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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Memoirs of a Mad Man

I dedicate this to my FaceBook Friends. Thus continues the musings of one who has too many memories to handle at one time. Like my mind, this piece of writing will grow, go through revisions, and not follow an orderly pattern. The only 'rule' is that the most current thoughts will be at the top, the most important ones probaby at the last. But don't panic [wait, another piece of literature used that phrase] I will place an index here...some day. You have been warned. FaceBook continues to be a stimulus for thought, ranging in topics from politics to economics, personal to marketing in this e-world, and my personal favorite, entertainment to speculative fiction. Since topics in the form of 'status' and comments are 'lost' after a week, it is my hope that entering them here will 'preserve' not just what was written, but the thoughts and emotions intended. I clarified "And for EVERYONE's information, I am not angry. These are comments to rudementary change and elicit no emotion from me." That is not entirely true. but I will usually tell you if I am angry or just venting. I never pounded on the keyboards, nor does my blood pressure rise because of it :-) see I'm smiling.
I want to clear up a few things... frankly I seem to be sending out mixed signals.  Added Oct 2
I am a proud American, but I hate the politicians who bicker like bitches;
I believe the government SHOULD BE the servant of the people rather than the other way around;
I believe in God and Jesus, not the institutions created by man to control peoples;
... I will not bend my knee to ANYONE propped up by other people... saints, clergy, celebrities;
I believe that everyone has the right to do anything that does not interfere with the rights of others to do the same;
I am not prejudice... I hare every race equally; I do hate people who use race as a reason for anything;
I do not judge people... what's the point? it's not like I can execute them;
I have a medical condition, not a disease... nor am I in danger of dying (I am immortal);
I may complain, but I am NOT depressed; just as I am alone, not lonely;
I can be sarcastic, but don't take that as to be mean;
If I have ever offended anyone, I apologize... my goal is to offend EVERYONE!
To clarify, I am not against citizens who are Ds or Rs. Just the politicians and those already in government. They hide behind their party like it was a religion, their god. Neither ideal supports citizens in any way. One is too stupid with no real ground to stand on, the other lording it over the citizens. Checks and balances using the Senate and the House is constitutional. Having two parties is not. Although that doesn't make it illegal... just like the IRS and Social Security. Dellums is now seen as a traitor and one who just "needs a paycheck." So what! He has been, and always will be, an idiot no matter what he does.
 Humans be proud! If not for you, there would be no stereotypical races scattered throughout the gaaxy. Your best and worst traits we have copied and made our own. Romulan paranoia, Vulcan snobery, Ferengi greed, Tellarite debaters, Andorian passion to family. Good and bad. It is our hope that you still exist by the time we are ready to meet you. It would do us proud to conquer you.

see what happens when you don't get your morning rakhtogino?

[  ] Top 10 Ways to Get Fired more  [  ] A strong person recognizes hir weaknesses, a stronger one seeks ways to correct them. A weak person needs others to point out their weaknesses, a weaker person has no friends to help them uncover those weaknesses. ~ K'Rod of Q'onos  [  ] I am at a loss for words... for once. [  ] I have a solution to our energy requirements. Let prisoners work time off their sentence by running a treadmill generator. Or, politicians' mouths... take your pick. [  ] Erin- Another Monday  Me- Just another manic Monday  pic  [  ] The internet allows me to go anywhere in the world. Facebook remains my inspiration to make the best use of it. My laptop (with router) gives me the freedom to move about the house for four hours; my phone, everywhere else for six, unplugged. My family keeps me grounded to reality. God is my connection to eternity.  [  ] Taking company property which includes using company property for pesonal use. Using the storeroom for anything other than storage. Not knowing that you are fired. Can you add any of your own?

[  ] TV Factoid: DNA can be readily obtained from the surfaces of a cell phone. Ted Danson to lead the night shift CSI team 'where everybody knows your name.'  [  ] 2011 The X-Factor  3 hours ago         [  ] Saw Natasha Leggero next to Simon Cowell on Leno. Hilarious.
 After a hard day's work, a man needs a screw and a smoke.
[  ] His followers wanted more from him! Those with the real power are waiting for him to fail. Everyone else wants miracles from him. Eventually to be crucifieded by his supporters. His same supporters to be fed to the lions or survive to wring their hands over their societal woes. ~ More Ways People Confuse Obama With Jesus
[  ] The sky is falling!  A repeat of SkyLab July 11, 1979      [  ] Feds to sut down Social Security. Oops, wrong Ponzi scheme...
Bele: It is obvious to the most simple minded that Lokai is of an inferior breed.
Mr. Spock: The obvious visual evidence, commissioner, is that he is of the same breed as yourself.
Bele: Are you blind, Commander Spock? Well look at me. Look at me!
Captain James T. Kirk: You are black on one side and white on the other.
Bele: I am black on the right side!
 Gov. Brown Decriminalizes Sangria and Infused Vodka This was illegal? We had been doing it since back in the mid-70s! Getting happy on the alc-soaked fruits.
 [  ] As much as I hate rap, it is an effective way to make money from emotional outbursts.
 [  ] Support family values... vote in another republican! Now if only ther was another democrat to run against Obama. $38K for dinner with Obama?!? That's gotta be one hell of a f'k... I mean date.
 [  ] Why do I see pictures of the same mangled dead boy, a malnourished half-dead child, women giving birth, and half-assed profiles and mobile uploads? I find these disturbing to say the least.
[  ] Start a quiet revolution! Dare your State and Federal representatives to disaccociate themselves from any political affiliation!
I for one voted for whatever stupid ass is thrown into the political arena. Look at the Republican debates. They are busy fighting against each other individually!
[  ] I have an open mind, but I would thank you not to step into it.
[  ] I own everything, you see. I just don't have access to it all.
[  ] 7 Ways Facebook Complicates Dating Do you REALLY post your ever-changing relationships? "I'm not going out with you! You have 35 hotties in your list with one wall-to-walling two dozen times a day! You change relationships once a week, i've seeen your comments, photos of your "friends" (that's gotta be photoshopped), and those baby pictures (pedo!)!
[  ] In America, english should be the required language in public places, govt buildings, stores, McDonald's. Unless you are in Chinatown, japantown, or International Avenue.
[  ] A Jedi Knight approached an arguing couple and said "May di vorce be with you."
[  ] He was so fat, the lap dancer had to perform under his chin. Really, I did not make this up!
[  ] Diplomacy is most effective with the biggest weapons behind you and the most money in front of you. - anonymous
[  ] Walls and fences, with their doors, windows, and gates were meant to hold off the elements and the wild. Locks, traps, and reinforcements offer a false sence of security. Just as with rules and treaties, anyone wanting to bad enough can break it.
I am a charitable person...Charity begins at Home; I do not give to those that beg...two points that the US Government should listen to.

Before you freely give out what you have to a person or organization you really know nothing about, ask yourself "am I putting myself in any possible future hardship? Will this person be able to help me when the need arises? "To give and forget, to recieve and remember" is BS!
- The flip side is to "give EVERYTHING to charity and follow Me." Can you do that. It was not a question.

It is against the law in most states to give to pan-handlers. Why? Because it allows them to rely on forcing a total stranger to give to them, rather than using some dgnity to ASK for help. When a person comes up to me at Dimond Safeway parking lot or Shell station nearby, four emotions come up, fear, doubt, and compaassion, apathy. "Is this guy about to mug me? is this a scam? I feel sorry for you, but get a job!" goes through my mind. This after the person in front of me at the checkout line with a diamond ring and a Cadillac paid with food stamps.

My niece [then 6] will give a man a on the street a quarter and both smile. I didn't tell her to, and I can see the happiness in their eyes.
I pass off a quarter, and I get the look of the woman passing the plate at church.
"Homelessness and the indignity of hurtful speech" via CW

“We loathe one another. We hate what we look like when we look into another’s eyes” and "...the anger some people have for the homeless is fueled by their own fears that they are only a paycheck or two away from being homeless themselves” pretty much sums it up.

As for this writer, who is not homeless but an admitted "transient", is reciving more than I get paid for a 12 day work month, has a small roof over her head, and a bar within walking distance...I can't feel sorry for her! I hate both whiners AND those who praise themselves.
Ignorance leads to stupidity; stupidity and a big mouth maketh a good politician.

"We will block ALL Democratic bills..."- whoever said it, I don't care
Two schoolyard rivals face off with their 'posse' and other bystanders cheering [jeering?] them on?
The media, a great view of our two party political system at work....right. With US [yes I do mean the United States] stuck in the middle. Or at the side as the garbage starts flying!

I am glad to be an American AND be making less than $250,000 a year! Poor Republicans :-( an oxymoron)

And please do not mistake my sarcastic comments for anger. I just don't give a rat's ass about any breast beating [Planet of the Apes] political figure! Except perhaps for their spouse...Elizabeth Anania Edwards. May she rest in Peace. Now This is sick!
-  see Polly ticks
Now THIS is really SICK!
Westboro Baptist Church to picket at Elizabeth Edwards' funeral
‎"Let s/he who is without fault cast the first stone"- JC
The things I most abhore about the human race is its ability to harm children, the impaired, the elderly, and the desecration of the dead.
Freedom of religion does NOT mean flaunting hate at the public. Using the first Apostols as an example, it is about the quiet discussion in the homes and later the congregations or Churches about teaching the faith. Not shouting rhetoric in the streets like a bunch of hoods. This Phelps is another dumb hick hiding behind A BIBLE!
To hide behind the printed words, no matter how fundamental it is, is BS! The Bible, the Q'ran, the Constitution and the Bill...these will not provide your dinner, will not stop a bullet, will never replace compassion and common sense.

The worst part about this? The media that fans the evil that people do. They sensationalize, practically idolize the disasters and misfortunes. And those that create it. The politicians, the fringe religions, the psychopaths.

What is 'evil' and what is 'sin'? Evil is "the things men do." Sin on the other hand is the knowledge and aknowlegement of doing evil. So a psychopath, a mentally incapable person, and a person who just went to confession are said to have no sin [other than the mortal one].

So "Let s/he who is without sin cast the first stone" literally means that 'if you have no doubt that what you do is moral, go ahead and do it.' And that is exactly what these protesters do.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the update. You seem to be an equal opportunity critic. Keep it up. It's "think or die."