Retinal Scan...Searching...

Retinal Scan...Searching...

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Virtual Kitchen

Personal favorites...

#1 - Leg of Lamb
- 30 minutes at 400 degrees, 60 minutes at 350
   Simply   Another
- slow cooked...sear in pan; season with chopped rosemary; vegetables at bottom of crock pot.
   4 steps, 8 to 10 hours
Gravy [2 tablespoons of flour, make 2 cups]
 - use red wine instead of water the deglaze

Favorite- salt and pepper; 3 minutes to a side; let it sit a few minutes before serving

#2 - Roast Turkey, simple


Filipino Cuisine
Pinaupong Manok sa Asin

I have been diagnosed with gout June 2011
There is much contradiction and confusion in manny sources. Especially biased are drug company sources.
Buzzle has good diet tips in easy to understand format.[ more ] From a Filipino point of view.
----------------------------------------------------------------- seen on the Food Network
Good Eats - Alton Brown, 'science guy' of food; preparations from scratch
Iron Chef America
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives
My Restaurant  food searches...
likes the Lamb Kabob at Emery Bay
There is also the $7 med Cheese [no extra charge for pepperoni and garlic!] at Hollywood Pizza
likes the Three Little Red Boys on Liemert
another neighborhood pizza sit-down place...combo is the only 3 meat one
I'll have the prime rib, not the 'Road Kill.' at Texas Roadhouse, Union Bay
Angie's favorite on her Birthdays
The 'Other Dead Things' $40 prime rib is just right!
There was two of these locations one time :(
OK, 77-7777 is easy to remember! Shaky's Strawhat Pizza

It's baaa-ack...
Kwik Way

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