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Thursday, January 27, 2011

DisLikes CBS 5 News

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The news on TV lacks a lot of things. Sincerity being the foremost. Long ago, I posted that I would rather watch Jay Leno's opening monologue and Weekend Update from Saturday Night Live. CBS 5 is no exception, but at least it is the most concise of the Big 3. KTVU2 is more in-depth, but takes an hour. Too long for me with the 8-minute attention span. All 'breaking' and national news should be in the first 12 plus 4 minutes of commercials.

"What's in the tacos at Taco Bell?"
You must wait 'till eleven to find out. Until then, get your dinner from somewhere else. It turns out, this is not a IT WILL KILL YOU kind of scare the ad-blurb CBS makes it out to be. It turns out that the 'meat' is 80% fillers. An exagerration, I'm sure. But if the ones doing the class-action lawsuite know anything about cooking, they would know that 'solid' burgers have 30-40% fillers to keep them from falling apart. It is the opposite for Mexican style meat. It is supposed to be mushy in texture. It is actually more nutritious, flavor enhanceable, and easier to digest than its more american counterpart. And everyone interviewed [San Francisco at night] don't have a problem with knowing this. Families, students, even the poor. I certainly don't have a problem with this inexpensive, won't kill me meal.

Looking for abducted boy while fishing a canal
Why can it not be assumed that the boy is alive and with the KNOWN abductor?!? That town must have a lot of police people to be able to stand around one canal shift after shift instead of enforcing the law! Seven days means they could be in Mexico by now. Or by now he could have killed the boy and ran, snapped because he is not his son, but does have a baby on the way [if indeed he is the father]. This is like ending an investigation because a person is already on trial for a crime.

'Alleged' perpetrator
How is it that the Tuscon killer is an 'alleged' shooter? Did something happen to change his identity between his arrest and his incarceration? I understand the concept of 'innocent until proven guilty IN A COURT OF LAW.' I understand that a jury of peers must be unbiased [blind] to be impartial. Everyone there saw it happen! Statements had been taken on the scene! The person was apprehended as he was doing the crime! He is ON FILM! 'Alleged' 'suspect' 'person of interest' fk'n BS!

Why must police officers use a weapon of lethal force? with no other option except unreliable tasers? Non-lethal riot gear is just as effective, rather than just sending in SWAT, for large groups. Why not in enclosed places like homes? Why does multiple fatal shots to a person holding a paring knife in a kitchen, who doesn't speak english, constitute a threat to an officer?
An outside chase almost always leads to the 'suspect' being shot fatally multiple times, even if he never fired a shot back! even if he didn't have a gun. In front of neighbors who see this as extreme prejudice, every one of them.
A murder suspect in Sta Clara is followed to a ravine. It is clear that what he had in his hand was not a gun. Yet one officer felt threatned from more than fifty yards away! on high ground! fatally shot him MULTIPLE times!

Tearing up SF streets and disrupting traffic so traffic will be better in 2018.
Any 'traffic congestion relief' program/project takes years to plan and even more years to construct and make traffic worse in the long term. A lot of people don't value the idea of public transportation. It's not the luxury of driving a car, it's the feeling of personal ownership and free will to change directions at a whim. Civic mindedness aside, who is happy to be a sardine in a standing-room only AC Transit bus? Or to share the same air as a stranger with BO, alcohol and tobacco and whatever else, or >shudder< perfume d' sh't? Or a BART train that even movie ushers would never dare touch? Sorry, but unless my car is a total wrek, I will not do public.
And no, if I do not know you, you cannot sit in my car.

'Good Question' should be 'Stupid Question'
It is a waste of time. Those asking these don't know how to use Google or WikiPedia.

Consumer Watch, 'On Your Side' and other class action lawsuits...'let the buyer beware' and get off my TV, stupid!

Tonight Show with Jay Leno
The 'Meal or no Meal' segment of three contestants was entertaining. I like watching the audience. The fat guy in shorts was distracting, but not as distracting as the Asian girl with a direct camera view between her legs. The last contestant was a treat. He could play the trumpet in one hand and solve a Rubix cube in the other. When invited by Ricky Minor to lead a tune on stage, he was really great!

News Update Friday January 28, 2010

The president of Egypt fires his cabinet amid the fifth day of protests. Why doesn't he resign?
Again, the police looking for the boy in the canal, firmly believe the abductor does not have the resources to  continue, and that the boy is dead.
Bikes, cars, pedestrians, oh my! San Francisco will be changing the lanes, bikers in the middle. Here's a thought, why not use pedestrians as lane dividers.

Imagine main city streets that have multiple levels. Top level has your light rail trains and observation decks. Under that would be would be a level for non-passenger transports and emergency services. Next is a freeway-like street devided by pedestiam lanes. park stretcehs, and walkways to the rest of the city. Exits to the ground level have parking under the freeway.

Manila has some of these incorporated. Oakland and some cities have stations, but not networks, with some of these. Above ground construction by the way is cheaper as opposed to underground.
NO CHEERLEADERS in Superbowl XXXXV?!? Both teams [as well as 4 other teams] got rid of extra support years ago.
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  1. I watch The Daily Show and get CNN alerts re: news. I can't stand local news. Your segment about the police reminded me of something Greg was told in Baltimore after being mugged. He asked if he could have mace or a taser. They said no, but he could get a gun. However, if he got a gun, he better be prepared to use it or it could be wrestled away from him. And if he used it, he'd better shoot to kill because if he wounded the person, he'd wind up in trouble. Actual police advice.