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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Continuing Advent(ures) in Time and Space

We are coming up to Christmas, the Winter Solstice, and the new calendar year. Time again to reflect on what has passed and hold our subjective breath for what is to happen before the bell tolls, and the ball drops.

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Two things have touched me recently...
[ ] On families whose cars are their homes.
[ ] For those that don't know... OFW is overseas filipino workers.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth... And God said, “LET THERE BE LIGHT,”
There stood a man in a bow-tie and... a fez(?) "Oh, halloo :-D I'm The Doctor"

The question that never can be answered  [more]
[  ] Two unrelated questions... 
[ December 8 at 7:51pm ] Twas the night before the Big Bang, to be repeated over and over again...
OK, not quite. This is my entry to a Docror Who [BBC] contest.

[  ] My FB activity status: I lay awake at night thinking how long I can sleep in all morning.
What's on my mind: Nothing... You... Nothing... oh well, it's all the same.
[  ] FB activity has never reached ten notifications, stories, messages in all, in six hours of my being away.
[  ] Why does everyone's status location show "near" whatever city they are actually in. Also, wouldn't there have been another city named if they were. - posted near where I am now


[  ] If I Die Young... bury me in Facebook. Lay me down in a bed of comments."
[  ] Don't let go. Never give up. It's just a 'Wonderful Life'
[  ] I don't know where. Confused about how as well... Would you lie with me and just forget the world?
[  ] Dedicated to someone so long ago... near perfect, but never was... she's so cold and human
[  ] A lie is the result of fear, of punishment, or of what may happen as a result of a personal action.
[  ] Payback is a bitch! Heard it first at a kareoke this night. Bust Your Windows
[  ] I will be the cause of No More Tears
[  ] Don't be sad that your home with 2 more years to pay off has been forclosed.
            > 911, what is your emergency?
                  ... "I've got two girls fighting over me"
            > So what's the problem?
                      "The ugly one is winning"             more

[  ] > Does your work put up any christmas decorations? <
"Well, most of my co-workers remind me of christmas lights. Most of them don't work, and the ones that do aren't all that bright. Does that count?"


No, I am not dying! and that is not a fibrillator. Singing "Save Me San Francisco" by Train. Angie, Terrilyn, and Anariee (front and center :)
We were here for Angie's 26th birthday.

[  ] "Readers ages"
Those born in the 1945-50s "Baby Boomers" started wearing bifocals by the age of 50 (2000)
[  ] What to get 2 1/2 year old. Amariee already knows the difference between a pink Barbie laptop and...
[  ] A classic about one secured web server/library access location, a researcher, and...
[  ] Twenty years ago today, to the new year. the Soviet Union ceases to exist...
December 7 at 2:46pm ] Haven Silent Night
[  ] I hate malls around Christmas time. ... I take that back. Any time! Happy Holidays from Human Target!
[  ] Do you like classical music? Would you stop to appreciate a musician's talent?
[  ] Some Americans of the '60s were frustrated with what was going in in the country.
[  ] Honestly, I don't really feel comfortable hugging anyone, even as a sign of friendship or comforting.
[  ] Jesus is your one and only Get Out Of Hell card. Not ten hail mary's, not your gossip to a priest...
[  ] On the 1990s Star Trek DS9, Quark used hand-held devices to transfer currencies to make transactions. At a singles bar "Hi. Can I tap you?"
[  ] What's so exciting about finding an earth-like planet 600 light-years away?
[  ] Treated to dinner last night at Union City. Bone-in Ribeye
[  ] How does Santa visit a billion children? With a TARDIS of course!
[  ] You do know elves are Occupiers since toymaking was outsourced to the elves of China... children I think they call 'em.
[  ] OK this is going to make you want to puke.
[  ] I asked [God] for a sign. I got 404 as a response.
[  ] OK, If I were a preacher of sorts, I would be quoting Deuteronomy 28, specifically the second half.
[  ] My virtual girlfriend hacked my computer and this is what happened!  more
- Interlude -
[  ] An APB on Hawaii Five-O ... "Where's he going to run? We're on an island."
Saturday ] Pet Peeve series #12057: What is it with putting a Yahoo news heading with no explanation
[  ] Best. Gift. Wrap. Ever. Rodney Rivera Hmmm that box of Stayfree is looking kinda interesting.
[  ] This topic of returning troops and the added burden to unemployment,
[  ] I am a fan of the written Judge Dredd wich makes fun of American justice and values re Democracy
[  ] I am a trusting person. I trust everybody to get out of my way!
[  ] The biggest problem in life is fitting in to the standards of society.
[  ] Just when I realized on my own that there was no Santa, I got a toy that was too stupid....
[  ] It is advised to give up your valuables if being robbed, to avoid being harmed. Be calm;
[  ] According to a news report, a certain private Catholic school was recently faced with a unique problem.
[  ] Sometimes I feel like... I'm in the middle without any plans
[  ] Marraige is a contract between two parties... families, clans, kingdoms, not between individuals. So I wonder why those in love even consider getting married.
At the ceremony of my second marraige, when the Judge said "what God has joined, let no man set assunder" I nearly answered "wanna bet?"
[  ] Fond memories of an older slower paced Oakland Chinatown.
Friday at 10:48am ] If you are alive, re-post this. Then read my comments later.
[  ] Burden yourself not with worldly things, people, or worries.
[  ] Jealousy refers to something taken from you. Envy is about something you wish you had, now are obsessed with, or can never have.
[  ] Alaska gulf weather cell causes strong winds from the west coast to Salt Lake. An LDS fell into my yard. She wasn't missed [by her husband]
[  ] Apple iPhone 4S can find anything except abortion clinics. Android can solve Rubik's cube in 5.66 seconds. The winner IS...
December 1 ] First day of summer. Surf's up. At night.
[  ] I liked Rachael Crow's audition and still think that she will be the winner. It's too bad Drew is human.
December 1 ] Today is World Aids day.
[  ] There is a gene for losing weight. It is called '2 sizes smaller.'
[  ] Your figure reminds me of my first girlfriend. Before she was pregnant.
[  ] A funny photo; a thought-provoking commentary.
[  ] Tim Allen at his best as a neighbor. And the daughters make a pie video.
[  ] Victoria Secret on TV
[  ] Look, if you're going to celebrate a holiday ... MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!
December 1 ] One of my favorite comedians. I love the "I-I... I'm confused" look he always has.
[  ] Ach, the things our poor soldiers have to go through!
November 30 ] Strikes are over. Basketball and crabs are here! Somehow that didn't sound right.
[  ] Watching this right now. First up was Scary Gaga.
[  ] Stressed? have anxieties? Take a walk! while listening to this... ZZ Top - Got Me Under Pressure
[  ] It is of my opinion that the best recent presidents were Reagan and elder Bush. They got the job done.
[  ] I know something more usually happens in December. "Don't blink" should be a motto.
[  ] Ever since the late 1920s, it has been postulated that there would be an all-electronic age.
[  ] Now this is one rockin' house! Every day 'm shufflin'!  more

Things I hate...

[  ] There is a commonality between Occupy, Republican candidates, and trailer park trash. They can be found here...

[  ] Eight out of ten Occupyers surveyed follow an idiot. One out of ten was the idiot. The other one...
[  ] Let's see, tax wealthy up to 2%, more than 2% of wealthy leave California.
[  ] When approached "Are you a registered voter?" My response is NO I don't have a job.
[  ] Obama reminds me of a hunting dog. Directed by others. We lose sight of him.
[  ] I haven't watched this much government propaganda since the Marcos era in the Philippines!
[  ] My recent experience at a store whose name I won't mention (although I imagine you will)...
[  ] Congress as it is now needs to be overhauled. Everyone in office needs to be removed.

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