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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mid-Year Crisis of Infinite Rodneys

Indexed Log Middle of the Year Updates Stardate 12500.0; Created 12480.88. a Monday
(Actually 'middle of the year' falls on midnight between July 1 and 2 this leap year)
Time was reset at June 30, 2012 at 11:59:59 pm - 11:59:60 pm - 12:00:00 midnight GMT, a Saturday.
The "God particle" may have been discovered / the mysterious Cloud has problems! / a mid-month solar flare / Earth in our Universe
This day in History and Recently
I live on New Caledonia time
Curiosity killed my laptop and "On the seventeenth hour it rose again in fulfilment of the scriptures, halleluea"... after an internet doomsday
"To err is human; to forgive is divine." / "I am not a number!"


The Week begins with Sunday Mass 
"Love your neighbor... Love your enemies" Matthew 5:43-44 /

To end the Deficit, "... don't fuckin' pay 'em" ~ Dennis Miller / Earth is a protected habitat / A man walks into a bar... / Batman ranks as #2 / I really do not like big butts / I do like pie / Trek 2009 thoughts of a writer. And other blogs I may wish to follow / Tribbles / ST Online
The republic of Me

What I Am Watching
Lathe of Heaven / UFO (1970) / Space 1999 /

In the News
    - Editorial
Eliana Lopez show / Yahoo! gets new CEOJuly 11 / Subscribers to Directv and Dish will be losing many channels / The protest is in Manila / Oakland crime / July 3 /


Alameda County Fair / Star Trek Convention / Comicon / Doctor Who Experience / London Olympics

In the Movies
Great movie and gaming reads in four columns
Expendables 2 / The Dark Knight Rises / The Amazing Spider-man

 Neil Armstrong, The Man on the Moon / Commodore Windom Decker / Phyllis Diller / Dolphy / Ernest Borgnine / Gore Vidal

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