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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Case of The Disappearing FaceBook

What would you do if FaceBook suddenly ceased to exist? Would you panic? Tweet a lament? Blog a memorium? Did you just lose part of who you are?

What lead me to this line of questioning?
I have had problems connecting to FB today. Even the root When I did connect, temprorarily, I saw that the new profile was 'forced' upon me. Some minor changes too. Like hitting the 'enter' key instead of the 'comment' button to post the comment ['enter' used to be for thought/paragraph breaks]. I have no real control over what photos are pulled from an album and thrown onto the wall, what comments are blurted out, personal musings that you might not care about. "Settings" are choices, not to be confused with actual control. I have no desire to advertise my personals, but there is/was a page for you to see it, with my blessings. Everything has been explained, and is back to normal now.

Also for the past two evening hours, I have had the frustration of having "System Tool" pop up and tell me to pay for a program to disinfect my computer. Everything stopped... applications, no documents could be opened, no web link address. Good thing for Norton. All problems happened during the time FB was experimenting with its platform. Coincidence? I think not. Look, I know NOTHING about computer programming, codes, tweaking, or anything short of a soldering gun and hammer. So if there are any suggestions to avoid having another 'protection racket' like this from happening again, I would appreciate the input. Send me an e-mail. Direct me to a link.

Going back to FB. How much has it changed your life? Or a better question is, how much of your day-to-day life IS FaceBook? Many have followed the goings on of FB. The CBS news mentions it at least 3 times a week for half a year. South Park, Leno, and others have joked about it. Users complain about it as if it were a person. It is a communication tool. With a few combinations of protocols, not a personality. Just like your cell phone...ok I take that back.

Someday I WILL leave FB, I may fall back to MySpace. Or I may evolve into something else entirely, supplemented by my blog. I wish Zucker well with his $2B annual revenue. When that happens I will send you an invitation. As for now, I am waiting for FB to become available. If after a while you don't hear from me again, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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  1. Very entertaining blog. I am not going to switch over to the new FB page. I want to have control over what photos show up on my home page.