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Friday, December 10, 2010

Changes, Not Just In The Months

Friday December 10, 2010 11:00 a.m.                                                     Stardate 10939.727
'I only have two emotions, fight or flight.'

In the News

Senate Republicans threatened to block all legislation until expiring tax cuts are extended and a bill is passed to fund the federal government, How? The average American only makes so much. Is it fair to tax the rich more because they are rich?

The upcoming Royal wedding is the biggest thing to happen in the UK since the last wedding and a funeral.

China has gone to extraordinarily lengths to stop any of political prisoner Liu Xiaobo's friends or family from attending Friday's Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo. Of course he's not attending ...he's in prison. He's just lucky he is not recieving it posthumously.

Chinese official visits North Korea to show support for Pyongyang...right. Wouldn't want to piss of Palin's ally and have Kimie boy aim the missiles at Shanghai instead of Canada.

Is Julian Assange the new Saddam?
Hundreds of Internet activists attacked Web sites of multinational companies and other organizations. Thus declaring the start of a “cyberwar” against those who oppose WkLnks.

House passes immigration Dream Act
The bill gives young illegal immigrants a path to citizenship if they enroll in college or enlist in the military [a scene from "Gangs of New York" shows European immigrants getting off a ship, given citizenship, and given a Union uniform]. Wasn't there an amnesty program period a few decades ago? Oh, but the Republicans will block "any bill proposed by the Democrats."

Student drop-out rate decreasing in San Francisco
Student drop-out rate rising in Oakland
...which is it?!? Ohhh both you say?

Lame ducks Arnold Schwarzenegger, outgoing democrats in DC, and our poor bullied president fail, will fail, never had a chance at passing anything! Gavin hopefully continues keep his Ferengi smile out of the limelight; Dellums just disappears [wait! he was never here]. They all get to vacation at our expense; some longer than others.

Elizabeth Anania Edwards dies at 61- so sad. May she rest in Peace. Now This is sick!

Vets Remember Pearl Harbor- does anyone else?
Appeal Court Hears California Case re Marriage- why not just keep it in the Home?
CA Gov Plan Rebuffed- see above paragraph.
Iran's Nuclear Program Explained- an interesting read; not technical nor poli-blab.
Wal-Mart, Global Warming, and Gender Discrimination before the Supreme Court- now this is funny!
Tax Cuts and Unemployment- now this is not.

Euro-pean Crisis Widens / Yeonpyeong Island quiet / US-Japan War Games piss off China. Duh...
WikiLeaks in NY Times  / in Washington Post / about US Security / To Fed Workers: Don't Read It!
On TV-

Gran Torino (2008)
Old-style American vet vs. stereotyped asian family and culture.
Near the end, I expected him to say either "Do you feel lucky punks" or "Make my day."

Unkown (2006)
Five men awaken in a warehouse with no memory of who they are and how they got there. One or more is a victim. The others are kidnappers or more. This is not a comedy. Ttwists until the end.

Firebreather (premier)
The Sims meets the First Race. Duncan is a human-Kaiju hybrid son of their king. In the upcoming battle he must choose which heritage to lead. He will reluctantly be battling other Kaiju that challenge his future reign.

Young Justice (2011 series) premiered
Justice League year three or after. Titans are established as a team, Debut of Superboy/Connor Kent.
- and Brave and the Bold

Tower Prep Tue 9/8c
It's not a cartoon. It's like an Academy for Harry Potter, the X-Kids, and Teen Titans. Except nobody knows how they got there. Nor how to get home.
 Wiki Videos

Timothy Dalton as Alexei Volkoff is hilariously crazy! in Chuck.
McGarrett and Danno always end up arguing over their differences while in the car, in every episode.
Clark meets his other-universe counterpart Ultraman [of DC Comics Crime Syndicate] in Smallville.
FB...Here we go again...
I do not like the new profile format. I do not need to throw my personals, photo albums and FB 'suggestions' in your face. You are free to open them anytime with the tabs [which by the way are 'gone']. Where would my collection of links go? Unlike status updates, this IS my FB History! You can read them as a mini-blog!...

Do I have permission to plaster your photos on my front page? did you ask for mine?
"FaceBook Manners and You" - Hillarious! thanks to SMD and CW
Top 10 Social Media Parodies

The bigger than my icon, I don't like *. To have FB 'suggest and post' I don't like. As for changing back to the old style, there should be an option for that. And for EVERYONE's information, I am not angry. These are comments to rudementary change and elicit no emotion from me.
   Shows photos, videos, and links straight from your Home page in a five column newspaper format.
This is NOT FaceBook...there are no security issues, since this accessed from your Home [not Wall] so only you see it
Warning" It does take more than "30 seconds" and may freeze up your computer.
Videos are two columns wide; Photos may rotate from one to two has 'moods';
*Icons are one column wide, so no need to strain your eyes- I am 50+ (-OuO-)
Click any item and it will open a new page, just like flipping through a newspaper. Click the aarticle, or the FB friend who posted it- it goes straight to their page.
The Best Part...No Ads!
Things I Don't Like About Other WEB Pages
The name of it on the left 30% of the header because the other 70% is an ad from a sponsor.
Being invited to Subscribe before I even read a single article.
Too many photos of faces, cute animations, logos, anything that attracts my attention AWAY from the article or blog post.
A column that only takes up 40% of the width of the screen, show how much of their 'usable' brain is being used [that's 40% of the 10%, to be technical].
I'm tired of our socitey of blipverts.
Car crash at intersection. "Didn't you see the light turn KOHLS?"

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