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Monday, September 17, 2012

The Computer is your Friend

"The closer you are to enlightenment, the farther you are from social normality" ~ The Physics of Life According to an Anti-Pro Ton [Like]

There has been a misconception by others that I am unhappy.
So far this year 89 freinds posted on my timeline; 55 on my birthday. Of 183 on my friends list.
Now Playing- Star Trek Online / NCC-1701s and construction / Nearly every episode of the old Star Trek follow the same formula.
My life in wonderland and forgiveness at Yoshi's with Clarice and David
The Harvest Moon
Fleet Week San Francisco, Fisherman's Warf
... seven events going on in SF
Oktoberfest at Dimond district, MacArthur & Fruitvale
Masquerotica returns to the SF Concourse Exhibition Center
TV Guide...
Once Upon A Time  /  Grimm  /  666 Park Avenue  /  Elementary  /  Beauty and the Beast
Barbarella [1:13 is a favorite... What do you mean?] /  The Prisoner  /  Space: 1999  /  UFO  /  Alma (short)  /  Frankenweiner / Ray Bradbury's Theater
Sherlock  /  Lost Girl  /  Secret Diary...
I am not an extreme left wing socialist democrat!
>  What we have is a democratic republic. Democratic (adjective) describes the republic (noun) the object that it really is. Represantitive democracy is an oxymoron. If you have anyone lord it over the populace, it is no nonger a democracy.
>  Cities should not be able to seek bankruptcy protection. They should be brought up for sale to be run by another entity, ie, corporation (see Robo-cop).
>  City-states, blocks, and communes are ideal if they are self-supporting.
No servant of the people should have a salary and fringe benefits. Just a living allowance, since slavery is illegal.
>  "A true democracy ceases to exist when the population goes beyond one person."
From The 47
It is so easy to read into what you read [more]
A president or governor doesn't create employment! [more]
Cry me a river! They are just people [more]
One can at least try to understand a half truth. [more]
... and other sayings
"Language is the most misunderstood form of communication" ~ dedication plaque at the Babel Conference of Diplomacy 2265
Science is attempting to understand all that exists. Whereas religion concludes that it just is.
"Don't mistaken my intelligence for patience; my lack of patience as ignorance." [more]
Movies in Review
Dredd  /  Resident Evil 3D
Andy Williams

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