption of the innocents.
From Good Morning to when She Climbed In The Bathroom Window.
A Mean Old Man and She's Leaving Home, my my.
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds / Dianne Steinberg was sexy, singing about herself. Elton did better. Steve Martin and Alice Cooper are proven to be crazy here. Almost Frankenfurter style. Almost.
part 8 to 9
Strawberry Fields Forever I can imagine being sung by Olivia Newton-John. The circus comes to town. And for the benefit of Mister Kyte there will be a show tonight.
part 10
Earth, Wind, and Fire puts the hip R&B twist! and begs the question "will you still love me when I'm 64."
part 11 to Ending
Steven Tyler [in 1978 I thought his name was Aerosmith], with those big lips doing things to that microphone, scared the hell out of me. He still does!
Now this is the way to end a corny movie! "Get on back! Get back to where you once belong! Whooooo!"
Another campy movie. But as great singer and group. Long Live Freddie Mercury!
[what? he's dead?!?]
Larissa Lam OK I admit it. I fall for a pretty face. It's just a coincidence that she's asian.
Only Won Thanks to Angela Lee Tram I am hooked on this Asian-American rapper.
Moses complained to God about a headache. He answered "Take two tablets and call me in the morning."
A stockholder complained about a headache to Steve Jobs. He said "Take two tablets and call me in the morning."
A republican complained to Obama of a headache. He said "Sorry we don't have a working healthcare plan."
. . . Later that evening
Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun - Hummed this last week [see the photos]. I knew a Bill, Billy, or Mac, or Buddy; plain ugly to me. And I did peel off the labels off bottles of bud. Dedicated to those I knew at Nana' Julia, Alameda. And Andrea who I worked with.
Everyday Is A Winding Road - This video is like one of those commercials where people react to one another, inter-connected.
Picture It - Since I am in the mood, I am dedicating this to all the Southern gals on FB. You know who you are. Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow
Everybody wants to come to Hollywood.
Carson Queer Eye / Fab 5 looked excited; Timberlake, uncomfortable. In the media, no one seemed to notice that Madonna kissed Christina, too.
Grease - this '70s movie about the '50s is a classic to me. Paul is like Danny / Travolta getting ready for his day. 
Summer Nights - I never kiss and tell. So don't ask.
Greased Lightning - I never took autoshop in high school, but I don't think any singer-dancers graduated from there. I could be wrong.
Beauty School - popular course for girls out of high school back then. I need a PhD to figure out a make-up kit nowadays. [shut up...not mine!]
Sabadooo! Mooncrater, Tanay, 1980. Roller-skating on cement. starring Olivia Newton-John
Magic is anything that happens that cannot be explained, and does not necessarily require faith. And never happens to anyone alone.
And finally...a medley"Olivia" Olivia Newton-John TV Special 1978 Guests: ABBA, Andy Gibb
July 10
The Flash - This was a great TV series while it lasted. Watched the whole thing in two seconds.
Finished watching the pilot episode. Amanda Pays is HOT! She also plays alongside Matt Frewer/Edison Carter's Max Headroom.  /  ep02 Watching the Detectives  /  ep11 The Trickster  /    ep14 Fast Forward  /  ep17 vs. Captain Cold  /  ep18 Twin Streaks
Witchblade ep1
How can I see the morning after when
a) I wake up at noon, b) in space there is no day & night,
c) the ship has capsized [Posideon Adventure theme]
Barbie Girl  I saw her in L.A. last weekend. You'll never see the original dolls video becasuse of the lawsuit. Thrown out of court and both parties ordered to "chill" by the judge.  Barbie's full name is Barbra Millicent Roberts.
There's no such thing as an 'old' soul. Another 'La la' song!
I Hate games where you have to continue to develop your character or base of operations [farm, castle, city, empire, worlds]. Just use an agreed upon set of guidelines and rules of combat. Then pit them against each other. Simple.
Great news! Largest fire in AZ history 100% contained. How are you holding up Emily Gunn?   Sunday at 1:52am
Google+ is in limited Field Trial
I tried signing up for G++ and all I got was a message. Not a good sign...
Right now, we're testing with a small number of people, but it won't be long before the Google+ project is ready for everyone. Leave us your email address and we'll make sure you're the first to know when we're ready to invite more people.
ITP says- Rodney, if you leave your Gmail address here someone here will gladly invite you. I got that message too, until someone invited me. Once you're in you see a nice-looking, smooth-running interface. It's kind of cool! And easy to use.
Guys may subscribe to the idea of for each girlfriend.
Thanks ITP, just like getting a job at Kaiser, ya gotta know someone on the inside :-)
- re comment by SMD
Claire reminds me in her post Love is all we need (all together now / everybody)...'e loves you yah yah yah!
-see Mick Jagger at 2:37

As pre-school kids, my two cousins and I would only remember "She loves you, ya ya ya" and sing it over and over again!
I got a phone message! This is all I can think of...She Loves You
Barbara Shade This and "I wanna hold your hand" are the first Beatles song I heard. What a beginning, for this fan, and I've enjoyed them for can it be close to 50 years? Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Hello Goodbye Can someone please help me figure her out?!?
The Beatles were always silly. The Monkeys, Hannah-Barbara's, and even Scooby-Do copied their antics. Like the over-used 'open-close doors in the hallway' chase scenes.
Currently watching...20 minutes into the future.
About politicians: You always know when they're lying...
Their lips move. -Max Headroom  - 
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July 7
 - Technical difficulties have arisen from my laptop attempting to break the laws of physics, gravity being one of them.
 - I do not like digging up the past. Dead bodies, civilizations, and relationships should stay buried and cherished, not displayed for everyone's entertainment.
July 6
Under Cover Angel - Alan O'Day - I woke up with this song in my head for some reason. Reminds me of dancing with no partner on the dance floor (she'll be back soon, always does).
Angie Baby - Helen  Reddy with animation and lyrics. Subconsciously, this is how I probably picked her name.

Please Don't Believe Me is a song by Alan O'Jay that I found in a series of writer related searches.
To harm a child is something even criminals cannot condone. I hope someone posts this song for at least 10 seconds, leaves a personal message, and invites at least their friends to do the same.

Physical - Helen Reddy helped launch Olivia Newton-John's career. 24-Hr Fitness will never paly this. It would just be too cruel!
S.O.S. - Abba - Did you get my message?
A song that ends where it began. Or does it even have an ending?
Heart Attack - Could happen when I overeat!
- Dedicated to You [...and you and you...]. I always look for G17 on a jukebox.
- This further debunks the myth that Santa red-and-white is the trademark of Cocoa~Cola.
So what! Obama is a president of 'missed opportunities' for sure. He seems unfocused, even wishy-washy, on what is important...cannot prioritize. He has pretty much alienated the other party, socio-economic relations with other nations, and the general public. We have been presented with bad and worse choices in all elections. We are being steered in this 'wrong' direction for decades now.
Laarni- The most beautiful make-up of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy. ~Yves Saint Laurent which I respond 'Beneath that exotic dress, without all that makeup, behind that foreign accent and sweet smile lies a gentleman.' ~heard at a bar.
Funny Random Photo postsI won't be speeding again officer. I will learn more at traffic school.
StumbleUpon- YouTube already has something like this. The only problem I have with this is, what if I have 3 or more 'personalities' on the WEB. I don't want them integrated for anyone to see. What if my main persona is the least active?
The Bicentennial Quarter- I told my kids this coin [I held in my hand] is older than they are! They were not the slightest impressed. Not even when I said this represents my fourth year of high school and my moving to the Philippines. That's where I celebrated it by the way.
- 25 cents used to buy me a comic book!   Everything Comics  /  Free Comic Books  /  Action Comics #1
Standardized testing is not the answer to anything. I passed in the 95 %-ile in the SAT and got my name in Who's Who which my parents paid $50 to get. Whoopie! I cut a classes and still passed the 'terms and finals. 98% Nat'l College Entrance Exam would have allowed me to enter ANY school there, if not for my average grades. I am so smart, I read the whole Calculus textbook BEFORE the mid-term, of a 2-semester course. Nathan StormProblem is Rodney - Learning came so easy to us. I literally can't understand how learning what is taught in elementary school and middle school can be 'hard.' ... I'm beginning to think the way they did it in Swedish Schools of our day was better. By the time they got to high school students had been sorted into College track, Professional Track, Manual Labor track. Why test and train a future carpenter the same as a Chemist?

Rodney Rivera True, but supposedly that was what kept us seperate from the communists at the time [or so the propaganda goes]. We were free to make our own bad choices, regardless of what our SAT told us. My pre-work aptitude test said I should be one wh...o works alone, a ranger or plant worker [Homer]. Hard-head that I was, I studied pre-dental and slipped into Optometry when that didn't work out. I end up a salesperson [eyewear] for 25 years after that. 'Lost' potential. All because of a standardized system.
Finally uploaded from Andi...                   click to enlarge thumbnails
July 2 & 3 at L.A.

What I like about Filipino food is that it is Filipino. Not originating from New York, San Francisco, El Paso, or some World Fair.

I do like to read books. Triplanetary - a pre-Green Lantern Corp of sorts. Part of the Gutenberg collection.

I actually did not know anything about the Anthony case.    [not posted on FB]
What I know now after the not guilty verdict is that the American justice system works. Just not as our emotions say it should. First degree murder requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt. From what I understand there are two key components missing. How she was killed and motive. Neglect, strange attitude, and lying is neither motive or directly connected to the act of murder. Someone else may be at fault. Even IF she was not killed, the events leading to her death are known by the mother. That much is evident in her demeanor.

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