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Monday, October 11, 2010

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A Week in July                                                            7/21/2011  7:25 pm a Thurssday

Quote of the day: “A house divided has no ceiling”

Idiots in the News this week...
- Suspect who died in a confrontation with San Francisco police officers on Saturday in the Bayview neighborhood appears to have fired the fatal shot from his own pistol…no comment;
- John Edwards' campaign owes the government more than $2 million…to be audited prior to his judgment before God;
- three people who were swept over a waterfall in Yosemite…rails are there for a reason, not because it’s a pretty place for a Kodak moment;
- Michele Bachmann yesterday responded to questions about her migraine headaches by releasing a letter from her doctor saying she is in good health…mentally, notwithstanding;
- Sixteen suspected members of "Anonymous" were arrested this morning in states across the country…hackers hacked…never heard of avatars;
- Whoever termed "Carmageddon,” the feared traffic jam from the long-publicized weekend shutdown of the Los Angeles freeway…actually had a calm pass off and life was back to normal early Monday.

News at 5, 6 then at 11                                                                     7/15/2011 6 p.m. a Friday
Watching the news early in the day. Some things just piss me off.
  [I originally thought about saying "depressing" bur felt "pissed" adds more flavor to my comments]
-  Libya...why the hell would we fund the rebels? Doesn't Hillary know that we can't just print money like it was nothing? No one officially helped us in our battles! I hardly see how scattered combatants can be considered a 'legitimate' government.
-  L.A.'s Carmageddon closing of a section of 405 will change life as we know it. Really!?
-  I am all for adding the contributions of LGBT in social studies. I am against stressing that they are LGBT. Just like current ethnic histories, it should be an elective.
- I feel bad for the guy who fell into a blowhole. But what the hell was he standing there for? The family wants to blame someone for not putting up signs?! Hello, it's a blow hole!
-  Obama was ordering pizza and accidentally reached the shuttle crew fixing the ISS toilet.
- California woman who allegedly [that stupid word again] cut off husband's penis may be sent to a penal colony if found guilty.
- British hacking...tsk tsk sheame on you! Next time get lessons from the FBI, NSA, CIA, FCC, INS-ICE, and the Girl Scouts. Don't get caught!
- Fruitvale District, BART station and Intermational to 35th area, not Dimond, even though it IS on Fruitvale. Now under police surveillence. Not just streetside, but inside some establishments. Good! if it works. Just like if you call 911 elsewhere, goo luck on getting help.
Conspiracy #601- Manufacture crimes so citizens will ask for their civil liberties to be curtailed.
If she becomes president, will we be singing songs from Bachman–Turner Overdrive for four years?
If she becomes president, will we be singing songs from Bachman–Turner Overdrive for four years?
End of May Edition                                                   6/1/2011  12:44am PDT a Wednesday
Nothing new to be excited about this month. Mainly an extension of last month-end's events.
Republican presidential candidates announcements and pull-outs, tornadoes, Libya, and a Rapture tha never happened.

Sarah Palin is touring the USA
The Mystery Tour- No this is not the Beatles song. Promises to be a psychedelic road kill nonetheless. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

TV season ends, some permanently
Smallville ends after ten years. Lois Lane and Clark Kent announce their wedding 7 years after that.
Fox doesn't know that birth control is easy...House and Bones.
May Day Edition                                                           5/1/2011 CE 9pm PDT a Sunday

“Obama has announced that Osama bin Laden has been killed
Finally! HALO and other video game training sees results!

Will Obama be viewed as a murderer because he admittedly ordered the death of Osama?

He was in a mansion. All along others have been saying that he was not hidden in a ‘Batcave.’ All this time he was in Wayne Manor, Pakistan! Neighbors will probably be interviewed, “He was such a nice man. Very quiet. We had no idea.”

Steve Moyer says Bin Laden died of boredom, watching the Oakland A's.
Actually the second thing the special operations team did was cut off his Direct TV. Right after they delivered his pizza.

The new series CHAOS was put on hiatus to keep the CIA out of the all too public entertainment media.

The timing is impeccable! May 1, 2011. May Day. “5/1” will replace the popularity of the “9/11” phrase. 

Watching the news...I love that right now, in this space of time, there are no "Republicans" and "Democrats" just AMERICANS...
That's why they timed this announcement for a late evening weekend. To catch the politicians off guard, not able to immediately put their two cents in. Come Monday morning, they'll be jumping on the band wagon from their richly appointed homes!
March 2009 Obama declared the end the “War on Terror.” -- or at least the use of that phrase -- has been codified at the Pentagon.
End of April Edition
April 25-28 Tornado Outbreak   Storm Reports 
The Royal Wedding     The Ceremony Live
Donald Trump stirs the Obama Birth Certificate conspiracy
Weekend Edition                                                                                  March 12, 2011
Sendai earthquake and tsunami
Middle East and North Africa protests
- Oct 9, 2010 Sahrawi
-   Libyan uprising
-  Syrian Uprising
Wisconsin protests - Another Libya? here at home? Walker/Khadaffi wants his Democrats back! Sit back with cheese and a beer and watch them fight it out at the border.
-  Don't work here!
Early Monday  Edition                                                                          February 14, 2011
The Pres of Egypt is [was] like the boyfriend/ girlfriend who can't understand "I don't want to see you anymore." "Is it the way I dress? I'll change that." "You don't like my family? OK we don't have to see them." "Being in Mom's basement?"...
DUDE I don't want to see you! not your cabinet! not your promise to change! I want you out now, not in September.

Current news in the Arab World
Rather than what looks like war coming out of the Arab world, it is what, no one knows.

The 'work for basic necessities' in a 'credit capital' system does not seem to be working. Something we in the US are not immune to. I stated elsewhere that the 10% [unemployment] might be the breaking point for us. We might be seeing a repeat of the fall of Communist Soviets. Besides ousting presidents and corrupt governments, each of these nations will be looking at each other to see what works. Kuwait for example is 'giving' food and what I call a rebate to all of its citizens. A concept that is not new. 2012 Northern Africa will be a phoenix! This unrest will not end up like its neighbors to the north-east.
The unrest in North Africa is about the lack of  'work for basic necessities' and the government corruption that led to it. It is sparked and fanned by incidents of self-immolation and social media [FaceBook]. Not 'the Muslim Brotherhood' or calls for Jihad/Caliphate as some political-evangelists keep yelling on cable TV at the top of their lungs [more on this later]. The first group were the completely down-trodden, harrassed by local police, shred of all dignity in a society where that is sacred [ok don't get me started with 'life is worth a few thousand dollars, a year in jail, and free publicity' in the US]. The second group are well-educated, some from influential families, all disgusted...not violent.

There will be those that will do violence, just for the sake of side or purpose. That's why it's called a powderkeg.

Raves, flash mobs, and 'let's all meet at Tahrir Square.' FB has been said to be the cause of Tunisia's downfall. That's arrogant. The attempted blackout of FB, the Internet, and now the violence towards jornalists who jump in to get puched- the Geraldo Rivera syndrome. The different forms of media, like fire, are tools. Dangerously unpredictable.

 US backs transition? No one has an idea what to transition to! Not the Egyptian president [he's a fool with his head in the sand], not the people protesting, not the other nations in north Africa.

Oh, my opinion...NO US troops!
I hope it does not become military. US intervention of our 'ideals' is not what they need. "Stay on your sides of the treaty neutral zone!"- a Klingon warning

The Sunday  Edition             February 6, 2011  12:48 p.m.                 Stardate 111098.63

Smallville on the WB
I had said so before on October 16 last year "The truth about Chloe...she wasn't abducted as it seems. She is either the new White Queen or The Oracle/Watchtower. But she IS the [reluctant?] head of the Suicide Squad. And everyone in the SS is supposed to be dead, at least as the world sees it. So Chloe fits in by taking cyanide, then having the antidote." In the comics, Barbara Gordon/Oracle/Watchtower provides information to the SS.

The real 'twist' of this episode was Chloe being asked to be a bride's maid...we never saw the proposal! I hope the actual wedding doesn't turn out followed by tragedy like Chloe-Jimmy Olsen'Doomsday. Or like Lois and Clark! As the season/series ends, I hope it ties up all loose ends...the final fates of J'onn J'onzz, Lex Luthor, Tess Mercer. For the final scene, I would like to see a hundred on-screens at the Watchtower, Clark and Lois flying past the window, Chloe and Tess acknowledging "Watchtower on-line" Fade to black.

I would be interested to see a single DC Universe series that focuses on a different character or group each week. How they interact. The animated Justice Leage series was popular not to kids, but to those that grew up to DC comics. It did not generalize everything into a grand fight scene at the end of every episode. Instead it focussed on personal interactions. Sometimes with just two characters involved, with what is happening around them just...background. Everyone can recite the legends of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The show gave us insights on The Question's conspiracy paranoia, the Huntress' self-doubts, Hawkman's eternal love for Shayera. This is supposed to be a new decade of enlightenment. Contrary to the campiness of the '60s, the feminist/modern '70s, and the darkness of the '90s. It takes good writers to make a series, not just a script for a 'one-shot' movie focussing on one hero.

Smallville has proven one one works alone. Clark has always tried to bear the burden of responsibility on himself. Kept his secret even from those closest to him who eventually figure it out anyways. Who respect him enough to let him reveal his secret in his own way, rather than confronting him. Reluctantly, every character with an ability teams up with others. League Justice, Legion, Suicide Squad, the Society.

DisLikes CBS 5
Changes Not Just In The Months
Memoirs of a Madman
...Briefly [no personal editorials]
TSA and preparing for Thanksgiving
And So Begins November
The Evening Edition             October 11, 2010  12:31 p.m.                 Stardate 10775.344

The News in Brief...
Bank of America Halts Foreclosures Indefinitely Due To Incmpetence by Catherine Tripp
Liu Xiaobo recieves Nobel Peace Prize; China protests, Cuba criticizes
Kim Jong Un appointed successor of North Korean leader
Christine O'Donnelly 'I Am Not A Witch' Ad
California's Budget Plan
NATO supply route in Pakistan; Khyber Pass
US-Pakistan Relations Chronology

Local News...
The SF Giants are Going On!
Bay Bridge is actually built in China [by teenagers]

Tomorrow's Weather...
Bright with the chance of stupid.

Black helicopters along Nevada border bases. Sleeper agents activated at coffee shops statewide. Politicians given gag orders. NBC given the 'green light' to use comedy skits to downplay upcoming events. Preparing for an invasion to the Middle East? Nope. Marihuana dispensaries and high quality farms to be hit before the upcoming elections! You didn't hear it from me.

Today's Quote
"Light travels faster than sound. People appear to be bright until you hear them speak." Elbert Einstein

'Red Danube' and BP Spill and How It Relates to Katrina  [coming soon]

Upcoming events at Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival

My Source:  Google

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Today is 10-10-10, four years, months, and days after 666. We survived so far!
Fleet Week in San Francisco
Oktoberfest at Dimond
Upcoming events at Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival
Word of the Day  Branding

"First" Edition______________________________________________________________
The Weekend Edition             October 16, 2010  10:41 a.m.                 Stardate 10789.042
Current Interests
Oakland Raiders beat Denver Sunday
Psychohistory - Isaac Asimov
Is the US involved in this one too?  Another outbreak in a Caribbean country

Television and Entertainment
Smallville..the final season. For those that know DC Comics history 1960 to the early '90s...1970 starts now! Rumors are brought up, scenes from upcoming episodes show things about the Smallville/DC world that would not surprise fans of Superman. Starting from Clark being his own worst enemy, Lois being his greatest weakness. Past episodes/seasons have hinted of a "darkness coming" one that will test him" [Clark]. The final scene of season 10, episode 1 shows none other than Darkseid! Introducing Jack Kirby's Fourth World and The New Gods of 1970. Jump to 1987, after the Crisis of Infinite Earth's. The faith of the general public towards its heroes is tested in the Legends story arc.
It is 1986 in Smallville. Legends has Darkseid, Glorious Godfrey, and Granny Goodness sowing the seeds of doubt in all heroes / vigilanties. Task Force X / Suicide Squad and the US government's Vigilante Registration Act is gearing up for the upcoming battle.

Lois and Clark will explore their relationship leading in to...Lois and Clark! The truth about Chloe...she wasn't abducted as it seems. She is either the new White Queen or The Oracle/Watchtower. But she IS the [reluctant?] head of the Suicide Squad. And everyone in the SS is supposed to be dead, at least as the world sees it. So Chloe fits in by taking cyanide, then having the antidote.

WB Entertainment [which owns DC, Comics et al] had a short lived series titled Birds Of Prey which eventually became a comic book series. It involved a Watchtower similar to Chloe's, building, hacking, communications, and the main character mentoring a new hero. Barbara Gordon [Batgirl], Helena Kyle [Huntress] and Dinah [Black Canary] are the central cast. All takes place in a darker Gotham City, years beyond the current continuity. Helena is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman.
-  see Wiki,  watch here  / and here

Science and Technology
"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." Calvin and Hobbes
We are really that uninteresting...or potentially dangerous!
UFOs, ghosts, de ja vu, things just at the periphery are the wakes of alternate realities.

"Where are the flying cars?" I was once asked. Here in Ga Ga Land. Freddie Mercury is one good looking guy! at Live Aid 1985. No wonder Lady Ga Ga wants to be like him.

News sources:  abc7 news   Crime Stats   Live Cams

The News in Brief...
Rescued Chilean miners return to normalcy as the media circus remains stupid
Meg and Brown debate outrages whores and other workers
HummmMMM Baby!  Go Giants!
Tomorrow - Raiders invade SF across the Bay; 49ers face siege!
Safety services and School programs cut
Who the hell is Justin Beiber? Any relation to THE Beaver?

Can anybody tell me in a few words what the "Tea Party Movement"  is? I flunked American History in HS when I applied Chaos and Conspiracy theories to it. Rep = keep the rich rich; Dem = don't have a sound plan, And what's with all these people outside? Haven't we realized in 200 years that you have to be on the inside to make a difference? [ooohh teabagger! I get it]

In Entertainment
Today's Quote
"Ya canna change the laws of physics!"- Cmdr Montgomery Scott
Actually you can...just create new laws! Religious and political leaders do it all the time.
"A whore, a witch, and a grizzly walk into a bar..."


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