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Retinal Scan...Searching...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Timely wimley, gobbly goobley...

My Past Eras... or "Things I Could Have Put In My Timeline, But Didn't"
 - see bottom of page for "things about Facebook's Timeline I have observed"

Born 1958 June 15 7:14 pm, a Fathers' Day Sunday at Herrick Memorial Hospital, Berkeley... under the Galactic Center
 - Rodney Lloyd Mariano Rivera de Mariano y Dorothy Marilyn Penanda

Moved from Boyd St to Park Blvd, Oakland CA

1963 to '70 Glenview Elementary (class photos)
1970 to '73 McChesney Junior HS (1973 Yearbook)
1973 to '76 Oakland High School (Spirit of '76 Yearbook)

1966 - 67 Travelled to Tanay, Rizal, Philippines with my Parents for the first time; attended grade 3 for two months there; we returned with kuya Nick Balingit (US citizen drafted into the US Army, Ft Ord)

Roxane Marlou (sister) born

1976 to 1984 in the Philippines for college

Rosa Blanca Garcia [rip] was (and remains) my Best Friend Ever
I studied pre-Dentistry [basic subjects] at University of the East, CM Recto, Manila
I stayed at Laperal Apartments,  3rd floor  - with mostly those from Cardona, Cavitie, and San Nicholas, and cousins from Tanay.
I associated with the barkada / group of San Dugo & TSS in Tanay

 - to 1980 Feb 16 Ma Fe (Abe') Evangelista (First Love)
I stayed near Espana with Tanayans - Fred, Louie, Laarni, Marilyn, Jun, Romy, Purits, Reben [rip], etc
De Ocampo Memorial College - Dental Tech

 - early 1983 Babes (my second kiss)
Sta Ana- Tio 'Pen, Lorna and Benjie, Ferdie, George (RIP)

De Ocampo Memorial College of Optometry
 - class president, elect
 - President, DOMC Chapter of Love Bank organization
Laperal level 4 and later across the street from Annex A

1983 Feb14 - Oct 23 married to Myrna Vergara
"left" Tanay - stayed at boarding / residence of Dra Dauz; near Nagtahan just up the street one block

1984 May - left the Philippines with Myrna; returned Home to Oakland CA

pre-1986 Bay Area Vision Centers - San Leandro; Newark
1986 to 1990 Sears Optical department, Cole National Corporation
27th and Telegraph, Oakland CA
- Madeline Cuevas Fernandez, manager; Franklin Lee, associate Doctor of Optometry

Drivers license and first car- Chevy Astro van, blood red

Angelica Joanne
Paul Henry

two weeks - in the Philippines for Nanay Iya's funeral.


1990 to 1995 Lenscrafters,division of US Shoes, later of Luxotica
Stonestown Galleria, San Francisco; then Powell Street Plaza, Emeryville locations

1995 to 2010 Pearle Vision, division of Grand Metropolitan (UK)
Southshore Center, Alameda CA 94501... as well as Richmond, Milpitas, Fairfield, and few other locations
 - Grace Grant, Syed Reza, Yvonne Jolly, and Shirley Starks managers
 - Doctors Lin, Young, Shiu, and Niimi
 - later bought by Cole, then Luxottica; converted to a Lenscrafters store

Toyota 4Runner, 'champagne' grey

Born... Terrilyn Beth

1999 November... Las Vegas, 3-day  see The Strip



Relationship with Yuh-Ching Chien

2007 March, April (three weeks)
Mom and Dad's Golden Wedding anniversary (see attached album).

Yuh-Ching Chien, married 2007

Daddy died on the morning of their Wedding Anniversary, peacefully at Home

Amariee Leah Rivera y Jessica Thum born on May the Fourth 'be with you'... yep, Star Wars Day

2010 August - No longer employed  /  Congestive Heart Failure diagnosed 1995 (see Medical Log)

35th Oakland High School Reunion 2011 August, Madrona section of Redwood Park (photos)
Some things about Facebook's Timeline I have observed... I hate reading instructions and 'Help'...
The top of the timeline contains the Banner, some Info, Icon links for your Friends, Photos, Map of places you have posted about [been!?!], and pages you have Liked. Below your few (6) Friends shown, is your Activity Log. Click that and you can access EVERYTHING you ever commented on friends post/status/story, profile status changes, games, horoscopes, etc. Only you can see them.

As you scroll down, the two columns point to the relative position in the centerline, in the order they were entered. Although not to scale. So the following post may be to the side, or below the previous posted one. Following you down is your name. Click your name to return to the top. Click Timeline for a drop-down menu of activities by type. "Now" opens a drop-down of recent months, previous years you have been on facebook, and "born" can be clicked to open the Highlights of that period. From there Everything [Status, Now friends with, few activities] may be opened.
     Status / Photo / Place (check-in) / Life Event also follows you down (above the right column)... where you can Add to the timeline at any point in your history. I use Life Event > any category > Other Life Event because it is easier.

To the right is one column with ads and the timeline interface, performing the same function as "Now" described above.
To the far right (at 100% zoom on most screens) is the column with the Ticker and Chat.
There was a movie The Adjustment Bureau, where the events of your life could be changed, making you different from what you are now. Question raised... Fate? or Free Will? Also you can create a slideshow of your life in photos and post it on FB and YouTube.

There was also an independent company that took your News Feed (now Home) and made it into 2 to 5 columns, depending on your screen zoom setting. It was called Post-to-Post/
2007 August 22 - Joined Facebook; became friends with Constance Pleasant (co-worker)

2008 Active on Myspace; Not active on Facebook

2009 Facebook Highlights...   FaceBook Wall Posts- the Year in Review  /  Added 27 Friends - Katie, Hasib, got me "jump-started" August  /  22 friends posted on Rodney's timeline  /  Joined 6 Groups  /  Liked 2 Pages

2010 Facebook Highlights...   July 7 Items posted in the past few months  /  Added 65 Friends  /  82 friends posted on Rodney's timeline  /  17 friends posted on Rodney's timeline for his birthday  /  Visited 7 Places  /  Joined 5 Events  /  Liked 12 Pages

Currently 2011 Facebook Highlights... /  posted my copy of the 1973 McChesney Ninth Grade Yearbook (21 pages)  /  Added 62 Friends - Isabel Taronga Gasolasco since June, Dra Nilmar and Dominador "Jun" Ventura, as well as DOMC Optometry [batch 1984] followed  /  81 friends posted on Rodney's timeline  /  39 friends posted on Rodney's timeline for his birthday  /  Joined 5 Groups  /  Liked 12 Pages  /  added 32 photos to The Museum of Me  /  Sept 2 first posted in De Ocampo "OPTO Batch 1984." started by Josie Mendoza Connolly on July 11, 2010 at 3:47pm  /  March 2 I posted in Oakland high group So, what are we doing here as a group?"

This is me in my computer room...
My Library

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