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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering September 11

U.S. Vows To Defeat Whoever It Is We're At War With   Humor about tragedy does NOT make me insensitive!

I woke up to the alarm radio, which kept repeating the news into the 30 minutes I was snoozing. At first I thought this was an Orson Wells type prank. Then I saw the Twin Towers destruction on TV happen over and over again!

At noon I had an errand to bring something to the Richmond store before heading to work in Alameda. I got there just as they were closing the store, saying all the Pearle stores nation-wide would be closed. Again not believing the severity of the tragedy, we brought my things inside and I attempted to call Alameda [I did not had not started using a cell phone yet]. Seeing other retail places closing as well, I went home to see any updates, only to see the Towers destroyed many more times than Tokyo had ever been destroyed!

There has been many conspiracy theories about this series of events. The most common recurring plot is that officials in the United States orchestrated it to justify a “war on terrorism.” That the passengers in the two planes were cadavers, the crew having bailed out during the radar blackout. That what hit the pentagon was really a cruise missile. The real casualties were “collateral.” It validated invading another country, and the Patriot Act.

“War is good for business” Just like the entry of the US into World War II, industry should have been boosted in a nation in a Depression [actually other nations were too]. Big business hoped to capitalize in the “rebuilding” of another country. Jobs here should have increased. But it backfired. Nine years and the “war on terror” is still running [officially it ended years ago]. Our troops can’t even be equipped properly because congress is quibbling over funding. Why did it fail? Simple. One, the ones we are ”liberating” don’t want us there. Two, The soldiers cant tell the enemy from the innocents. Sound familiar? This is not a war on terror anymore than Vietnam was a war against communism.

I strongly apologize for any I have offended with my views and comments; for opening up any wounds. I was not born yet in WWII, I was a child during Vietnam, and the 9/11 conspiracies I have only read about, NOT saying I believe in!
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  1. All I know is that a "war" on anything never brings "peace" on anything else.

  2. I have a little trouble seeing potential unemployment at home being worse than a bloody violent death abroad in a war that precludes surrender - like the War on Drugs, the War on Terror cannot end through capitulation. The enemy is a concept, and we all know how hard concepts - however ill conceived - are to defeat. I just hate to see our dedicated and patriotic armed forces squandered by jingoistic egomaniacs.

  3. You are both so right.
    Catherine, I did not even recognize until now. I had seen your comment, vut did not check to see who posted it :-)