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Friday, December 30, 2011

Welcome [or dread] 2012

A little more than a year ago, I had posted about possible wars in 2011 and my views on a future dystopia [I had mislabeled it as 'utopia']. December 12, 2012 is said to be the latest doomsday. "End of the Mayan Calendar" as well as "The Great Conjunction with the Galactic Center."

The book of Revelations was almost not included as part of the first "official" english language bible as commissioned by anti-Papacy King James. The bible of which the Catholic church assimilated as its own. As it does with other rituals, traditions, and ways of thought throughout its 1500 year history. Experience has strengthened my belief in the existence of God, and the ridiculousness of religion. "Church" is a gathering in general; community as a whole. Not cathedrals that mimic the catacombs the movement used to hide in. Not the clergy that thrived on the politics of old Europe. Priests are just as Pharisees of Jesus' time. The same as the politicians we are forced to vote for governing us. In the past year (mostly the recent three months, or so) I have quoted scriptures proving the fallacies of the churches who purport to follow it.. [more on my views of Religion]

I believe certain events will occur, this decade, more likely than the next. The United States will fall just as the Roman civilization did. Everyone thinks of Rome as as an empire. It was actually a republic, with representatives and governors, just as we have now. Corruption, stratified, monetary based society. As an empire, it over-extended itself. To be sacked by "barbarians." China, Japan, and a conglomerate of resource hoarders will force us to become an American Empire the size of the original colonies. We will "lose" land and governance to multi-national entities / corporations.

Before this happens though, there will be a solid uprising. Not the "Occupiers" of 2011. Nor like the "Arab Spring" centering on capitol soil. It will see the destruction of corporate properties and businesses nation-wide, as well as the toppling of those in local power. Local as in within a day's march of city halls and governor mansions. The federal representation procedure will have failed by then. Both Houses will seem to be as a sieged edifice. Already out of touch with its constituents for decades past. Much like what preceded the French Revolution. There will be much destruction and bloodshed, a police depleted, military morally divided.

Congress as it is now needs to be overhauled. Everyone in office needs to be removed. When it became a career and generations of dynasties for them, it set them apart and above the people. We are no longer a representative democracy (I don't know if we ever were), rather we are a stratification of republics. "Trikle down" was a funny name, but it pretty much describes the way money, legislation, and power goes. Very slowly, dimminishing as each goes further along from its source.

Congress, banks, corporations are a level unto themselves. They shouldn't be. Every office should be subject to the whims of a 2/3 vote, rather than who holds the money (shareholders in non-politics). We have a president who is essentially crippled by Congress. That is a good thing though. Because Obama is a weak personality. His "ideas" lack merit. Every "representative" needs to be publically audited by their own constituents. Replaced by our neighbors rather than "Who the fk was that idiot?"

My "solution" right now is to stop the current economic downfall in various ways.
Eliminate the Income Tax. It, like the War Bond becoming Savings bond, was to support the Union forces. I DO believe in a standard 10% transaction tax accross the board. To run two government levels as follows... federal 70%, regional 30%. Tighten the budget further than just balancing it, to reduce the deficit. End the 'tax cut incentive for a better economy'... it doesn't work. It just incites corporate (and Republican)greed. STOP buying imports; end our trade deficit. China and a few other countries do it already... limit US product imports. Ban the "Profit over consumable" syndrome... exporting diesel at the cost of gas prices; corn for fuel vs food. End foreign aid and 'advisory' missions. Take care of home and country first!

Remove federal involvement in individual rights. Everyone's personal rights should only be limited to not interfering with the same rights of others. Laws should hold the common citizen accountable when it comes to respect of the rights of others and safety only! Most laws as they are now have something to do with revenue, nothing else. Hold corporations accountable as individuals. PG&E committed negligent homicide, no doubt about it!

STOP $137,500,000 on internal spending a month! Accross the board... Military down to education!
Ron Pauls says "Stop foreign aid" I agree. Regarding the debt to nations holding treasury notes like China, Japan, and the like... "Don't fkn pay them." says Dennis Miller. Simple? It ain't gonna happen.

Those who look for "peace in our time" are deluded. The only "peace" that will occur is at the end and replacement of this earth by the Kingdom of God. True diplomacy is backed up by military might. There is only "Our peace" or "Our democracy." Interference in the form of "aide." Allies as puppets. We were never meant to be a united people if the bible has anything to say to it. Tower of Babel used differences of language, which led to migrations, and eventually mistrust of other cultures. Ancestral disputes, ideological differences, as well as greed and envy will always exist to separate groups of people.

A few thoughts about 2011. It was an interesting year. A Royal Wedding (more). Arab Spring to Occupy. Owing China to helping Europe. WikiLeaks, iPod4s, Timeline and other FB changes, and "What is this Google Plus." Deaths of the good (Jobs), the bad (bin Ladden), and the ugly (Khadaffi). I am hoping that next year will see the end of "short lived celebrities" as I call them. Kardassians 73 [days of marriage], Lohan ""In'n'Out," Black and "what's a Beiber." Bond and Kobe and Teebow too, "winning Sheen and whining Obama, Michael Jackson not staying dead. If wisher were horses, I'm just another ass.

In ending, I believe in God, but not religion; America, but not its representatives; the Bible and the Constitution... remembering the paper they are written on will not protect me from bodily harm. I am always prepared to face God. As for Jesus, he is in everyone we meet, even in the lesser ones. "For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me." "... my peace I give you."

I will be patiently waiting (but not holding my breath) for the next Zeta Beam to hit.

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