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Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall to Samhain... "Fall of the Eleven"

begin with a Mystery solved

- have a safe Halloween trick-or-treat... be sure to bring home the child you left with;
- celebrate Samuin under the night skies, as I will do during the Witching Hour*;
- pray as you will on All Saints Day to remember those in God's presence;
- pray on All Souls Day for the release of those still waiting, to leave us in peace.

Paul: Dad, what's the scariest thing you've ever been?
Me "Your Dad."

Captain's Log Supplemental
[  ] Originally "tokneneng" was the word for eggs... some filipino food likes and recipies.  [  ] PANANAGUTAN  [  ] Hilarious scene! The pessimist sings along to one of my all-time favorite songs. more  [  ] Things I hate!  [  ] Thinking of fine cuisine right now...reminded of a filipino party I went to   [  ] My favorite Klingon of all time. He has great tableside manners.  "I never kill anyone at the supper table..." [  ] Discommendation  [  ] Jack (2007) meets the real Captain Jack Harkness (1941)  [  ] Human thought is so primitive it's looked upon as an infectious disease in some of the better galaxies.  [  ] "A person is smart. People are dumb... [  ] A great pilot episode! Modern "Little Red Riding Hood."  [  ] Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks  [  ] Moves Like Jagger (Explicit)  [  ] The phone Zapper  [  ] There is a difference between "toing the line" and being "out of line." Know it, then follow it! So you don't become a hypocrite!  [  ] Thanks to Wagnerwrites for reminding me that you can be fired for ANYTHING you post...  [  ] Elect Cornholio Bunghole as president! with Butthead as VP. Our country will never be the same again!  Thursday at 7:39am ] 3.6 Earthquake more  [  ] Re-posting the same car that constantly parks in front of my place.  [  ] I believe in... free speech, as long as intelligent solutions can be suggested; [  ] Forgive me if I cannot afford...   [  ] We are getting there! On Halloween there will be 16 ghosts following each living person.  [  ] The lunatic is in the hall... there is no dark side of the moon.  [  ] Yes it's been a long time! 35 years for some, 30 and 27 for others. [  ] This message goes out to all FBer friends, friends of friends, ad infinitum. Deep rock, not just yelling and such. A part of me 1976 to 1980...  [  ] Come to Terrilyn's Birthday celebration at home. Barbecue and lumpia. We need more bodies. Disney's Monster Mash  [  ] Occupy Oakland  more  And the beat(-ing) goes on! 'Peace Rangers' [  ] eyePhone available yet?  [  ] Weather for the week: cold at first; hot later. Sounds like a couple first dates I've had.  [  ] Great movie! Rock-em-sock-em robots  [  ] Disclaimer: For those that don't know the difference between an Anecdote and a Personal experience, especially government offices and former employers, I am making use of my various personalities... eh aliases... I mean fictional characters. Yhea that's right. - Yendor  [  ] I hate punctuations...  [  ] Dedicated to today's Occupy Wallers in front of Oakland Shitty Hall and the ones still in Peoples Park since the sixties. Quan (like Dellums) has left the building!- if I never joined in, does that make me pre-Occupied?  [  ] I use (is it three?) versions of access to FB. the original (desktop), Mobile (m.FB), and Friendcaster... in order of speed.  [  ] I had said that I would be commenting all over friends' Walls this week. I found too many horoscopes, scriptupres, depressing photos and videos, farmville, and other games. I've gone back Home. [  ] "only shares some information with everyone." How does that work?!? Do I have to Subscribe to stalk her... eh, whoever?  [  ] Wife: I'm not a microwave! Stop poking me for your dinner! [  ] Dedicated to our military forces abroad. I'm glad they're not on US soil Hahaha! My favorite is the terrorist squirrel at 1:36   [  ] I love this show. Casle and Beckett  [  ] We survived the Day of Black Friday 1929 and Black Thursday of 2008, this date of the United Nations Day. [  ] Earlier today I couldn't breath, and nearly passed out!... [  ] Poked 'er for fifty bucks, shook it a bit, and wiped it off. I should be happy for another week. I AM talking about gassing up the car. [  Sunrise at the oasis. Overcast behind me. Poked 'er for fifty bucks, shook it a bit, and wiped it off. I should be happy for another week. Earlier today I couldn't breath, and nearly passed out!... We survived the Day of Black Friday 1929 and Black Thursday of 2008, this date of the United Nations Day.

October 23, a Sunday  [  ] On TV when the woman is running from someone walking, he catches her anyways?!  [  ] Planning my first step to the final frontier YouTube Space Lab  [  ] more Star Trek humor  [  ] Christ was born May/June.  [  ] The best relationship is when you two can act like lovers and best friends.  [  ] I have been a fan of Celtic Woman  [  ] Once Upon A Time  [  ] In the News  [  ] Drinking too much can make you stupid.  [  ] Technology is like a prostitute. You pay to use it on a regular basis, can't keep your hands off of it, and it takes you away from the family sometimes.  [  ] On Integrity  [  ] I'm not procrastinating, I just don't want to do it!  [  ] I have never been to the South, but if I did I would go here. Before the next oil spill  [  ] If you understand this, you are as old as I am.  [  ] Blue Man Group - The Complex Rock Tour. [  ] How I used to dance, last century...  [  ] Out of curiosity, I was looking for "Facebook Addiction" [Disorder] support groups. Gues what? It can only be found on-line! And there are groups...IN Facebook!  [  ] In retail, what has priority?  [  ] What's with those that go to a disco, night club, or whatever you call it now... and don't dance?!?  [  ] Earth in space? or the Lord's face.  [  ] Operation: Reboot- Step away from all electronic devices! and GET A LIFE!  [  ] Matthew 4  [  ] Today's inspiration for getting up :-) A friend reminded me "You can't always get what you want. But if you try, sometimes... you might find you get what you need."  [  ] My rum cake recipe  [  ] What does it take to be a superhero? Or a great person.  [  ] Some Star Trek humor. [  ] Are you of the Body?  [  ] As I was riding the public bus, but what should I see? A punk, an ohio boy, and a hippie from the sixties.   [  ] Small quake... baby one. 2.8 October 22, 2011 12:06 a.m. -- 2 miles east of Berkeley, CA USGS  [  ] Before humankind, before the angels, there were beings created by God. In other images. Revelation 4  [  ] While waiting for Terrilyn at McChesney, I am reminded of 2 things... we played this in Mr Patton's band class, and the school still looks like Stalag 13!  [  ] "On earth as it is in heaven" We were created to praise God. Just as the angels and other elder races unknown to us. Mentioned in revelations, they continuously sing praises to God, and Jesus who was at the beginning.  [  ] The world did not end this morning, but...   [  ] Rev 20  [  ] Five deadly terms by a woman  [  ] I am the virtual chancellor of a Klingon empire. My enemies? Vatican 1200AD and American 2125 empires.  [  ] The first four words you see describe you. Don't be in denial.  [  ] Did you feel the earthquake a few minutes ago? I was on the roof parking lot at Pill Hill.  [  ] Rodney and Lilia Yun are now friends.  [  ] To all of you on my friends list, I will be busy in the next few days making comments on your posts, one Wall at a time. You have been warned!  [  ] Something 'new' to do while driving and crossing the street  [  ] another one falls. Who will be the next former US puppet to be a target?  [  ] " The only way for three people to keep a secret is to kill the other two."- Winston Churchill.infographic [  ] Words can't compare... and my middle finger is kinda heavy right now. Love Garfield >(:[)]  [  ] I have my opinions, you have yours.  [  ] Pumped Up Kicks  [  ] "If you want to make a change, suggest it, don't demand it." - T'Rod of Romulus  [  ] "God does not play dice with the universe" Albert Einstein - Wikiquote  [  ] Either women are are more popular or men sit there waiting for a notification alarm. pic [  ] To clarify, I am not against citizens who are Ds or Rs. Just the politicians and those already in government. They hide behind their party like it was a religion, their god. Neither ideal supports citizens in any way. One is too stupid with no real ground to stand on, the other lording it over the citizens. Checks and balances using the Senate and the House is constitutional. Having two parties is not. Although that doesn't make it illegal... just like the IRS and Social Security. Dellums is now seen as a traitor and one who just "needs a paycheck." So what! He has been, and always will be, an idiot no matter what he does.  [  ] Humans be proud! If not for you, there would be no stereotypical races scattered throughout the gaaxy. Your best and worst traits we have copied and made our own. Romulan paranoia, Vulcan snobery, Ferengi greed, Tellarite debaters, Andorian passion to family. Good and bad. It is our hope that you still exist by the time we are ready to meet you. It would do us proud to conquer you.  [  ] Wells Fargo issued a statement to the Occupy-ers. "I feel for you in these difficult times. W(T)F has only made a $4.1 billion profit in the third quarter."  [  ] I am at a loss for words... for once.  [  ] I have a solution to our energy requirements. Let prisoners work time off their sentence by running a treadmill generator. Or, politicians' mouths... take your pick.  [  ] The internet allows me to go anywhere in the world.  [  ] Top 10 Ways to Get Fired  more  [  ] His followers wanted more from him! Those with the real power are waiting for him to fail. Everyone else wants miracles from him. Eventually to be crucifieded by his supporters. His same supporters to be fed to the lions or survive to wring their hands over their societal woes. ~ More Ways People Confuse Obama With Jesus [  ] A strong person recognizes hir weaknesses, a stronger one seeks ways to correct them. A weak person needs others to point out their weaknesses, a weaker person has no friends to help them uncover those weaknesses. ~ K'Rod of Q'onos [  ] Who was in Oakland during the hills firestorm?  [  ] Jim Schwartz is a...  [  ] Unless you are shot or injured, do NOT call the OPD.  [  ] "A" is for anarchy...  [  ] I'm not prejudiced. I hate every president that came after Nixon. As the old Vulcan saying goes "Only Nixon could go to China." Now look where that got us!  [  ] Sweet and sour pork, lemon chicken, hot and sour soup at Flower Lounge. [  ] As with any govt building, pin dollars to your clothes for them to rip you off easier. [  ] JimTalking badly about me behind my back puts you in good position to kiss my ass.  [  ] Heard this on 92.7 while driving. Jessie J 'Domino'  [  ] Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival 16 Sunday 3-7 

October 15, a Saturday [  ] Those that sit on the Walls whine loudly...  [  ] "I found that the best way to shut her up was to kiss her... "  [  ] Sometimes it seems to be obscured by the mountain or feels unachieveable. But it is no farther than your own heart. image  [  ] "Two wrongs don't make a right" although three lefts do. more  [  ] At the moment, I am mentally protesting the current economic conditions here and around the world. more  [  ] Those that can't, teach. Those that have no idea, judge!  [  ] California was an extension of Mexico. Just think, if the Colonials lost the war for independence, there would be no Mexican-Americaan War. We would all be pressing "un numero uno."  [  ] Fur those that like "It's Friday"... most commonly repeated post, followed by "It's hump day" [Wednesday], and "It's Monday" complaints.  [  ] Amariee the beachcomber at Emery Bay.  [  ] Coming soon to a theater near you. Before the scheduled end of the world. The Avengers (2012) [  ] An eyechart for the computer savy and texters everywhere.  [  ] People tell me that I should shave often, so...  [  ] What I learned in Optometry and the twenty-six years as an optician...  [  ] If abc Wide World of Sports were ever to make a return, this clip would replace the ski jumper in "the agony of defeat."  [  ] China is having a financial crisis. It is now holding more failing US dollars than the the US has in public circulation. In unrelated news, unemployment is up 10% in the under 9 age group.  [  ] I'll take a risk, Take a chance, Make a change, And breakaway  [  ] In the affirmative with the groove. Wth a leftover howl at the late night full moon!  [  ] New board-game. Star Trek Fleet Captains.  [  ] WOW! Cute Hot girl in the Tiniest bikini ever!  [  ] I am the beneficiary of a 50 million dollar inheritance.  [  ] Why do we publicly celebrate a dead person’s birthday?  [  ] I'm showing this to my next cardiologist appointment.  [  ] Just what does happen in the ladies room?  [  ] A hippie, a politician, a banker, and a priest walk into a bar. One demanded peace, one demanded their votes. One demanded their money, and the last demanded their souls. They all shot the priest.   [  ] On the freeway, no one can hear your middle finger.  [  ] [Aliens] with telepathy get a headache being anywhere near our minds. ~ MiB.  The Lord knows what is in our hearts. Prayer is just a confirmation.[  ]  God does not play dice!  [  ] I have nothing against my relatives, but matter and auntie matter don't mix! Ya canna deny the laws of physics  [  ] Today is dedicated to the patron of men everywhere.  [  ] What's on your mind? Doctor Who's version of Facebook. The Vulcan mind-meld is less painful! Gallifreyan Mind Meld  [  ] Thou shalt not OMG. Exodus 20:7 "... hallowed be Thy Name." Matthew 6:9  [  ] Thanks to Tess Dauz and others for reminding me that when it comes to creativity, there's an app for that.  [  ] The iComm[unicator] and personal replicator. Product of the 24th century coming soon to an Apple retailer near you. As first advertised in 1987.  [  ] The price is what you pay. The cost is what it took away from you. The worth is what you got. Know the difference. Everything has a price. Evil will cost you your soul. Goodness will acquire you the treasures of heaven.

October 9   [  ] Komerex humans translate as "empire." There is only komerex or khesterex. That which grows or that which dies. - Klingon saying response to [  ] I remember long ago raising my pen in the air and yelling "Ultraman!" More recently, I wave one around and say that it is a sonic screwdriver [Doctor Who]. [  ] THIS is an example of a cult declaring itself a calling of God!  [  ] Happy Sunday! "You better run baby, run. Faster than my bullet..." Foster the People -Pumped up kicks  [  ]  New in Section 8 Housing. Redneck Hilton, retirement complex, or mansion. [  ]  Do you know your US Navy history of the twentieth century? What's the more famous PT boat? PT-109 or PT-73? [  ] Walk Through The Fire  [  ]  T.G.I.F.  [  ] Terrible is to wipe and lose the toilet paper in there.  [  ] "Idolatry" is to worship objects and images. Also as a distraction from communicating directly with God. I Timothy 2.5  [  ] ‎"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image..." [  ] This guy knows what he's talking about re: modern customer service!  [  ] hmmm Bible thumpers still ring doorbells.  [  ] The concept of "capsule hotels" is not new.  [  ] Where can you find relatives, ex-wives and ex-gfs, friends of friends with four-degrees-of-seperation, and a few first-borns? At your funeral.  [  ] First there was YouTube for wannabe film makers. Then came "cell novels" for wannabe writers Sounds “phoney” to me. To me, the best story is a short story. A pocket book that can fit in my pocket (yes that IS a book!). Or one that requires about an hour with limited commercial interruptions (NO I am NOT talking about my dating ha... never mind!).  [  ] "Political awareness" is an oxymoron just as "military intelligence" is. Don't even get me started on Palin and the Teabaggers!   [  ] There was practically no news about this 2:30-5 pm Thursday event. Two of three black helicopters above Oakland Laurel area. At first I thought it was an early part of Fleet Week.  [  ] Friends may come and go... [  ] "Happy are those who are called to His supper." Unless of course you are the dessert.  [  ] WagnerWrites This one's a rant.  [  ] I have assumed a vow of silence. No one to talk to anyways. It has nothing to do with my telling someone to STFU. Oh txtng and fb dnt cnt.  [  ] The weather is quite different on the other side of the Caldecott tunnel. Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains   [  ] My Friends List is now 12 X 12  [  ] The secret to humor is surprise. Now I know where all those posted photos come from.  [  ] I just posted a site with 975 images... zippo

Steve Jobs dies  [  ] He will be downloaded into an iPhone4S, placed in the shell of a Lisa 2, and placed next to the cryo-tank of Walt Disney's head. An iPad dedication plaque will be placed at the headquarters lobby. Please refer to your iPod Touch at any wifi location for updates. [  ] Steve Jobs "I'm a Mac." Satan "... and I'm a PC."  [  ] Rumor has it that the newly released iPhone was labelled "4 S" instead of "5" in honor of Steve Jobs.  [  ] My first home computer Performa 600 CD-ROM more  [  ] What everyone is saying about Steve Jobs. RIP >(:-(]

[  ] I have assumed a vow of silence. No one to talk to anyways. It has nothing to do with my telling someone to STFU. Oh txtng and fb dnt cnt. lmfao  [  ] As a fan of Doctor Who since 2000, I like this compilation of the current Eleventh Doctor to Kei$ha's "Tik Tok."  [  ] Sane song; the Tenth Doctor. David Tennant is funnier. [  ] I think of Facebook as a schizophrenic girlfriend. I can deal with it as long as she doesn't take my money and run. [  ] Steve M- I've been an Oakland kid my whole life, then moved to Alameda.  [  ] Curfews don't work! Oakland crime measures   [  ] This question doesn't just apply to banks. "Accept?"  [  ] "I Am Not Spock"  [  ] Spontaneous Smiley  [  ] THE ROCK ACTTING LIKE STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN  [  ] Claire posted "Men have become the tools of their tools."  [  ] So my playing a clarinet means my next girlfriend will be skinny with holes to cover with fingers hmmmmmresponse to Jim's photo link [  ] "The only way for three people to keep a secret is to kill the other two." ~ Winston Churchill  Do you have secrets? Then why the hell are you here? Privacy On Facebook Versus Google Plus  [  ] Proof that the developers at Apple have difficulty counting. Apple - iPhone 4S and History of the i series... [  ] Today is "Yes Day" So give me your 20 and your 26. 25 me your 13 and don't give me no 5150! By golly, "so let them 'uckers roll 10-4."  [  ] All because of watching TV.  [  ] Another weekend planned for the following Saturday. Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin [  ] Planned for this Saturday's Fleet Week.  [ Tuesday at 2:04am ] A pessimist sees the glass as half empty;  [  ] For those who show their Relationships on Facebook (I really don't know why) Facebook Manners And You  [ Tuesday at 12:49am ] There are some things I ask of God.  [  ] According to the Gospels, Christ came to save our souls, not liberate us from earthly oppression. It is best we all remember that when we complain about the economy, government, and each other.  [ Monday at 10:12pm ] Did you know that Hotel California e rehab para sa mga durugista?  [ Monday at 5:22pm ] And the Universe blinks! The old News Feed returns. "300+ Recent"  [ Monday at 7:16am ] My Worlds or FB Lists (would be Circles in Google+)... [  ] MJ is like incense and the burning of various plants. Therapeutic... response to Nathan [  ] loves Claire's picture! "A good book can be your best friend and won't judge or argue with you." [  ] likes simple games [not related to Facebook] Brawl of Justice - Free Game from Cartoon Network  [  ] can follow without being a follower or subscribing Star Trek

October 2 2315 hours, a Sunday [  ] About the Borg  [  ] 
Although I do not wish to offend those that follow it, Mariology is not condoned in the Bible supposedly followed.  [  ] 
Suzanne Vega - Luka
I like the idea of having a cause against child abuse. But...  
[  ] re the Doctor Who season finale "The Wedding of Doctor Song" "The ending... I never saw it..." on his own post on Barbara's wall. 
[  ] Peaceful protests in 52 cities..." on Lori's status.
 [  ] Oktoberfest at Dimond  [  ] 
Great Euro-Dutch voice and techno vibe. Makes for a great background music for fight scenes or video game battles.
[  ] "Shaken not stirred" recipe saved for posterity Vesper Martini from Casino Royale.  [  ] Here are all four audition episodes of The X Factor (USA)   [  ] Na, na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na,
 na-na-na-na.  [  ] I like this Doctor Who Seasons 1,2,3,4,5,6  [  ] Deemed as age appropriate for children the age of eleven and over, "Jar of Hearts"  [  ] I think you all would like the surprise ending of the attached video Train - Save Me, San Francisco. also Hey, Soul Sister Thursday at 4:16am  [  ] Michael Jackson - Black or white  Even MJ couldn't decide what he wanted to be.  [  ] George Takei reassures humanity Bwahahaha This is SO true!  [  ] Someone has either departed Facebook OR has blocked me. more  [  ] Philippine Airlines is accepting applications for flight attendant. CEBU PACIFIC AIRLINES "DANCING FLIGHT ATTENDANTS" - TRAINING CLASS VIDEO  [  ] Dr. Comics & Mr. Games They also carry back issues. 1985 turning point for DC Superman-Batman... I was only a year old said one clerk. Back to the 1970s. more  [  ] Rolling in the Deep (w/ a Fruit Ninja) -  by Larissa Lam A song for those who win second place. Also for Fruit Ninja players waiting... and waiting.  [  ] Aquaman Part 1 A spin-off of Smallville, direct to iTunes. [  ] Charlie's Angels - ABC version exactly 35 years after the first was introduced. [  ]   You can do anything your heart desires.
Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!   September 24 1900 hours, a Saturday [  ] I have the same problem of the... status  [ 16 hours ago ] Y'all have been tagged!  [ 16 hours ago ] Party In The CIA  [ 16 hours ago ] THE BEST DIVORCE LETTER EVER  [ 22 hours ago ] End of mission and re-entry - Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite  UPDATE [ EB status ] "Jeepers! What a busy night for my brain..." [Yesterday at 5:14pm ]  ‎75th birthday of Jim Henson... The Jim Henson Company  [ VB status ] As sung by the Police  [ Yesterday at 4:47pm ] Wow! Another FB POS to ADD by! Introducing Timeline -- a New Kind of Profile  [ Yesterday at 12:00pm ] The lady doth protest too much methinks ~ INFOGRAPHIC: Who Are Facebook's Biggest Haters?  [ Thursday at 8:46pm ] What would you get as an alternate device?  [ Thursday at 5:44am ] A comedy for ye of little faith Dogma part 1 of 13  [ Thursday at 4:22am ] Behind every good man is a woman with one hand in his pocket and the other one doing a high five upside his head. - anonymous... really  [ Thursday at 4:18am ] Go the F--k to sleep A Samuel L. Reading

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