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Monday, August 1, 2011

From Julius to Augustus... the end of The Republic

... refers to early Rome, not the present...I hope.                              July 12 to now, a Monday

Things I don't understand...
Raising the Debt Ceiling when it should actually be called digging a sub-basement deeper;
Cloud Computing, Google +(+), Twitter, and Unlimited Data to 5MB
Sunday 11:26 pm... the day my Recent News Feed died.

"I love humans. They always see patterns in things that aren't there." - The Eighth Doctor Who

July 31, a Sunday-------------------------------------------------[((0))]--------------------
  Computer, two steak dinners. Medium well.

Are you still passionate? or are you just Going Through the Motion...whatever?

I am watching Andromeda S01E01 Under the Night {Part 1} to S02E07 Una Salus Victus  /  S02E11 Part 1 to unknown
July 30, a Saturday-----------------------------------------------[((0))]--------------------
Just another Saturday morning...
Nothing to do, it's up to you
I've got nothing to say but it's O.K.

Everybody knows there's nothing doing
...Everything is closed, it's like a ruin
Everyone you see is half asleep
And you're on your own, you start to tweet

...Then you decide to take a walk by the old school
Nothing has changed it's still the same
I've got nothing to say but it's O.K.

Eight Days A Week  For those that celebrate hump day, thak god for fridays, hate mondays, and other 24 hour periods. Get a grip! It's only eight days of the week.

Norwegian Wood  Dedicated to that first special don't know her...  /  Wood = weed (?)

Craig Ferguson 7/29/11E Late Late Show Matt Smith  Two of my favorite UKers! At least I can understand what they're saying.

Every day, I stand up for my rights, I take a stand or two, and sometimes I may stand corrected. But every night, I will follow the rules and regulations as set forth in our nature. I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, If I shall die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.  /  thanks you Lord for another day, The chance to learn, the chance to play....And should I live for other days, I pray that God will guide my ways.
Firefly: This is not Cowboys and Aliens. But you do know that every space fiction is essentially no different from a Western.  /  Firefly - 1.1 - Serenity [1 of 6/6]   /  Firefly (TV series)  /  Wiki

14 Objects in Space  12/13/2002  -  13  Heart of Gold  8/04/2002  -  12  The Message  7/28/2002
11  Trash  7/21/2002  -  10  War Stories  12/06/2002  -  9  Ariel  11/15/2002
  8  Out of Gas  10/25/2002  on Hulu   -  7  Jaynestown  10/18/2002  Jaynestown on Hulu
  6  Our Mrs. Reynolds  10/04/2002  -  5  Safe  11/08/2002  -  4  Shindig  11/01/2002
  3  Bushwhacked  9/27/2002  -  2  The Train Job  9/20/2002
  1  Serenity  1:26:42  12/20/2002

The Magnificent Seven  /  1:20  Do You Want To?  Franz Ferdinand  /  2:35  The Beer Song  /  2:56  Saturday Night's Alright  /  3:44  Hooray For Captain Spaulding  /  4:13  Evil Woman  ELO  /  5:07  Elvis And I  /  5:53  Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)  Pet Shop Boys  /  6:43  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang  /  7:05  A Little Time  /  7:29  I'm Going Slightly Mad  Queen  /  7:50  Takin' Care Of Business  BTO  /  8:46  National Express
On this day in history, the sun rose, and the sun set. In fulfillment of the scriptures. So it is written; so it shall be done.   Davids You are being somewhat profound these daze.

The best things in life are free. The things you want are probably too expensive. The things you need are usually reasonable. The things you don 't want or need are always at a discount.

July 29, a Friday-------------------------------------------------[((0))]--------------------
In all honesty, what you see on FB is but 10% of me. The other 90% is a combination of a nasty mo'fo, sarcastic pisser, and an easily angered Tellarite in debates and arguements. Easily embarrassed by females nastier than me, annoyed at those more sarcastic than me, and as for do not want to see me angry.  Jim I dont think I have seen you angry But I have read your blog. Truly the work of a madman. LOL  me  That 90% is NEVER seen on-line. Only in person, face to face, slapping range.

I am here on FB to state my mind and connect...
- to share an opinion, not push it;
- to like a statement, but not necessarily Like it;
- to pass on words of wisdom and acknowledge those who said it;
- to be humorous, even sarcastic, with no harm intended;
- to discuss politics, without a politician;
- to praise God, not pretend to be God...I leave that to the clergy;
- to complain, knowing nothing will happen anyways;
- not to repeat and RE-POST just because someone has judged me if I don't

I am starting a campaign of "Shut Up And Stay In The Background" composed of shadow warriors and sleeper agents.

  Motto of the US government.   Brutus was the symbol of the american dream. Just wanted a piece of a...ahem!
Look at the pretty numbers! Note: what we owe nearly equals what we make [GDP]...assuming 'we' don't eat or buy anything for a whole year! U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time

  Visualization: USA national debt in physical $100 bills by Steve M  /  A $100 bill weighs 1 gram. $10,000 I call a 'quarter-pounder' since $100,000 is a kilo. $1 million is actually what a worker makes in a 40 year period. $50 million is the most one man can carry (half his weight) comfortably. Money is still twice the worth of gold by weight. I used a CSI episode where Grisssom explains how much a man can carry in a samurai suit. Also Oceans Eleven and Twelve. And finally,

Apple Now Has More Cash Than The U.S. Government  Claire Wagner  Save us, Steve Jobs! (Seriously, what kind of alternate/bizarre reality are we actually living in????)  me In all fairness, it doesn't support a number half its workforce in old, sick, retired, or out of work people. Nor does it support any wars...ok Microsoft doesn't count.

How can a person function with just a radio and cd player? No phone, cell, TV, computer, or internet. Ask my uncle Fred. Oh that's right you can't! Oh, he still has A/C Transit.

After Galaxy Quest, this is another silly space movie. Coincidentally, Alan Rickman is in this one too. Marvin the paranoid android in all his dry wit. Modern version

Being caught up in red tape is better than ending up a chalk outline behind yellow tape.

I have complete medical coverage. They use some kind of white sheet.

"...'til debt do us part."

July 28, a Thursday----------------------------------------------[((0))]--------------------
"A Leap of Faith"
Three people followed a guru to the edge of a cliff. "Have faith in yourself, and anything is possible. Yell out a thing that flies, and take that step."
The man said "Eagle!" leaned forward, and soared with the wind as if on wings.
The first woman sang "Wonder Woman!" and shot straight up into the sky.
The second woman, nervous, looked over the edge. Slipping on a loose stone, she yelled "SHIT!"
"Beauty is Skin Deep"
Same guru, three different followers. Standing waist deep in the heavily used Gaanges river. "You are as beautiful as you want to be. Say it, and you shall be."
The first woman says "I want to look like Madonna!" >poof<... wearing lingerie and a top hat she walks out of the river, not a speck of detrius on her.
The man (obviously of little imagination) whispers "Fabio" and changes from dark to fair skin complete with blonde hair and a toga.
The other woman (filipina) feels something brush against her leg and yells "AY TAE!"

A six-year old points and yells "Oh look! A beaver!"; embarrassing moment at a nudist camp.

Checking out anime... Bubblegum Crisis [subtitled]  /  Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig (2 eps)  /  Cowboy Bebop (2 eps) 

This is the web right now - The Oatmeal by Claire  /  me haha "Gosh, I sure wish I knew what Jim was up to right now" happens every 11:55pm to 4am, after Leno's monologue. '1984' was the birth of our social and information society as we know it today. Not because it's a Mac, but because it is the first graphic user interface! Windows didn't come out until the end of 1985, fourteen months later!  /  Jim The funny thing is, the internet started as a tool for sharing information (Social Networking) when Al Gore invented it. The entire thing depends on people improving the structure (Code) This has happened thousands of times. Only a few have actually improved it. Myspace, FaceBook, and now Google have improved the code sucessfully.  /  me Al Gore invented nothing except the myth of global warming! F'k'n pissant! May he burn in the hell of his own making! Worthless piece o....ok... breath.    I am referring to us end-users. Happily complaining about changes made to something we don't own.
July 27, a Wednesday-------------------------------------------[((0))]---------------------
Lord grant me the Courage to confront Life's changes
The Strength to do something about it
The Stamina to keep it right, or the way I want it
The Wisdom to just leave it the f%#& alone!

Walang gas. Walang bigas. Pati ako, gasgas!  /  Don't ask for a translation. It will just get lost. I remember Maria Luisa saying this long ago :-)  Laarni Especially pag ayaw mamalengke ni Rodney at ni Fred!  /  Dra Nilmar Ok ang rhyme ng words ah

Trust is NOT earned. It was always there! It is when it is lost that it becomes noticed.  EnriqueMalS and Dra Nilmari like this.

Have an attitude of Gratitude  Complaining is fun, that's why there is FB and I Like this list because there are some things I don't [or don't bother to] do. 

Princess Change is never easy, but I've learned that the keys to successful lifestyle change are staying on track when times get tough and bouncing back after a setback...  /  me Change is considered the Undiscovered Country. Some are afraid of it in that they are complacent with their existing lifestyle, afraid to take chances.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So keep your hand out of my pockets!

‎'If you aren't happy with your benefits or just the job in general, QUIT! Get another job like I did. It's called Unemployed.'- heard, because I would never say it

The Band Perry Great new country singer/band. Freaky song. "Funny how you're dead, people start listening"...remembering things said when still alive, but not paying attention to.

Manny Pacquiao says "But I did" I thought he said fighting above his 'waist class.'

Gilmour and Pink Floyd concerts. Syed reminds me that I like this.

What did the Lord say when Moses complained of a headache?
"Take two tablets and call me in the morning."

Watching on-line version of the Dominion War.

July 26, a Tuesday-----------------------------------------------[((0))]---------------------
You must know the difference and choose between God and gold. Make the wrong choice and you will go to 'L.                            More of my thought about religion and the Church

Fleetwood Mac - "DREAMS" (Stevie Nicks)  /  Do you remember Clinton's theme song when he won as president?

The Midnight Special  You have to know this song to appreciate it. I chose to post the live version because it shows emotion, from both the CCR and the audience.

Elvis at his best was actually before my time. It had to grow on me. Like this song, he did mix the exixting forms off music into the then new rock and roll, Raised On Rock.   /  There seems to be a similarity to this ine Scorpions - Raised on rock. You think?!?

House md is one of my favorite shows on TV

One Is The Loneliest Number Is that what they say? Can anyone guess what the name ov the band means?  /  For those like me who never travel. "Oaklahoma, not Arizona. What does it matter?" Now if you'll excure me, I'm going on the road to Shambala.

In response to Steve Moyer's question "A fun date with anyone in movies, TV, music....Who would you choose and why?" I would say Meg, spontaneous, not afraid of what others would think, and...well the obvious.  When Harry Met Sally - Restaurant Orgasm Scene
Another choice would be Bellucshi "How much for the women?"

At my routine clinic appointment, I am grilled with the same questions everytime. Why don't they just read my answers from before? When asked "Do you have any problems with memory?" I answer "I don't remember." with a confused look.

At McD [7 billion served] "I would like a #5 for here."
"That's a medium number five. Will that be for here? or to go?"

I get an average of 20 land-line phone calls a day, like clockwork. 10 that are just rings and no messages, 5 with chatter in the background before the beep who then hang up, and 10 debt collector machines asking for anyone BUT me.  /  "If this is not *&%# please hang up. If no one is there to take this call, press 9. Sorry we did not get a response."

Watching ST: Nemesis on DVR. This was the ONLY Star Trek I have not watched, theater or DVD! Due to bad reviews even before it played. So far, so cliche.

DEAR CONGRESS, Last year I mismanaged my funds and this year my family and I cannot decide on a budget. Until we have come to a unified decision that fits all of our needs and interests, we will have to shut down our checkbook and will no longer be able to pay our taxes. I'm sure you'll understand. Thank you very much for setting an example we can all follow. Repost if you agree...!"  MalS started this, EnriqueDavids S and 3 others like this.  /  Rodney Rivera What checkbook?!? My bank charges $10 every month if you don't maintain a $500 balance or have direct deposit. HELLO I/m just using your f%$^ establishment so I don't get robbed of my cash in the streets!

James Jimbo Denny I am looking for an attorney to file a class action suit against The United States Congress in the name of the entire population of the U.S.  Rodney Rivera I already told you what I think of lawyers. What slime pool do you think those congress people came from?

A pound of pot roast beef marinated in garlic herb, Worchestershire sauce, and no salt. Seared in a skillet and served on buttered french bread. With cold fresh cut wedges of red apple on the side.  MaumiLynne and Angela like this.  Rodney Rivera You know, after reducing sweets for no real necessity, then eating just one mini Baby Ruth tasted disgusting! Age? or am I mutating?

July 25, a Monday-----------------------------------------------[((0))]---------------------
I praise the Lord in the solitude of my own heart, where he says He resides. Rather than in the houses that man made, with all those staring people following a routine. Dra Nilmar likes this. Rodney Rivera Thank you. I knew you'd understand †

Waking up to the Georgie Krishna song.

My Most Recent News Feed does not exist beyond midnight last night.  "There are no more posts to show right now."  Nathan Have you clicked on Recent News and selected a group? Maybe it can be reset by selecting from the Recent News pulldown.  Rodney Rivera I've tried that Nathan, and still the same. No problem with random Top News or Profile though.  Rodney Rivera Profile, a good, and bad newsfeed. 3 legs with the middle just dangling.  James Jimbo Denny This may sound funny but.....Have you shut down and restarted your computer? Rodney Rivera Yep. Complete log out, shut down, disconnected android, log-in an alias account. No diffeence. Something happened midnight last night.

Can people tell that I've looked at their content or profile?
NO, Facebook does NOT provide a functionality that enables people to track who is viewing their profile. Third party applications also cannot provide this functionality. If you come across an application that claims to offer this ability, we encourage you to REPORT IT. Most people don't.

NFL, players announce new 10-year labor agreement  Still a lot of grumbling. It would have been unanimous, but the Raiders abstained! hmmm

Happy Birthday to You! You are at that age where you can change your direction in Life a few more times. Anything in sight is yours to grasp. Anything else is an optical illusion!
- TY if it wasn't for you and Hasib, I wouldn't be on FB

Lesley Gore - It's My Party (1965) It's my Wall-ie and I'll post what I want to / cry if I want to...
My Boyfriend's Back Pedal pushers, hairstyle fron each decade '50s, '60s, and '70s, and a dance that pre-dated the Egyptian! I'm six years okd again! 
Dedicated to a teacher who moonlights.    

Trans-Siberian Orchestra   Christmas Eve/ Sarajevo [Timeless Version]  Even though it is far from Christmas, as the title is Timeless. I loved showing this to my niece.

I've made up my mind! I'll think about it some more.

July 24, a Sunday-----------------------------------------------[((0))]---------------------
My Most Recent News Feed doesn't work. "There are no more posts to show right now." after showing only one post. Is that what it means by Most Recent now? Showing what you have missed since last log-in? Top News works. That usually shows items at random. It should show those that have had activity (comments), most recently at the top...logically.

Humans are our best renewable resource, says HR.
"Soylent Green is People!"~ Charleton Heston Recycled I.P.

"Nobody cares for your eyes more than Pearle" was not just a catchy phrase. He truely cared about people, not profits. RIP

July 23, Saturday-----------------------------------------------[((0))]---------------------
Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good RIP aged 27. I'm not a fan of her music, so I only know and like this one. Theme for Mad Men as well as Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Generation X (1996)  Before the X-Men (2000) movies, there was the next generation of mutants in mid- 1990. A reformed White Witch/Emma Frost is a headmistress at Xavier Institute. "Officers Hootie and Blowfish", Matt Frewer acts like Max Headroom, and a thing about uniforms in-joke in every movie afterwards.
Marvel - Internapse More information about Captain America: First Avenger, Thor, and upcoming Avengers: Assemble! 

My favorite beer for the first five years. Maybe beause there wasn't any other kind to choose from. The only thing it doesn't have is a label to peel off.

Pink Floyd "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"  Being able to chill while listening to this was a high by itself 30 years ago as they still are now. Thanks Syed Reza for having this same like in music.

Tonight's showing is a cliche of everything in the original Star Trek. Galaxy QuestWith Monk, a world of coneheads with hair that don't move, and a classic launch out of spacedock. Just in time for Comic-Con. fan info

July 22, a Friday-----------------------------------------------[((0))]---------------------
Gout acting up again. Will be out of commission for the next 3-4 days with Motrin to keep me company. "Oh dear, the pain" ~Dr Zachary Smith... kung d2 sa Pilipinas ,tinatapalan yan ng dinikdik na luya , un mainit init na may langis o kaya dahon ng talangtangan o tuba tuba para mawala ang iiwas sa mga bawal ... di ko lang alam kung naniniwala sila dyan !! pero masmaganda rin un nagpapatingin sa Doctor bk mataas ang uric. Rodney Rivera Uric acid can be reduced but never eliminated. The body makes it, food is only a small part of it. Only pain suppressent and ani-inflammatory [ibuprofen] helps during a 3-4 day occurence. As for home remedies, masarap daw gawain adobo paksiw ang sinusumpong na paa.

Medical Humor
Hepatitis: When your hips cannot gyrate as well as they used to.
"I no have cataract. I have a rincon continental!"
"I can't have kids. When I look at her, I just can't do it."
"Doc, I want a second opinion." "OK, you're ugly, too."
Tall women are more likely to develop cancer than short women. Because they have more cells. othis was actually in the news last night.

Cheers  How many agree with me that this should be the theme song for Facebook?
Once someone gets something started, it becomes infectious.  /  Favorite Normisms...more  /  Rodney Rivera drinks to Cliff's theories on beer  /  Rodney Rivera has a question for Scott...Why can't Mormons send flowers?  Scott beer theory: drinking cold (liquid) on a cold day, hot (liquid) on a hot day is actually true. re: mormon--why do mormon women stop having children at 31? because 32 is too many! :D lolol Rodney Rivera bwahahaha damn, I just broke a pretzel!
Cheers - Harry Anderson 4 Scenes Harry's middle name really is Laverne. Scenes take place before and after Night Court series. The rest of his appearances.

The Night Court is now in session...
Rodney Rivera Before Data was on the Enterprise-D, Bob & June Wheeler was in court in NY....and again on a 509(b) violation. Larroquette describing a "vat of pink juicy wiglgers" is prophetic. Years later he played a Klingon who eat live pink wiggling gagh. Scott I knew that about Brent Spiner, didn't know that about John Laroquette. John Larroquette was the surviving Klingon in STIII: The Search For Spock. There was actually a fan club "Free Maltz." Scott love the link, didn't know this. i did immediately recognize Christopher Plummer in "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" as the patriarch of the Von Trapp family in the Sound of Music. THAT blew me away! where would one go to determine who played Worf's "love," or was she his ex-wife? Rodney Rivera Before Jadzia Dax there was K'Ehleyr played by Suzie Plakson who played 3 other ST characters. See Suzie Plakson Tribute - "Susie Q" 

Before there was Night Court, there was Barney Miller.

Taxi: Reverend Jim's driving test For those applying for antyhing or taking a test. Is it a wonder that Christopher Lloyd never did drive the DeLoreon or that Klingon starship? Lynne This was one of my favorite episodes ... "What does a blinking yellow light mean?" Rodney Rivera Practically all these stars started here. If I were to forget everything, this I would remember.
I just found out Jeff Conaway died. Seen in Taxi, as John Travolta's side-kick in Grease, and Security Officer in Babylon 5. RIP.
Danny DeVitto at his best/worst. Always love to hate his a good way. More episodes in the side-bar.
Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time  Although I think "Girls Jus Want To Have Fun" is her signature song, I like the tune and meaning of this one better. I always figure her and Boy George to be clones. Boy George being the female version. Barbara Shade Recently heard "girls just wanna have fun" on the radio while driving, a definate crank up the volume and well have fun. "Time after time" is beautiful, like a rainbow. Rodney Rivera Actually "like a rainbow" is the last words in "True Colors." Now that is a great visual video.
Boy George The Crying Game  Again I prefer this song to >ahem< his other songs as Culture Club "Karma Chameleon" and that hare krishna song. Barbara Shade ‎"Do you really want to hurt me" is my favorite. Rodney Rivera Back then, I called it the masochist song
George Michael - Father Figure  Next in line of Six Degrees of Seperation.
Constance Pleasant I wonder where this group disappeared to? Missing Persons - Destination Unknown.  /  Rodney Rivera OK I know this group from this song "Words"

Algorithms is the first step in understanding psychohistory. Rodney Rivera likes
The Interconnected World of Tech Companies [INFOGRAPHIC] This looks like a game session of Illuminati: New World Order

July 21, a Thursday-----------------------------------------------[((0))]---------------------

FB item #720: Comments that include a link show a preview now. Just like if you post it at the top. They call it 'embedding.'

I hate web pages that distract you from the Message...more follow...

Added English as a Second Language. American is my first language.
Early in elementary school, I was recommended to be pulled out of class to be entered into that kind of a program. It had something to do with my last name and ADHD which had not existed as a diagnosis in those days.
In my first year of college in the Philippines, I was the only one that failed English 101 Basic Grammar and Composition. In high school here, we were too busy river rafting like Huck Finn instead of studying Bone Head English.

This how I park my shuttle!- skip/ff to 1:08
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - Why buy the DVD when I can enjoy half the movie without any bad acting?
A CGI Tour of the Enterprise - This would make for a great game. Shout out the episode as you hear it. Extra point if you can summarize it before the next one plays.

Profile photos: Why do so many girls look like Denise Richards?
Sherry Lynn Carlay Don't say "Terrible Two's" - your child is not terrible they are just growing, learning, and curious .Rodney Rivera That's about the age they begin to speak fluently. They just learned the refinement of manipulation.

Yao Ming Funniest commercial eva retires from basketball. Another.

Virgin Galactic - The next step in sub-orbital flight. Be one of 430 on its maiden flight for $200,000 (10% deposit).

July 20, a Wednesday-----------------------------------------------[((0))]---------------------
Speaking recently at Stanford, Condoleezza Rice said she was told by a high school counselor that she would not make it through college. 
Condoleezza Rice describes herself as a moderate Republican, and has never been identified with so-called "black issues", which has led some African-Americans to view her with suspicion. She says she became a Republican when she watched the 1984 Democratic Convention on TV, and decided that the Democrats' appeals to "women, minorities, and the poor" really meant "helpless people and the poor". Rice said, "I decided I'd rather be ignored than patronized."
Rice never became involved in the civil rights movement, but she says, "My parents had me absolutely convinced that, well, you may not be able to have a hamburger at Woolworth's but you can be President of the United States."​/205/000024133/
Rodney Rivera likes Condoleezza Rice in direct opposition to how I feel about other politicians. I would vote for her in an instant, not because of her gender or color. In the same token, I would not vote for Oprah. That is just my opinion.

The most intelligent things I ever said I did so without moving my lips. I can usually piss someone off with two words at a time. Someone told me what gave me away the most was my furrowed eyebrows, just before she kissed them.

Necessary Roughness looks to be an interesting TV show on USA Wednesday 10 9m

July 19, a Tuesday-----------------------------------------------[((0))]---------------------
Welcome to the Double Feature - Bedknobs and Broomsticks followed by Pete's Dragon.

I've been dreaming of people I haven't seen for decades, in places that are a mash-up of places I remember, hearing songs of a generation ago. I wake from my daydream and find myself still logged on to facebook.
- thanks Maumi J Cannell Chatterton for the wake-up call
Item: Increasing the number of fb friends increases the chance of creating new enemies. Relatives are a constant that can go either way in the equation.  Judy Shirk TorelliMalany Sisouvanh SipamouaneLynne DeBortoli Rose and 2 others like this.

The View-Master Does anyone still own the original red one of these? Each new reel costs $6. Old mint ones are worth $60-600 especially the 3-pack sets.  - thanks to Constance Pleasant for accessing my memory bank James Jimbo Denny I have bunches of reels. They have been in a box for 40 years. David Lau We once call them old junks are now are referred to as vintage goods. Rodney Rivera I for one would like to be referred to as a vintage good. And my 27 year old therapy 'partner' doesn't count.

I want all of this on my phone! Available on android market?
Jerry Seinfeld - American Express Commercial England  I used to have this card. Understood in every country, even those that speak English.

Help! When I was younger, so much younger than today... now I change my mind, I'll open up Facebook

Item: Increasing the number of fb friends increases the chance of creating new enemies. Relatives are a constant that can go either way in the equation.

Kylemore Abbey Thank you Lori for letting me look it up by name. An addition to places I have been [via the WEB].
Hatley Castle was used in Generation X (1996) and every X-Men (2000) movie. It is also Lex Luthor's residence in Smallville, and HQ for Poltergeist: The Legacy.

'1984'  The birth of our social and information society as we know it.
Big Sister is watching you. Think good [patriotic] thoughts.  /  20 Minutes Into The Future introduces the next president [no not Coke]...Ma-ma-Max Headroom! Conspiracy theories aside, don't be surprised to see a virtual politician. (Did you think those public appearances were real?)  /  Max Headroom talks 'macho'  I don't see the connection between Max and Pat, but I like them I'll live with it.  "We are young, heartache to heartache we stand / No promises, no demands"

- more Max Headroom clips - Paranoia  /  on David Letterman  part 2  /  Sweepstakes  /  with Terry Wogan  /  on Auto Parts  /  on Security  

July 18, a Monday-----------------------------------------------[((0))]---------------------
I read the news today, oh boy  /  The US Women had just lost the Cup  /  And though the news was rather sad  /  Well I just had to laugh  /  I saw the replays. Bad...  /  I'd love to turn you on

Laarni Garcia Omingo posted“Nothing baffles the schemes of evil people so much as the calm composure of great souls.” Comte de Mirabeau  Rodney Rivera Nothing pisses off an angry man more than me not paying attention to him. Wait, that's also true about wives.

[interlude: see Mimi at Berkeley]

July 17, a Sunday-----------------------------------------------[((0))]---------------------
Until now, I had not found anything interesting on TNT for three years. A five-person team of professional thieves, computer experts and con artists, headed up by former insurance investigator who steal from bad guys.
"Breaking In" seems to be a recent rip-off of this show. A team of geniuses and "legitimate" thieves who work at a high tech security firm are assigned to break into various security systems by their owners in an attempt to find any flaws in said systems.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Into The Great Wide Open Is the narrator the Mad Hatter? or a Bookworm? This vid starred Johnny Depp, who had moved to Los Angeles as a teenager to seek rock stardom, along with Gabrielle Anwar, Faye Dunaway, and Matt LeBlanc. For Claire Wagner to watch on iPhone while driving down King's Highway.  Claire Wagner - Days like these...The best thing to do would have been to just jump in the car, get onto 101 and drive to LA while blasting Tom Petty CDs. Into the Great Wide Open.  Rodney Rivera Oh Claire, you are such a Heartbreaker. Are you Learning To Fly or Free Fallin', Runnin' Down A Dream? Even if they told you Don't Come Around Here No Mure, you shouldn't live like a Refugee. You Got Lucky. Excuse me, Here Comes My Girl, Mary Jane asking for Last Dance with this American Girl.

Carmageddon has actually added to the quietness of greater LA. Tomorrow morning may be a different matter.

Anyone younger than me had better be paying attention to what I say! Anyone older had better have something with wisdom in their words. Anyone who is near my age had better be a friend or friend of a friend ad infinitum on FB.

Overheard at a picnic- "What do you mean I was suppsed to bring matches and a can opener? That's why I have a quarter. To call for help! But my cell phone won't accept it!"

Got white stuff all over my mouth! Enjoying whipped cream on everythig. Get yo' mind outta the gutter ;-P

You're So Vain - Official Video - Carly Simon Now we know what Brian Wilson does off-season. This song is about...well, let's say someone not on FB.
LOBO  Dedicated to the girl from Taiwan, who I am not thinking about. Really.
Have A Nice Day  Talk about going viral! Pass it on...No tag-backs!
Runaway  I tried this once. But my daddy said I wasn't allowed to cross the street. I once knew a girl like in this video. She scared me.
Single by Choice  I would like this as my Relationship Status...too late!
Livin' In A World Without You  I have been on many worlds in my life. Both fictional and 'could have been.'
The Rain Song  I DO remember a girl from long ago...but only when it rains  David Lau It is like "Sometimes" by Lobo. Also Carly Simon - I Get Along Without You Very Well; Toto - I'll Be Over You
Sleep Mode ON Yesterday at 5:19am
Bangles - Eternal Flame (Lyrics)  Finally! a kareoke with a vid that is from the song instead of landscapes.
Walk Like An Egyptian Video Original 0 David Lau -The girl band were very good at Cache Creek. Holy Anubis! They never aged!?! I can wrap my arms around these singers...I mean I like their music. I always wait for the whistling. Did you watch them on a manic Monday?

Scratch Legend Quest! Boring POS with no entertainment value points. No discernible logic to the jumping from location to location. Bacground music is attrocious. The 'object' of the quest is not found because of the 'last obstacle,'
Trying to be like Ghost Hunters and 'The Search For...' series of long ago.

Facebook is like an open house. Leave photo albums on your livingroom table. Or your own library section, complete with history, everything you wrote and was written to you. Either way, you control your own 'home' on the WEB.

July 16, a Saturday-----------------------------------------------[((0))]---------------------
I don't suppose opening a laundromat would be a good idea at a nudist colony. Sharon LejarzarJudy Shirk Torelli and Davids Strickland like this. Popoy Fulgueras Perhaps sunscreen lotion business would be best! What do you think Viv? Vivian Florendo yap !!! specially during summer, malakas ibenta, marami sa avon ,may mga sunscreen protection! , napakabili lalot buy one take one!! Nathan Storm Towels, napkins, sundresses, more to emergency washing than they might imagine when they came - of course if the resort provides towels it blows the whole profit margin.

I guess I won't be wearing flip-flops, a miniskirt, and a strapless top today. Erin Yee That might be interesting to see ... :-D David Lau Hey, since you are not using them I may want to try them out. Silly, of course, not for work; for leisure only. Rodney Rivera I think for guys these are called hang-tens, a kilt, and a wife-beater.

July 15, a Friday-----------------------------------------------[((0))]---------------------
3D Printer posted by Nathan. That is amazing! A few years ago, I saw a demonstrataion of how something like this would theoretically work. The type of resin used is amazing in that density and strength can be controlled. And that moving parts are possible. The only drawbach is the amount of resin not used. I wouldn't think it is reusable. Nathan Storm It appears that there is a mixture of non-catalyzed resin powder and resin powder that was colored and solidified. The white powder was blown off, recaptured, and is most likely re-useable. Rodney Rivera The video demonstration, I remember now, was in the news a while back. The same as this, except a pulp paper-like material was used. Good for duplicating buolding layouts and such. Not as sophisticated as this one. Imagine if this could be applied to food protein! Nathan Storm hmmm - A 'steak' shaped like your old girlfriend's face roasting on the grill?

It should be a crime to consider any activity or substance that harms no one else to be a crime. It goes further when government wants to gain from it in licenses and taxes.  Friday at 8:28pm
Watching the news early in the day. Some things just piss me off. Friday at 5:44pm via Mobile Web

Laundry DONE! Two loads in 13 weeks.

Lawyers are parasites! Someday I may need one to clean up my shit.

News...what! My hometown of eight years.

IMF - Should you decide to watch and not like this movie, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your existence.

No one escapes from Alcatraz. They just disappear.

My favorite Desperate Housewife, when I used to watch it. Also Lois Lane of Lois and Clark. Talented and hot!
Hugh Laurie Band From TV Not only is he a doctor on TV, a musician, and previously a comedian, he is also British! The entire band are stars on TV.
Now this is the way to end a season! Was that Ernie Reyes Jr as the bartender?

July 14, a Thursday-----------------------------------------------[((0))]---------------------
Happy Bastille Day! For today's treat "Let them eat brioche!" Celebrate, but don't lose your head.

Happy Together (1967) Dedicated to my imaginary friend...wherever she is! "Invest a dime..."? Really?

Do you like Craig Ferguson and Jay Leno? If not, Rose Byrne is here.

This will either stay in your head all day or give it brain freeze. "I was tired of my lady, we'd been together too long,"
Harry Potter page was planned July 14, the day before the last movie premiers
The Movie site  /  Wiki entry  'Hogwarts' and 'Magical creatures' /  Lexicon and Atlas  /  Pottermore - the next project of J.K. Rowling  /  her Desk

Don't leave the kids alone while you sneak into the other movie!
Did you know that...
- Hermione uses an HP7 computer to study for her N.E.W.T. finals?
- A major theme in the series is death: "My books are largely about death."
- J.K. Rowling created the dementors after a time in her life in which she, in her own words, "was clinically depressed".
- I will watch the movie in two weeks, after the first few waves of invaders.
Before the movie opens there is about a post per second in FB https
For lovers of Harry Potter everywhere. Sign on at

July 13, a Wednesday-----------------------------------------------[((0))]---------------------
Alanis Morissette [Ironic/Hand In My Pocket ],
Shania Twain [You Don't Impress Me Much/Man! I Feel Like a Woman!], or
Sheryl Crow [Everyday Is a Winding Road/Soak Up the Sun]?

Sherwood Schwartz set sail Tuesday for a three-hour tour...a three hour tour.

Eureka  Currently watching the new season on SyFy
Pre-September 2011 season for the SyFy network began July 11
Monday - 8 pm Eureka / Warehouse 13 / Alphas
Wednesday - 10 pm Legend Quest
Friday - 10 pm Haven
Warehouse 13  Continuing Monday's new season start of SyFy...on whatever day this is right now.  There was a similar show to this. Friday the 13th (the series) which had nothing to do with the movie franchise of the same name. Find and reclaim objects with mystical powers [cursed]. W13 is a lot better though. Fast paced and humorous.
Alphas  Last SyFy show of the evening. Ordinary people with extraordinary powers working for a secret government program investigating extranormal crimes. Another X-Men? We'll see.  Extremely old and much used premise. Heroes, The 4400, Mutant X, and the X-Men series. Other 'government sanctions' include the Mutamt Registration Act and various superhero conscriptions depicted in Marvel, DC, and various comics.

Shania Twain - Man! I Feel Like A Woman  Don't look at me like that! I just like the song and artist. Really... Relie Pascual Hehe y so defensive Vivian Florendo there's nothing wrong my friend hahahahaha!!! joke!!!!
Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love Another kareoke favorite. The lights are on, but you're not home. Do the sexy dance!
Simply Irresistible - It took me a year to figure out that she was.
Hilarious movie! Sandra Bullock is a great 'nerdy to fabulous' actress in any movie.

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