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Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Views of Utopia

There will be a world-wide network of major city-nations in the hundreds of millions. Mile high buildings will house tens to hundreds of thousands each. The majority of Earth's surface will be 'left to the wild.'

Communication, transportation, and distribution of goods follow the same routes world-wide.
Quantum level communications will allow instant access of information by every citizen.
Data hubs [former servers] are accessed through a 'second world.' Anyone in that world of virtual possibilities follows a set of protocols [rather than 'laws']. Any economics applied 'in-world' is not subject to the same rules in reality [see economics below]. Personal Information and Privacy lost the war against the Freedom of Information Act of 2012. Each individual is now responsible for hir own on-line person and personality.

Technology will leap to mega-proportions in construction, where what takes 5 to 10 years will only take 1 year. There is no longer a need for separate constructions, with all of its delays and logistics problems we saw in the early 2000s.

Mass-gravity has finally been conquered. Access to 'zero mass' transit is available to any citizen. Travel to any point in the world is now possible by flight without fuel consumption restrictions. There are still requirements for protection from air friction as well as safety-comfort conditions. Air "cars" will fly at higher altitudes and rate of speeds than personal "flyers." Air "ships" will afford comfortable accommodations for transcontinental travel at any speed.

Production of foods and essential items is no longer centralized. Factories have replaced farms utilizing resource material rather than land area. Distribution of goods is now computer controlled using supply-demand-distance mathematics. Emphasis is localization and easy duplication of manufacturing.

Every citizen, except the military is posted a 'one million dollar' account at maturity. This was based on the 40-year income-spending of the 2020s. Except for the State provided housing, each adult is responsible for their own life, given the same access to information, services, and necessities required. All transactions are posted in their own accounting database. When for any reason a person is 'terminated' from society, any purchases made becomes the property of the State. Death, conviction leading to military assignment, and voluntary removal fall into this category. Every transaction, big or small will have a ten percent 'tax' to be distributed to the various levels of services. The rule of 1-2-3-4 applies [local to national].

Gone are the specialized occupations of retail, law, insurance, financial speculation. Government workers are still necessary to the proper running of any society, regardless of the race, creed, or geography. Everyone is drafted into a public service or government office, based early on their aptitude. Administrative officers are drawn from a lottery of government office workers. Terms are for four years, after which there is no re-call or pension. Once done, they return to their former way of life.

Interactions between peoples is no longer enforced by legislative means. Rather, a system is enforced where a true class-less society may practice their religious, social, and other needs, ONLY within their own homes or designated enclosed public areas. Everyone has rights, as long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of others. There is no denial of access based on gender or appearances or orientation. There is no longer any outward show of the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or anything once considered offensive or a pollutant. The removal of materialistic desires has led to the reduction of all crimes at all levels.

Boredom is the biggest problem with populations in the hundreds of millions, 98% of which is unemployed. Even with state run entertainment and access to all information around the world, there will be malcontents. A cadre of Street Judges patrol the streets, skies, and halls of the city. Each is empowered to meet out 'instant justice.' Creating a nuisance to bodily harm to destruction of property are dealt with harshly, up to the temporary removal of access to all but the most basic of services. Potential Judges are trained early in life, based on desired physique and psyche profiles. Unlike occupational aptitude testing, training is more rigorous. A 95% 'drop-out' rate still go into more specialized services, such as medical, technological, surveillance, etc.

The bulk of the military is composed of those convicted of crimes against persons or property. They are conscripted, trained, and stationed away from the general population. Long-term incarceration, never being a force for rehabilitation, is abandoned as a practice. Worse offenders are placed farther away from civil population centers in 'special' groups.

Sample crimes...
- Experimentation and use of animals as pets has been outlawed. As such, there are reports of people enhancing plants as an alternative;
- Use and transportation of banned substances and materials in public;
- Interfering with, harming, or any action resulting in the death of any person or process;
- Having more than one job- "moonlighting"

Based on Judge Dredd c. 2000AD and Max Headroom


  1. I see this happening. I had a pet Jicamai. Jicama plants are attracted to heat. If you hold your hand a few inches away from one of the branches it will slowly move towards your hand. I named her Betty.

  2. @Jimbo - sounds like Little Shop of Horrors to me. Next, plants will be telling us when their fruits or vegetables are ready to be harvested.

    @Rodney, love how you eliminated law, insurance, and speculation. Especially insurance.