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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Doctor Who in America

Doctor Who (2011)               All of Time and Space
Time can be travelled up and down. But you cannot change the chain of events, including, and especially, your own history.

Stardate 1258.765, a Sunday
'Cause it's 0 to 60 in 3.5 Baby
you got the keys...
Now shut up and drive, drive, drive
... continued from HERE

Tremendously Attention Random Diversions and Interesting Subjects
- My Mind...bigger on the inside.
Contains Chameleon circuitry- may change subject to whim.
[Reposted] A short explanation of FB status posts and comments... Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey...Stuff

All of time and space. Everything that ever happened or ever will. Where do you want to start? - The Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith
I am not here at the present time. I am currently in the past. Please check back for future updates. - activities of a time traveller
I connect with friends new and old, share memories of others and myself. Could prove disastrous at times

River Song Her Story
River Song's Timeline
Favorite quotes:

Teacher- "Mels, did you not understand the question? I'm asking you why the Titanic sank."
Mels- "Because The Doctor didn't save it. Except you don't know about The Doctor because you're stupid."

Mels- "A significant factor in Hitler's rise to power was the fact that The Doctor wasn't that there to stop him."

Mels- "Penny in the air... Aand the penny drops."
The Doctor- "Mels... short for...?"
Mels- "Melody"
Amy Pond- "Yeah, I named my daughter after her."
The Doctor- "You named your daughter... after your daughter."
The Eleventh Doctor at the Proms (2010) / The Tenth Doctor at Cardiff (2006)
S6E13 "The Wedding of River Song"
"On the Fields of Trenzalore, on the Fall of the Eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a question will be asked. The first question. A question that must never ever be answered. It's in plain sight, the question you have been running from all your life. Doctor Who. Doctor Who! DOCTOR WHO?!?" 
Ending scenes  /  Cool song and compilation Tik Tok Ke$ha /  Prequel  /  The epidode on YouTube
"Closing Time"
"The God Complex"
"The Girl Who Waited"
... kinda boring.
"Night Terrors" ho hum
What is the fascination for cupboards? Shrunk in to dollhouse. Figured that out with the wooden skillet. Running around halls and rooms with doors that either don't lock or don't open. It actually reminds me of the Third Doctor's adventures, except it's not drawn out to six parts. "If wishes were horses" is a story where discorporate life-forms appear to the desires of the living. To a point that they don't know they are not real. Or the "Red king" woke up and the world ended as it was his dream made real. Old plots...subconscious plagiarism?
Next week: Welcome to the virtual world in "Silence in the Library". You might end up meeting River after she was self-exiled here. Wouldn't that be cool. Time loops are cool. Did you know the Doctor would be able to clone a complete duplicate of himself, even to the memories. Remember Jenny from just the hand? He HAS 200 years to figure an 'out.'
Slipped in words "SILENCE in the Library" "In the FLESH"

"Let's Kill Hitler" has nothing to do with killing Hitler. The episode on-line
Toussaint-White is GREAT!

The justice vessel, Teselecta, reminds me of that Eddie Murphy movie.

So let me get this straight... (although she IS crooked) Melody Pond is born in Devil's Run space station, raised in the '60s on Earth, 'left' her captors and had her first regeneration 6 months after the moon landing, 'grew up' as her mom's best friend Mels, and regenerated into River Song. To have a lifetime of adventures with The Doctor (in reverse order), between incarcerations, until the events at the Library (in a spacesuit).

At one point, one of the Teselecta's operators see the 'blue box' as the vehicle of a 'worse criminal' than Hitler. At first I thought they were referring to The Doctor, but then he said the name was Melody Pond, NOT River Song. The Doctor now knows where/when he will die and prepare for it (blue envelopes), but not necessarily how far in the future of his life-time.

Most likely (least-Mofat) chain of events has the first Melody don the astronaut suit, shoot the now prepared 'future' doctor, and jump back in time for Christmas 1969 (we seem to like those Specials). She was shot at the lake, wounded, has amnesia, before she 'dies.'  She is 'stranded' on Earth, and the only chance she has to be 'time mobile' again is to find and stay with Mummy to meet The Doctor. How else would she know so much about The Doctor based on Amy's retelling of a short look at him and the TARDIS? the way she sass-answers tachers? She eventually becomes time-mobile again by stealing a vortex manipulator (why build when you can steal one). She becomes an archeologist to 1) 'find a good man' referring to when The Doctor shows up in recorded history, and 2) because stealing is part of her psyche.

To end, I say not good-bye, but "Hello sweetie"

Added Sept 2, a Friday
To answer a few questions:
Hitler eventually 'got out of the closet'... what, you didn't know he was a cross-dresser?
Those wearing poison are not affected, antidote or anti-toxin.
"Hello Benjamin" reference to Mrs Robinson [remember her introduction to Nixon?] in The Graduate.
"Melody Pond killed the Doctor"... the child, not River Song, although she is wanted in any persona.
... and a question...  [October, I guess I was wrong!]
even if she was a minor, why did Mels not seek out to kill Jon Pertwee, the third Doctor, while he was stranded by the Time Lords in the 1970s?

The concept of the Doctor being continuously embarrassed by River is a play on The Graduate, referenced twice now. She makes Matt feel immature.
Rule #2 The Doctor says that the continuity of time cannot be altered. Rule #1 The Doctor lies.
"Regeneration disabled" was explained by Amelia Pond / TARDIS Interface.
And yes, history shows Hitler finally got out of the closet... he was a cross-dresser.

Interlude 2.0  "Run!"- The Doctor's first word in the entire new series [to Rose Tyler before introducing himself]. 
Season 6
Episode 7 "A Good Man Goes To War"
   Trailer   Previously
Ultimate Spoiler...River shows them [Amy and Rory] what lies within the cot, a cloth token made by Bucket for Amy with Melody's name on it. However, as the Gamma forest people do not have a word for "pond", Bucket used the closest approximation: "River". River Song admits to Amy [and Rory?] "I'm your daughter." I played that scene over and over.
Since Amy has been seen to flirt with the Doctor before getting married to Rory, it is possible that the Doctor IS the father.
By now I only read the last 50 comments because even those are predictable.
Amy asks if the Doctor had children, to which he answered no. Technically he had a daughter (cloned from his hand) and a granddaughter in the old episodes.
Matt Smith has been through more 'final battles' than any other Doctor.
At the end of this episode, we and the Doctor KNOW that Melody Pond will be saved because unlike other SF universes, there is only one destiny/timeline. Yes there are alternate universes, but not due to one's own immediate changing the timeline here.

River being related to someone here and now, as opposed to someone in the Doctor's long past was both predictable and practical. No need to dig up some obscire reference that no one watching now would even know about.

I so would have loved to see River at some point in the series come up to Amy and ask :\"Are you my Mummy?" since at some point, Amy and the Doctor will see River at a younger stage.

A video clip compilation

Episode 6 "The Almost People"
Amy is the Flesh? Exactly when did this happen?

Episode 5 "The Rebel Flesh"
part one of two

I just had an epiphany - The Astronaut is Idris!
Another - River is Amy's illusive baby!
What is the title of the tune playing in the TARDIS at the beginning? when Rory was throwing darts.
May 22 at 11:58am   MUSE Super Massive Black Hole, from the Black Holes and Revelations album

Episode 4 “The Doctor’s Wife”                                          **** of 5 stars
My TARDIS!”   “My Doctor!”
So Uncle and Auntie were like Dr Frankenstein’s monster prototypes. Is that why Idris looks like the Bride of Frankenstein?
A few questions have been re-affirmed lately. The TARDIS does have a living thing that powers it. It has a personality. ‘She’ has taken hosts before. Rose Tyler and Martha Noble.
I liked the junkyard/TARDIS graveyard/prison planet. Real SciFi. And the regeneration sequences look like fairy dust, a fairy tale spirit. Niel Gaiman is truly a fantastic writer!
“The only water you will find in the forest is at the river.” River Song?
What is the fascination with rooms in the TARDIS? Amy and Roy share one. Roy asks if the Doctor has one. River dives into one of many doors to the pool. All we saw in this episode was corridors and the most recent previous control room. The constant running around, not even running away from something, seems to be a trademark for this series.

Previous series had them jumping from point A to point B. Now they seem to wander aboard TARDIS more.
Wiki spoilers sweetie

“The Curse of the Black Spot” [s6 e3]                            ** of 5 stars
"Please state the nature of the medical emergency"
Not boring...predictable. Even the healed pirates on the way to Sirius.
The Astronaut Riddle will not be solved until the season ends, so deal with it!
Who is the eye-patch lady behind the door?
What is the on and off pregnancy of Amy?
Who is the child regenerating? Possibly a past Doctor [2.5 1969]
By the way, when did Rory Pinocchio become human again? As a 2,000 year-old automaton, he does not need to breath [or drown]. But he can burn / nelt.
Wtki ahoy mate

Episode 2 Day of the Moon
My posts as I watched it on DVR...
At the end of the opening, I had only one thing to say to Agent Delaware III- "You bastard!" Twisting us around like that!
16 minutes ago 12:01am 5/1/2011  A Sunday

Oh btw, I am watching the episode on DVR, so I won't read your "spoilers." When I saw the astronaught/girl, I expected her to say to Amy "Are you my mummy?"
5 minutes ago 12:01am 5/1/2011

Comedic firefight banter...
"What are you doing?"
"You've got a screwdriver. Go build a cabinet"
"Oh you are really rude!"
"Shut up and drive!"

"So What kind of doctor are you?"
"Archeology. I love a tomb."
32 seconds ago 12:21am 5/1/2011

‎"Will I be remembered?"- Nixon
"Oh Dicky, tricky dicky. The'll never forget you. Say hello to David Frost for me."

a few seconds ago 12:29am 5/1/2011

Ending entries...
This is River's last kiss; the Doctor's first.
Amy is pregnant with a phasing fetus. The Doctor is the father, not Rory.
Doctor Song is aging backwards [like Merlyn the wizard, they say] and will 'die' reju-transfom in 1969.

12 minutes ago 12:52am 5/1/2011

OK my last entry for this thread...
"Amy! Roy! Open all the doors to the swimming pool!"
1:00am 5/1/2011 a Sunday

Episode 1 The Impossible Astronaut
Ok, the Doctor dies. Who's to say this is his say 20 years in the future self [actually nearly 200 years]? Song kills him while in a spacesuit. It is someone else in the spacesuit in 1969. Song could be Amy's daughter, to be trained as a new Time Lord. To die perhaps 20 years later in the Library.
Wait! River couldn't have killed him here if she does not remember doing so. ...the part about her "killing a very important man" and how she wound up in prison. There must have been another crime she was imprisoned for.

I liked that there is an intro with Amy narrating it.
"She's packing." Seriously? In a maximum security prison? That would scare me too, if I were a guard.

He has ALWAYS been referred to as The Doctor, never as Doctor Who. Except here, twice, as a question "Doctor who?"
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