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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Discriminating Tastes

"All men are created equal"...after that. you're on your own.
Are you guilty of discrimination? Do you deal with or buy from places that discriminate?

"Membrship required"
"Do you have a Safeway card?" "Apply for a Koh's card and get an additional 10% off today's purchase" Congratulations, you just let marketers know your purchasing history and spending patterns, including where you were at any given date and time. A customer is obviously old enough to recieve an unwritten senior citizen discount, so why do they need to show an AARP card? Even your bank is getting ruthless with its already customers. "We will be charging $10 a month for free checking if you do not keep a minimum of $500 in your account." Just as bad as San Francisco charging toll for those that cross its borders [plus the other side charging twice as much the other way]. In the news, Rahm Emanuel cannot run for mayor of Chicago because he did not reside in the city for most of the year, because the Whiteouse had him abroad a lot. You have to be a prisoner of the city to be its mayor. Maybe he should have applied for membership.

"Handicapped Parking"
Ok, I agree that there should be compassion to the movement impaired or the the elderly, even the ungrateful ones. The city of Oakland cannot fill the potholes in its main streets. I have memorized each one down Fruitvale, between Foothill and International...until the neighborhood filled a few up temporarily. Yet it can add wheelchair ramps on every corner that extends beyond the original curb corner forcing cars to dangerously widen its turn, or mess up its alignment.

Equal Opportunity and Equal Protection
Just what does it mean? An EO employer may not discriminate on grounds of gender, color, or social background. Yet the same conpany is seen as not having enough women, blacks, or openly gay employees. Both sides of Education Title IX by the letter should disallow federal funding to schools and non-profits that are exclusive for certain religions, genders, and social status.

What started me down this track? A news 'clip' shows a twelve-year-old girl not being allowed to join the boys basketball team. The parks and municipality will hold a meeting about this. Here's a thought, why not have a third, co-ed league?

SNL Weekend Update with Seth Meyers
"The Democrats took a page from the music industry. If you don't sound like what you used to, break out the greatest hits." Obama brings out Bill Clinton.
"And...Can you do an English accent?" "I can try."- Seth Meyers and Paul McCartney

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