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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coffee House at the Center of Time

Located somewhere in time between the Big Bang and the Small Pfft.

April ends with the Royal Wedding and May is just being written in the Book of Destiny.
April 25-28 Tornado Outbreak
- more News at the Daily Planet
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☼ If you have a beautiful daughter put this as your status ☼
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...Angie, as well as granddaughter Amariee and niece Terrilyn
Coming soon- In light of this and the Trump-Obama fiasco, FBers will be required to post their birth certificates to prove who they are. This has been a public restroom announcement.
Check this out...
Vanity URLs
On songs, games, Facebook, and other things...
Shirley Manson [T-1001 series] is my 'new' favorite artist.   [Stupid Girl]   [Only Happy When It Rains]   [The World Is Not Enough]
There have been a number of songs with this title.
It's cuz Your mama don't Tweet
and your daddy don't Friendster, no
When evenin' rolls around and it's time to Social down
Where do you go - FaceBook GO
This is how I pull myself together every morning! Does anyone else remember watching this? I did, in the Philippines...'Voltes five, lima kaami...'

"Let's Volt In" (from SRW Alpha 1)  /  All other versions...  /  Tito, Vicc, & Joey parody
I have not done this [going to Reno did not count], but it's a catchy tune...
I've been high
I've been low,
I've been yes and I've been oh, hell no!
I been rock ‘n roll and disco,
won’t you save me San Francisco?

  • Catherine Gloria Tripp I love the tender coin reference - is that soft dollars?
    April 22 at 7:34am ·

  • Rodney Rivera hmmm I don't want to know where that Washinton has been!

  • This song and the animation reminds me of two things- 1) Yoko being the cause of the Beatles break-up; 2) the influence my first girlfriend had on me as I left my barkada behind.

  • Dedicated to those who may have had this problem. I, on the other hand, had her standing in front of me all this time...

    JOHNNY LEE ~ LOOKING FOR LOVE [LYRICS]For y'all fellow Texans out there. God bless Texas ~ AmericanZeus (Proud Texan)

      • David Lau You get a lot of bullshit looking for love on a mechanical bull.

  • This is dedicated to someone I left in the Philippines, oh so many years ago...
    "...and she was gone..."

  • This is for those who have raised a family in, or grew up in a very, very fine house. Sing along like the audience does.

    Catherine Gloria Tripp I catually do have two cats in the yard. Catually.

     I live half-way up Park Blvd, not in the middle of it.

    April 19 at 6:07pm · · 1 personYou like this.
    And lastly...
    "You can't always get what you want
    But if you try sometimes you might find
    You get what you need"
    Sometimes you fail. But because you tried your best, you may be rewarded with something better than what you originally planned for. Kismet, baby!
    On an application, I was asked to list my contacts. I wrote, Acuvue, Bausch & Lomb, Ciba, and PermaFlex.
    Experimental re-posting...
  • haha Mal, I was waiting to see who would be the first to respond to this. Dispenser or user.
    April 21 at 3:23am

  • Paraluman Penaranda Omido hahaha, you forget freshlook!
    April 21 at 5:32am ·

  • Rodney Rivera Nope, I never changed my eye colors.
    April 21 at 5:35am · 

  • --------------------
    I am playing/reading a game. In this short, fast-paced thriller readers follow the protagonist, Rick, on his journeys by the medium of Google Maps. Interesting way to 'read' a story. Sort of like a short version of the Da Vinci Code thriller.
    How far-reaching IS FaceBook? Other than China, Russia-Siberia, Sahara, and the Amazons, pretty much everywhere. And remember, your information can be 'mined' from any of those bright lights!  (MAP)
    Those Romulans are really active when it comes to social networking!
    Thanks to Vanessa for accessing 'TV of the 1960s' on my brain's Batcomputer.
    Even though I am an avid Star Trek fan, this entertained me the most. Let's dance the Bat-tusi!
    I used to watch nearly all of these shows! Westerns, spies, Stingray and other animatronics, the Qwinn Martin and Irwin Allen productions. I looked to see which of my neighbors were a witch, jeannie, martian, or >shudder< monsters. No rich hillbillies or talking horse though, don't be silly! I danced the monkey and the Bat-tusi!
    Captain Satellite after school, and Saturday morning cartoons! From Hannah-Barbara to Looney Toons. Before ADD. You couldn't tear me away from the TV, literally! This was before I graduated to super-heroes like Spider-man, Mi-Tor, and Batman-Superman Hour.
    Spy organizations were the best in the 1960s. Gadgets and gimmicks and fights with obvious stand-ins. Almost all of these have been redone as a series or movie. And I was in love with Mrs Peel. Gotta go, my shoe phone is ringing.
    The best listeners are bartenders. They are a less expensive alternative to psycho-professionals. Listening requires extreme patience, unfortunately everyone wants to be somewhere else. I would prefer to 'skim' through what you are trying to say @(*U*)>
    More Star Trek trivia [ain't I so full of them?]
    Two Enterprise doctors have put up their shingle as 'psychiatrist' as they prescribed scotch or brandy to their captains;
    Whoopie Goldberg plays a bartender on the Enterprise D from a race of listeners;
    A barkeep on a space station is a Ferengi whose race has big ears...except they listen for financial opportunities.
    Today is Good Friday. On this date the US coined "In God We Trust"
    Being a Klingon, I don't celebrate Earth Day. I understand Vulcans 'Go Green.'
    Tonight's episode of Bones yells SPIN-OFF! A quirky guy with a checkered past [Monk, the Mentalist, Psyche], a strong, quick-wit, talented woman [lile Fiona in in Burn Notice], and a 'peaceful' big guy [a REALLY big guy]. I looked it up later, and viola!
    This is 'us' heading for economic disaster. There is no emergency beam out or ejecting the pods for us. The words "Beam me up, Scotty" was never said in the series, ever.

    Star Trek - Beam Me Aboard
    Parallel Earth, Leonard Nimoy's role, there are many references to Star Trek on Fringe. Grayson [Spock's mother is Amanda Grayson] address is 1701 [registry of the Enterprise] has a Vulcan lyre in the corner. Clint Howard was on an episode of Star Trek in 1967.

    Star Trek reference from Fringe
    Contra Security, corporate America's answer to "The A-Team," A comedy about geeks, or is it the actors are geeks?!? Slater's previous shows died; Rosenbaum quit being Luthor; will bringing in various guest stars keep it going more than half a season?
    I have filed my tax returns. May God have mercy on my soul!  April 15 at 2:35pm  As for supporting...well "what belongs to Ceasar..." I get enough back for two full tanks of gas. Either way you look at it, refund or no, we are involuntarily serving the government for the first 60 days of the year [average]
    I high-fived the church priest "Gimme some palm, baby!"
    This is the day Jesus rode his ass into town...or was it a pink cadillac
    Posted for Easter...
    There are some things I ask of God. Getting no answer, I look to others. Then I remember Jesus said only the Father knows all, not even the Son knows. We must humbly ASK what He already knows is in our hearts, not EXPECT.
    Every time I look at you
    I don't understand
    Why you let the things you did
    Get so out of hand

    Jesus Christ Superstar
    According to the Gospels, Christ came to save our souls, not liberate us from earthly oppression. It is best we all remember that when we complain about the economy, government, and each other.

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