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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My TV Guide

I am watching Andromeda  /  Firefly - The Series  /  Teen Wolf on MTV  /  10 Things I hate About You on abcFamily

Star Trek: Of Gods and Men  /   HiddenFrontier  /  Kirk's voyages continued with a different cast?' Start with Star Trek Phase 2 - "In Harm's Way" - Episode  /  Star Trek Phase 2: "Blood and Fire" - Part 1  /  Part 2  /  Lesser done USS Encarta, but still entertaining  /  New Voyages - ST Phase II  /  Hidden Frontier Website

Pre-September 2011 season...
 I know nothing about
- con games, so I follow White Collar;
- inter-office politics and spying, but like Covert Affairs
, on Tuesdays;
- urban espionage, but I like Burn Notice;
- how it really works in a corporate law office so I watch Suits, on Thursdays;
- how to be a social person, so I watch the USA Network

SyFy network begins July 11, 2011
Monday -   8 pm  Eureka  /  Warehouse 13  /  Alphas
Wednesday - 10 pm  Legend Quest
Friday - 10 pm  Haven
Currently watching on-line…

Movie Nights
Spawn (1997) - full-length movie created by Todd McFarlane  /  HBO presents... Series 1, 18 episodes, May 16, 1997 – May 28, 1999
Hero (1997) starring Jet Li
Twilight (2008) - I find the first hour of this movie BORING until 1:00. Thank god for ff and rew! I Like the baseball game scene at 1:19 and then it picks up. Song during the game is Supermassive Black Hole by Muse. A favorite.  /  Urban Legend (1998)

Alien Voices Spock vs Q  /  the Sequel
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Audiobook)

From TV to the WEB  Party Animals  /  Weeds  /  The Big C
Smallville [final 6 eps]  / Nikita on The CW
 - only clips  Secret Diary of a Call Girl   
I  like the competition of The Next Food Network Star. I reserve my judgement on then so far.

Born in East LA  /  Robin Hood: Men In Tights
The Beatles- Yellow Submarine Movie
Captain Scarlet-/ all original 32 episodes list
The New Captain Scarlet "SPECTRUM is green" CGI
Loved these '"Supermarionation" shows- SuperCar, Firebal XL5, Stingray, and Thunderbirds. Later live-action shows followed- UFO, Space: 1999, and Space Precinct.
Justice League last episode 50
Batman: Brave and The Bold  list
The Flash-Superman movie  /  Flash-Batman movie

[like the West Coast] Avengers United They Stand 1999-2000 Fox Kids
Smallville “Legion” episode   scene 2   scene 3 continues
Ghost in the Shell SAC and 2nd Gig Lithium Flower  slides from season one
 Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd GIG Opening
  UFO episode   list
Iron-man Animated series…
1994-1996  FOX Kids   list
Spider-man Animated series…
1967  original ABC 7  list  /  1981   list   webpage  /  1994-1998  FOX Kids   list
Unlimited 1999-2001  13 eps DisneyXD   list
2008-2009  17eps KidsWB [includes Static Shock eps]   list

 - The Sarah Jane Adventures play list - afternoon May 4, a Wednesday
       The Nightmare Man part 1
 - The Magician
 - The Hunger hosted by David Bowie

So Weird- Zoog Disney 2004   season 1  /  season 2  / season 3

 Doctor Who Time: part 1
 Catherine Tate and David Tennant- Comic Relief, Red Nose Day
Red Nose Day 2011 Rowan Atkinson
  the fourth Doctor 8 June 1974 – 21 March 1981
Kidnapping the Doctors    last part


Interlude  / intermission...
Sharapova - Nike Commercial 'I feel pretty'  /  Need Motivation?  /  Pepsi monks
... 2010 - May 2011 season  TV Guide   CBS5  abc7  NBC3   the "Big 3"

 House never gets the first four diagnosis' right, home invasion, forget HIPPA [3.5/4]
Chuck - similar to Delphi Bureau, Jake 2.0, John Doe,  Kyle XY, and Six Million Dollar Man [3.5/4]
Lie To Me - boring [0]
The Event - every part of it is re-hashed from other TV plots [1/0]
Castle - Moonlighting all over again...just don't kiss the girl [3]
Hawaii Five-O - "book 'm Danno" classic; I hope this stays [3]
- RIP Lone Star and more to be cancelled soon
- on my personal ratings: 1 I was forced to watch, to 5 permanently on DVR

No Ordinary Family - dad was the Thing on FF movies [0]
NCIS - great character build-ups after so many seasons...just don't kill another agent [4]
NCIS: Los Angeles - without high-tech snooping, there would be no show [3.5]
Body of Proof - another great woman ME [new]
Detroit 187 - needs to be murdered [0]
 SyFy 152   Warehouse 13  /  USA 125  White Collar   Covert Affairs

Undercovers - Mr and Mrs Smith they are NOT [1] died Dec 29, 2010
Human Target - brought in "new" blood, 2 women! [3]
Criminal Minds - like looking at a train wreck, gotta see how many ways there are to die [3]
Hell's Kitchen - sado-masochism [2]
The Defenders [1/0] 'nuff said
FOOD 453   Throwdown   Dinner Impossible   Good Eats  /  USA 125  psych

Bones - Moonlighting syndrome; is she from another planet? see Ziva David [3]
Fringe - I'm "Lost" [2]
Nikita - another 'can it live up to the name' [2.95]
The Mentalist - similar to psych, Monk, etc [3]
USA 125  Burn Notice

Smallville - final season, about time [4]
Medium [2] series ended
CSI: NY - good tech, and they carry guns [3]
...Supernatural  wiki  middle of season six and kinda getting into it again; episodes available only 2 at a time*   Wiki
Blue Bloods  / Outlaw - generations of cops and robbers [0]
SyFy 152   Eureka  /  Haven

Doctor Who in America - season 6 BBC America
Chase - just another bounty hunter, oh US Marshall, excuse me! [2/0]
SNL [Saturday Night Live]

News at 11  CBS 5  /  NBC 3   /   abc 7  /  KTVU 2 at 10pm
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

...see also
SyFy   /  Outer Space Astronauts
USA   /  Food Network  /  BBC America   Doctor Who   
 Watch TV On-line  /  TV Channels Free  /  on YouTube  /  /  TV by the Numbers
 '60s and '70s Themes
Star Trek TOS  20/73  clips   / ST:TAS  /  ENTerprise    /  Legion of Super-Heroes  /  Starlog  /  Wonder Woman (1975)  /
  So Weird- Zoog Disney 2004 season 1   season 2   season 3
The Weakest Link Star Trek 11/26/2001 

The Sarah Jane Adventures  - afternoon May 4, a Wednesday

X-Men Evolution
 S 2, Ep 1 [14] "Growing Pains"  /   S 3, Ep 1 [31] "Day of Recovery" 
 S 4, Ep 1 [44] "Impact"  /   S 4, Ep 9 [52] "Egypt"/"Ascencion" pt 2
 Wiki  /  Episode List

Avengers - Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010) episodes [26]  /  Official site  /  Wiki  /

The Avengers United They Stand (1990) episodes [13] /  Wiki  /  Episode List

Iron Man (1994-96)  Channel  /  Wiki 
"Moonlighting Syndrome" - Partners should stay partners, and any romance between them should stay at arms length. Once they kiss, the series will end. see Remington Steele, The X-Files "The world didn't come to an end"- Mulder after kissing Scully on New Years Eve midnight.
"Nothing gets in the way of the job" - Main characters are defined by a past tragedy, change because of a new tragedy, and cannot have a serious relationship which would interfere with their work. Because of this, a love interest during the show could be dramatically killed, even a main character. Example, Kirk's only love is the Enterprise.
"ALF Principle" - An alien's view of what humans take for granted had been explored in Mr Spock of the original Star Trek, My Favorite Martian, Bewitched, Alf, and 3rd Rock From The Sun.
Bones is social-inept, encyclopedic, almost alien. Even extra-terrestrials mimmic humans better;
Ziva [NCIS] only had problems with American colloquialisms and DiNozzo's movie references;
* Sam loses his soul and what it entails, inhibitions, compassion, some social skills.
"New Blood" - Introducing a new character after the first season, usually an attractive woman, to increase demographics. Examples are Seven in Voyager, two women in Human Target.
"Jumping the Shark" - Refers to a drastic and usually absurd change in a series plot to enhance a declining viewership.

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