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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Turkey's are so near sighted that they will see you as a blur and come up to you, and not see the ax in your hand.

The turkey was Benjamin Franklin's choice as the national bird. Did he know what our government officials would become?

The pilgrims invited natives to a feast harvested from land that was "lent" to them. The Europeans took more. Let us go to an "Indian casino" to let them return the favor. Of course you'll never find one...just Filipinos [workers 80%, customers 20%].

"Hey-yah" This what the indians said after the feast. Taught it to the future Americans.

more Fiddler on the Roof
This is me ten years from now! or perhaps this Friday, after Thanksgiving dinner :-) Other than the "build a tall house in the middle of town" I can pretty much do now all of what he sings LOL

Again Happy Thanksgiving to All!

- Official movie site

All the songs from the movie - great playlist

"Is there a proper blessing for the Tzar?" "May God bless and keep the Tzar...far away from us."- replace Tzar with the politician of your choice. "Tradition" is the root for all things in my mind-set. Religion, social and political views,... even love. Even if we weren't born 'there' it is ingrained into us by our Family. Of course that does NOT mean we have to follow everything... Some traditions [gender roles as one] are outdated.

"Sunrise Sunset" OK I am getting melodramatic in my [old] age. This song reminds me of my daughter and son coming of age [not marraige]. Makes me want to call them right now...NOT! hahaha

"Matchmaker, Matchmaker" is still true today. Except it is now friends and relatives who are the 'matchmakers' even AFTER a marraige or relationship already is! "They won't last long" "You could have done better" "You would be better off with ---"

"Lechaim" Guys will find any reason to celebrate! See me line-dancing? Hai! No this is NOT gay! Just because no women are involved does not make it so. Join in the fun...even if no one the hell invited you! lmao kai k'zai Klinzhai!

"Sabbath Prayer" for those who want to bless a family properly. OK this was actually about the traditional "keep them from the stranger's ways" [ Jew instead of Christian], "good mothers and wives" "husbands who will care for you"- directed at the daughter who will marry out of love instead of tradition.

"Tevye's Dream" hehe he is a manipulative bastard! Passing on a message from a dead Matriarch and his soon-to-be-son-in-law's dead previous wife.

"Anatevka" [replace with your Home name] is also appropriate for our times. Do you know of anyone being forced from where they have lived forever? Forclosed? evicted or just feeling persecuted? or just circumstances requiring a move...for better places. "A garden of eden it's not" but it is Home."

"Far From the Home I Love" is farewell, not goodbye. Be happy for me, for us. You will always be in my heart o Family. Remember me and the new family to add to ours in your "Golden Years"...many other songs come to mind about children growing, leaving..."Anak" "Cats in the Cradle" "Tears in Heaven" "Butterflies and Kisses" and of course Cat Stevens.

"Do You Love Me?" Is an appropriate queestion to ask your kids too! My Dad [RIP] would ask everyone of us that question. Followed by "Why!" notice it was not a question.

Every once in a while it is good to hear "I love you" for no reason whatsoever. Sometimes it is hard to say the words and mean it, sometimes feel as if being forced to say it. Sometimes said, but taken for granted. Remembering my sister, my daughter, my niece, pulling my face to theirs and saying I love you "Kuya / daddy / Uncle"
After dinner...
I hope everyone is full and thankful. I'm cold but I'm full. Safe at home. Black Friday actually began the Friday before Veterans Day, but be careful this weekend too. There has been a fight between customers at Safeway, kitchen accidents, colder than expected weather, and sobrity check points.

Life belongs to those who live it; not those who tell you how to live it.
Oh THAT's what the plastic plug was for!! For more than 5 years I bought dinner from Andronico's until it went from $100 to $150 + everything else I wanted, Then I cooked with stuffing. This year I learned stuffing [but I forgot the herbs and other aromatics, so the turkey oil stunk], preheat 400, cook 350 for 15 min a pound, covered in a foil tent. I used bacon to keep the skin from drying. Let it sit. Put it back in the oven, uncovered, full broil while basting, until golden brown [away from the upper heating element, electric]. Carve thin. Store thick. Notes for -X Mas.

Oh 2 must watch shows re holiday cooking...Good Eats and MythBusters :-) see local listings.

A few comments on relgion from Archie Bunker.

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