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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekend Update - TV, News, Spoken Word, FB and more

Sunday November 28, 2010   6:42 p.m.                                                  Stardate 10906.815
On TV-   Gran Torino (2008),  Unkown (2006),  Firebreather (premier),  Young Justice (2011 series) see also,   and Brave and the Bold   Reviews in the next installment
In the News
South Korea-US War Games...North Korea issues threats...duh!
-   Bombardment of Yeonpyeong Island on 23 November 2010
WikiLeaks to release three million once confidential communications and information.
Obama needed stitches...good thing the f'k'r has health care! 'They're' tight-lipped as to which lip.
Afghanistan...How long has this been going on?
FedEx finds Homer Simpson's secret stash
Your pal Palin speaks again...remember her greatest hits?
Luck of the Irish...they want to turn down a loan? Good for them!
Harry Potter tops the weekend...Finally, some REAL News!
In the News Elsewhere...The Onion
WW- I always wanted to own or work in a bookstore.

RR- If I owned a bookstore, I would be in solitude heaven, even with no customers. As for employees, yes they must love books, any subject. Not just be an inventory, "down that aisle" type of person. I have seen enough of those kinds, especially "let me look...nope." Dude, I already looked there! Then there are those few [dorks like me] who talk about the author and trivia as we walk to the shelves. That is passion!
Friday November 19, 2010
WW- I think very highly of LinkedIn. It's actually been an invaluable research tool for me in addition to keeping my professional connections fresh. Here is a great and very short article about the key differences between Facebook and LinkedIn - and why LinkedIn

RR- I wish they- FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, and upcoming Google, could say in 100 words or less, what the advantage is of their social media platform. Personality {visibility} vs. privacy; rich content vs. 'just garbage.'
WW- New fans or "Likers" this week - thank you! If we haven't met personally yet - or even if we have - please let us know who you are: your own blogs, Twitter, profiles, Facebook pages, etc.

RR- And you say FB is getting into our privacy? Look who is getting invasive LOL Just be sure not to send me a notification alarm before noon (I sleep in late :-)
AllFaceBook- as the name says, everything concerning FB. I Like [follow], but do not post comments there, to avoid seeing everyone else's comment notifications.
Friends Browser in FB [with link]
CC- That girl kept calling me Contant so I begged her to call me Connie. She was killing me.

RR- Be nice to people with a speech impediment. Relatives call me Rondey. I tell them to pack off.

CGT- did she do it once in a while or was it constant?

CC- bwahahaha constantly
   Well to be fair, English is not that girl's first language, so that's why she was having problems pronouncing my name right. I can't pronounce her name either. Thank goodness she has a nickname.

RR-  Language and pronounciatiation are two different things. It's the way the mouth translates the heard or printed word. We hear it, our mind simplifies the syllables, then we say that. My name for example would be 'rd/ne' yours would be 'cn/stns'then there are 'cth'/rn', mr'a/fe' and so on. Many ppl [see how that works?] ask me at work "how do you say that name?" It is also the basic cncept behind texting, especially in languages where I can sound it out THEN translate it. so ttfn n cu ltr

CC- Well, what if they don't even pronounce the "st" or the "s" in cn/stns? Is that still a pronounciation problem or is it still a language problem? I think it's a language problem if those letters are not in their native tongue.

RR- ‎'native tongue'...physical pronouncing problem...translation from brain to muscles. Just like some saying 'aks' instead of 'ask'...a natural error, not a conscious one.
   Also it's the other way around. The letter may not exist because the sound does not register. For example I once posted "The alphabet in the Philippines does not have the letter 'F' because by the age of 7 they lose both sets of their front teeth." Pilipino instead of Filipino.
CC- I think "aks" came from a southern pronounciation of the word ask, which over the years went from "acts" to "aks". Just like the words "a fixing to" became "fixin" and then "fitna".
RR- So that proves my point [what was my point?] that the brain to tongue interprets it differently. There are many shortened forms of saying things, which again translates to our 'txtn'.

Thought for the Day
Be concise in making your point. Avoid misunderstandings.
Commonwealth of Nations-  Wiki  /  Secretariat  /  Official

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