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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Again Revisited


How I felt two years ago.
What has changed since eleven years ago?
The year was 2001. A day like any other day, or so we thought. I was a late sleeper. New York was already early at work. I woke up to an Orson Wells hoax. Or so I thought. Drove to work, vaguely noticing there was not a plane in the sky. "Go home" was the greeting I got. The only other day I had ever experienced being sent home and the stores being closed was the day after Rodney King was assaulted. Disbelief was the general emotion at the time, seeing the towers collapse over and over again. Dumbstruck. Eleven years later, still dumb with disbelief.

Disbelief with our government!
We are Americans, no doubt about it. But we are more divided in the past eleven years than we have ever been in the past century and a half. Oh sure, there have been protests and riots, civil disobedience and unrest. But has there really been a sharp polarity in the taking of sides? We now have the 99% taking on the rich. Conservatives taking on the liberals. The high morals interfering with individuals needing to band together. Citizens forced to take a stand, Americans still, but focused against anything percieved as a threat to their current position in the socio-economic uncertainty. Our going >tsk tsk< over Nixon and Clinton's indiscretion is nothing compared to how we feel about the Office held by Bush, Jr and Obama. We have the media vultures to thank.

How can we be a united nation when our government is composed of opposing, constantly bickering idiots? 'We will not pass anything he proposes.' We (well maybe not I*) put these people into positions to lord it over us. To take the interest of money over that of those who put them in office. They answer to no one, no audit will ever satisfy us. *I did not put Romney, McCain, or Palin in the offices of their state so why should I approve of them by voting for our nation? T'll vote, not that it will matter, any more than praying. An electoral college will have made the decision by the time I stand in line. For awhile, I will feel good.

What has been accomplished in the past eleven years?
An economy gone bad, the blame set on a number of scapegoats. The problem not addressed. Bad business management and corrupt administrators. In all levels of government and in corporations. A federal system that "creates" money, thereby devaluing it. Nothing short of counterfeiting. Something illegal in the private sector. Unemployment is easy on the ears. "People losing jobs" is so harsh. Forclosure, homelessness, rise in crime. Declines in industries related to infrastruccture. Rising costs of essentials, food, medical care, education, fuel, utilities, all owned by corporations or administrators out of control.

But I digress.
Two wars, two enemy leaders killed. Maybe.
"Mission accomplished!"

Hate Me, I don't care!
How can I remember the names of the victims of 9/11? I never knew them. Not even the rescuers. Nor the soldiers that died in the Middle East, whose names are on crosses just over in Lafayette. Or people who died as a result of hostilities, mostly innocents. Most killed by their own people, who we are supposedly trying to protect and educate. Do their families deserve condolences any less than those of eleven years ago?

Just another day in paradise...

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