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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Fall of Septimes Tempus 02010

The Daily Planet        Noon Edition          Sun Oct  2 4:29am                Stardate 10750.685

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drug required for executions
Do Facebook ads bug you?
How being critical can add value
The possibilities are endless
SB 1449
8 Bad Habits that Crush Your Creativity
Every young death is a tragedy
Another way to pay
I would nerver want a CEO as governor
Would you hire an undocumented worker?
- Just my opinions...don't hate me for it!
regarding your likes Im not afraid
"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?"
Dogs diary vs cats diary
RIP Tony Curtis [actor] , Stephen J. Cannell [producer], Tyler Clementi [student]
Topping off news this week...

Died: Stephen J. Cannell who brought us The Rockford Files, The Greatest American Hero, The A-Team, Wiseguy, 21 Jump Street, Silk Stalkings, and The Commish. 

"California ran out of a drug required for executions"- When was the last execution? The last one to use it couldn't replace it? Oh, and why did the judge order the prisoner to decide which 'cocktail' to be used? What would have been the penalty for disobeying the judge? And then, not even to have what he ordered?!

Do Facebook ads bug you? Just got this GREAT tool that blocks them! 
- Download or open Firefox browser
- Download this plugin
- Activate, choosing your language and OK it at the bottom right of the window
Presto!!! Your profile and fan page will be clean.
Happy Friday!
me- One of the things I like about Safari 5.0.1- introduces extensions: add new features. Built by developers.
Readable Facebook removes content such as advertising and the “People You May Know” box from Facebook in the right column.

[the skeptical writer]
hmm forgive me, but I am not sure where to post my comment. CW or WW on FB? or WW? oh well...
Is the glass half full or half empty. I ask 'does the glass exist?' Science dictates that matter [in this case, the glass] is 99% empty space, so there will always be holes, no matter how much time and research you put into it [the written work]. The act of observing makes changes, more so with writing those observations or opinions or professional facts. The changes could, hopefully, be to your liking most of the time. Either way, things will never be as they were [this is part of the Heisenberg effect].
- response to WagnerWrites

As you can see, I pretty much apply physical science to social science, at least on a basic level. I admit, I have yet to achieve the Art rather than just the Science. And beyond that, of course, is the Religion.

SLC wrote- DO NOT COPY ME!!! =)
RR- If I don't copy you, what am I going to Paste?!?

MSS wrote- ~ The possibilities are endless ~
According to quantum physics, everything we do, every decision we don't make, branches into another universe. In the past hour, I have farted four worlds.

CGT writes- SB 1449, a bill authored by Sen. Mark Leno, was signed into law by Gov. Schwarzenegger yesterday! It reclassifies possession of under an ounce of marijuana from a misdemeanor to a civil infraction ensuring that responsible adults are not labeled as criminals for possessing less than an ounce of a substance that is proven safer than alcohol. WOOT!
RR wonders if this is less than an ounce before or after smoking that brick. [a la Willie Nelson]

- btw does anyone remember the size of the joint Schwarzenegger was smokin'? must been a half-pound!

8 Bad Habits that Crush Your Creativity And Stifle Your Success | Copyblogger
 - These points described my dating habits in a previous life...or reasons for the lack of it!

Thanks Maumi...
[re Tyler Clementi, Rutgers student, suicide]
It is difficult to grasp the death of one so young, more so because was "helped" to get there.
VRW- Every young death is a tragedy. Some are so fragile at that age and some are so cruel.
And how long WILL this tragedy stay in our minds. Only as long as it is news? Will the ones responsible be investigated? the one who had sex with him? the one who posted it? Or will this become a final 30 second blurb? After "police responds to burglary, and shoots family pet- arthritic dog?" be forgotten along with every young victim of a street-side shooting.

He's not the first, you know. There was this teen who committed suicide after her sexual activity was posted. By her friend.

I saw this on the news last night. Another way to pay; another app for a smartphone. More reasons to worry if it's lost or stolen. hmmm I am soon going to have data chips imbedded into my fingers, index for debit, middle for credit, pinkie for use with the sensor in my nose to check my BP, temp, etc.

I would nerver want a CEO as governor or President.
Constituents = Employees = Hunan[s as] Resources.

"...down to the local level..." means 'let them take care of it.'

...Given a choice between a person who knows how to run a compaany, but knows nothing about government, and one who is the opposite, I trust the politican more...sorry. Fact: the governor is only a "say yay or nay" person; the power is in the political parties opposing each other to a stand-still.

As for the mud-slinging, it makes for boring entertainment. If I hear anything more about how bad Brown did as mayor, which is another attack on Oakland, I would hypothetically $*#*&^ her!

Would you hire an undocumented worker?
Yes, I would. if I feel s/he were of good character and looked qualified to do the work. References, especially from anyone I know is better. Anything that require a certified and credentialed professional by law, no I would not. Any document can be forged, so again, I look at the character of the person I am hiring. Every person has a moral right to work and earn wages, even if it is below 'minimum wage.' No one is forced to work, I do not believe in someone saying that 'foreigners' are "stealing Americans' jobs"! Money does not say 'For US Citizens Only."

Just my opinions...don't hate me for it! But if you feel the need to change my mind, i am open [for your eventual exit].

re Meg- she's "buying" votes and bragging that she can do anything she pleases. Her "supporters" are those that will show up in the Lobby when she sits in the high chair! And don't be fooled by her rhetoric...she's a socialist and a fascist!

To Andy- regarding your likes Im not afraid of heights, swimming, or love. Just falling, drowning, and rejection. on FB Like. Falling won't hurt you, just the stopping. As for drowning, just don't take that last breath. 'Tis better to have...yada yada..."

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" - Lynne
JG - easy - FLY!
A genie took 3 people to a cliff and said "You can do anything! Say the name of anything that flies, and jump." The first stepped forward and said "eagle" and soared up into the air. The second said "Supergirl" and zoomed straight up into the sky. The third looked down, took two steps forward and said "oh SHIT!"

Dogs diary vs cats diary
Bwah ha ha ha! Can I hit the Like button 20 times?!? 
1. I have not seen a title written that way since Quinn Martin production TV shows!
2. The dog sound like a. customers, b. those who follow a daily routine...FB, coffee, lunch, FB, TV, dinner, sleep, repeat.
3. Cats are NOT Satan; they are the embodiment of 'free will' - they bit that apple BEFORE Eve did [actually Eve bit it AFTER presenting it to Adam, but that's another story]. They are manipulative, soothing, and can leave anytime, but know a good thing in the long-term [really, I will talk about Eve some other time].
4. The real intelligent species with a purpose are white mice [see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy]; but the survivors are the cockroaches. The beginners? amoeba! (wadda you mean by 'split' dude?)

Topping off news this week...
The United States government conducted medical experiments in the 1940s, infecting prostitutes to spread STDs to soldiers, prisoners and mental patients in Guatemala. Today, 'they' said "sorry/"



  1. Rodney, I loved reading your thoughts. You have a fascinating brain - you make a lot of interesting connections, which in my mind is a definite form of brilliance. MANY YEARS FROM NOW, when you die, please donate your brain to science. Maybe a lab at Cal. Not Stanford, please.

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