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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Commander's Log Stardate 53397.8

Profile picture based on cultural references...
- Guy Fawkes Night / Gunpowder Plot / V for Vendetta
- Laughing Man (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex)
- Pink Floyd The Wall and various album 'back' covers
- The interNETwork as a social medium for change

"It's so cold, Jill Frost is nipping at my nose!"
- ummm that's 'Jack' Frost.
"Hey...I ain't into that."

[November 6, a Sunday at 10:29amDon't believe everything you read, especially if I wrote it! Now I want you to listen to me very carefully. I'm lying.
See Why I am not on Facebook ]for 7 1/2 days] at bottom

 The next Boxing Champion in the 100-110 lb weight division... ok just kidding around.

November 26, a Saturday
Lately, I find everything amusing. Because I cannot find anything to be serious about.
This Thanksgiving I am thankful for the people and things I have. And also thankful for not having those things that I don't have.
To Everyone... These were my thoughts from last year. Still appropriate.
In the News: UC Davis incident where police officer uses pepper spray on peaceful protestors.
I declare war on stupidity! Who's against me?
[November 21 at 11:30pm] My FB friends around the world.
[November 20 at 5:59amCivilization began when we built houses to keep out the elements.
Lately, I find everything amusing. Because I cannot find anything to be serious about.

November 19, a Saturday
[15 hours agoGod is not Catholic (almost 1 billion 'likes'). Jesus is not a christian.
I may not be completely knowledgeable about my posts and comments, but I'm sure some fk'r will correct me.
[Thursday at 10:22pmOn the Law and social behavior. MATThew 5

[Thursday at 9:22amHe's got the moves like Jabba -and other nerdy stuff.
[Wednesday at 10:25amEvery social network is great at first. Normal people celebrate their 100th and 500th 'friend' within a year and get bored within 2.
[November 15 at 3:23pmThey call themselves the "99%" when in actuality they are the BOTTOM 1% !
[ ] You DO know that when a priest says "amen" it means "shut the f--- up" right!
[November 15 at 2:06pmI am not a heartless individual, but there are a few things we won't agree on.
[November 14 at 9:35pm] My take on "Adobo vs Buritto" game three.
[November 14 at 9:26pmThank you Whomever... * 24 ADULT TRUTHS *
[November 14 at 7:40pm] After 7 1/2 days "underground" "Hailing frequencies open, sugah!"

11-11-11 a Friday
What has gone on the week so far... Occupy Oakland has escalated to an "unrelated" shooting; UC Berkeley protest against tuition hikes; Raiders win against Chargers; Republicans are still stupid.

[Sunday November 6 at 1:08amAnd thus ends Daylight Savings Time.
[Sunday at 1:07amIt is best to turn the other cheek. Followed thru with a right upper cut.
[Sunday at 12:53amI prefer the resolution of conflicts in the way of Matthew 18:18
Capt Jack & Capt John at the Bar Reunion Showdown between Jack and 'Spike'... sort of.
[Saturday at 9:08pm] But as some would say, I'm not normal. As for human, well...
[Saturday at 7:29pmThis is for all the self-righteous, built upon the shoulders of others... Matthrew 23:1
[Saturday at 5:36pmAnything exciting happening in the land of Oz on Tuesday nights?
[Saturday at 5:17pmRoss wouldn't take a 1977 $20 bill. Probably because it was printed before they... 
Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World I liked this on Dennis Miller. Rule it? or destroy it?
[November 4 at 11:32amMy favorite anime. Call in Section Nine to stop all this madness!
[November 3 at 2:48pm] I am a conscientious objector. I vote no on everything... 
[November 3 at 9:26amI like this. Thanks Steve.
[November 3 at 12:10am] "For this Thanksgiving, we will have a family dinner of wholesome foods.
Lohan. Community service women's shelter said she is a bad influence. So she's at a morgue. 'Who cares"
[November 1 at 11:39pm] "It's people!" McRibs is people. Who cares!? Just eat it and STFU!
[October 31 at 5:55amScary is that which you cannot see. Hearing sounds that may or may not exist.
[October 30 at 8:07pmI was amazed by the technology of this. Ends storage limit problems..

[October 31 at 9:04am]
 Stroke? — at Alameda County Medical Center Highland Hospital
[October 31 at 6:22pmPersonal Medical log 111031.5 Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond

TV plugs
Spernatural Like the X-Files without the stuffy bureaucracy of the FBI.
Hawaii Five-0 Guest star Jimmy Buffet offers shots at a bar, to which Dano says "I'm more of a Margarita man."
l.l. makes a comeback to music in NCIS: Los Angeles
House MD has two new team members.

I like Klingons
Kurn  My favorite Klingon of all time. He has great table-side manners.
... thinking of fine cuisine right now
Discommendation. Klingon punishment.

Things I Hate
Why I am not on Facebook... not many interesting posts. Mostly YouTube music, photo Mobile Uploads, scripture quotes, and Wall Post cartoons. Predictable... They've got to be kidding!!! Why would I give supplies to a group of hoodlums?!?
[November 3 at 7:53amThe best news about Occupy Oakland comes from the UK. Go figure.
[Tuesday, November 8, 2011] Occupy Oakland's new target - foreclosed buildings. CRIMINALS!
[November 4 at 1:09amI have only one message for Occupy Oakland. GET OUT OF OAKLAND!
[Yesterday at 7:37am] Dreamers, yes. Doers [positive], NO. a big difference.
[November 2 at 9:06amOakland braces for Occupy 'general strike'
[November 1 at 11:54pmAll of Oakland to be closed? or just downtown? Schools?
[November 1 at 11:45amThe mayor of Oakland is stupid.  Occupiers are stupid.
... oh, and the pagan rituals and modern commerce of Christmas? Bah humbug!

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