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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The War of 2011

Eurasian continent of the early 21st Century.
Current hotspots, Pacific Ocean, Western Theater of Operations [US]…two regions.
Major US Bases and Fleet support…Okinawa, Japan; Philippines [treaty zones pending];
Guam- Central Command, Data and Communications
US Naval Fleets…Arctic Circle Fast Response Fleet out of Alaska;
West Pacific [active], Southeast Pacific [level 2, diplomatic]
Indian Ocean Fast Response Fleet
Pacific Submarine Nuclear Strike Forces [classified locations]

Bering Straits-Alaska…NE Russian satellite expansion vs. US-Canada-British Joint Forces- loosely called the “Palin War” Fishing is the main resource being fought over, not oil or minerals. Anticipating a world-wide hunger crisis, the two nations are noticing higher than normal incidents between fisher boats and patrol ships. Also noted are greater traffic of submarines in the sub-arctic seas. A joint effort has been discussed and delayed by special interests centered in neighboring nations fearful of competition by a Superpower alliance. Covert information gathering by parties unknown have been rumored to have been started by families whose resources have been hidden, their public images hiding the truth. Former governor Sarah Palin is one such person.

North-South Korea Armistice Neutral Zone- China and Japan remain neutral observers. A post-nuclear hot-spot bordering two Superpowers. The current leadership is at best xenophobic towards both democracy and Socialist dominance which serves its purpose only to support a egocentric maniac. The change in power due to the age of the current leader is a wild card, not knowing how the current military and political powers will respond at the death of Kim Jong-il.

Shanghai-Beijing opens economic, cultural, trade hub world-wide network…amidst public outcries against pollutions emissions of its factories, accusations of child-labor, social cleansing to stem population growth, and the suppression of freedom speakers.  See 2008 Olympics.
With the Cold War of US-Communist relations, most maps show mainland China as a black space behind a “Bamboo Curtain” much like the Romulan Empire of 2161-2260s. It took an Indo-China conflict [Vietnam War] to finally open relations between the two Super Powers. See “Only Nixon Can Go To China”

Taiwan-China succession and free-trade zone; since post-World War II, the island of Taiwan has declared itself the ‘true’ China. with Taiwan again a thorn in China’s side.  See missiles in Taiwan.

Senaku Islands Dispute
China, in a very rare instance, supports Taiwan's claim of it being part of Yalin,
7 September 2010: A Chinese fishing trawler collided with two Japanese Coast Guard patrol boats in disputed waters near the islands. The Japanese boarded the Chinese vessel and arrested the captain. Using the incident as part of its negotiations in its G-20 talks with the US.
It is clearly a territory of Japan under the jurisdiction of Okinawa.
1895 became part of Japan in the Treaty after the First Sino-Japanese War.
Other than the brief ownership by the US after World War II, it has been part of Japan.
16 April 2008: Two fighters were suspected of protecting Chinese nuclear submarines operating in that area.
-  Senaku Islands   map   more

Hong Kong Free-trade Zone declared ‘crime free’
Unknown to the general public, strict measures of public surveillance and a harsh justice system has taken root in the once black market center. Public and private areas are seeing an increase in cameras networked into a central data hub. Covert response teams of 2 to 20 black-clad operatives have been observed taking down crime elements from simple infractions to major operations. The physical operation, ie. arrest, itself is held in strictest media black-out. After-operations reports and videos are made public including the summary judgments. Penalties include fines, up to conscription into the military forces. There is no imprisonment here where land is a rare commodity.

Indonesia Natural and Economic Crisis Zone
Following various natural disasters, the latest of which is the volcano eruption and tsunami of late-2010, the US is the last to offer humanitarian aid to the natives of the islands. There have been reports of submarine patrols in the nearby seas. It has been estimated that the mineral wealth of the archipelago waters may be able to support the world’s economy for a century. The instability of the region’s volcanic and tectonic activity has been noted for nearly three centuries. Rumors of secret scientific bases have been popularized in fiction.
Indonesia's disasters kill 488, displace 85,000

European Economic Crisis and The Vatican War
Following the decline of the Greek economy and the unrest sparked by drastic changes imposed by the French government, many construction projects have stopped. Controversy over the awarding of public figures and the bail-outs of banks has led to rioting. Summits have been indefinitely postponed and diplomatic ties have changed across the continent. England’s Royal Family has declared itself I seclusion following various attempts of assassination and discrediting of key officials.

Various conflicts around the world have been funded by the Pope. To avoid internal conflict , speculations, and differences in opinion which may lead to tangent policies, a specific Order has been created within the Papal Office. Agents use sophisticated means of communications, surveillance, and money transferring. It has largely been responsible for the economic decline of ‘allied’ nations. The long-term goal is to insert itself within all levels of social control, media, and economics. The localized or short-term effects are small riots and cross-border protests.

Afghanistan region [war zone]
-  Pakistan route
Baghdad capital region
Jerusalem region

Major US Bases and Fleet support
North Atlantic Joint Command and Joint Mediterranean Command [formerly NATO and WARSAW Pacts];
South Atlantic Support Fleet [joint SE Pacific-Indian Ocean Operations]

African Tech-free Zones
Following the outbreaks of cholera, racial genocide, and culling of whole populations, central Africa has been declared a ‘no-mans’ land’ by it’s neighbor states. From the former Sudan, west between the Sahara and savannah, all but Mediterranean and Ivory Coast ports have been closed. Sudan-Ethiopia has been called  ‘ArmaGhetto’ by Arab nations across the strait to the north. Travel to the region has been deemed dangerous by all nations, in light of various kidnappings and murders in recent years. Piracy has run unchecked, aided by warlords who are funded by secret assets from corporations from abroad. Aid is no longer provided for the region that has no resources to offer the world community. Construction, technology, transportation, and communications is only maintained by few engineers still living there. Observation platforms have been placed along the south Atlantic to deter black market and slave trade. The only humanitarian organization ‘The Red Cross-Crescent’ has control of entry into the region.

[Addenda] The UN is being asked to intervene in yet another coming civil war, this time the Ivory Coast. mean United States Armed Forces. Why are we in the Middle East where we are not wanted? To stop terrorism >AAAnk< Wrong answer...OIL! Now Africa?!? What for? Colonialism died during the Industrial Revolutions. It has nothing more to offer. Except human rights movements and chocolate. Quarantine the damn continent until its governments wise up. But don't send troops there!

see also Tunisia and Egypt, January 2011
...also Sudan

Special Forces: US Pacific coastline, Homeland Security;  Immigration Divisions I to V

Latin American Republics
Unrest has led to the complete overthrow of various nations in this region following the collapse of the Mexican peso. Hoarding of possessions and resources alike has left chaos with military and police protection no longer existing. Amazingly, crime and violence has been minor, even lower than when police existed. A barter system has replaced capital ownerships, and cooperative networks have redrawn the former national boundaries.

South American Continent Quarantined
Due in part to the take-over of regions by long-established drug cartels, many governments have collapsed or been rendered as puppet status in the overall economy. Major exports of raw materials such as foodstuffs and unprocessed metals and ores are now halted during the fast-track construction of cities along the coast and major river ways. Major funding and technological support comes from China for oil concessions needed by it’s own factory cities. Officially trade-embargoed by the US and European allies, there is a thriving black-market for rare items ranging from pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs to items manufactured with cheap labor. The disaster ravaged Caribbean is a hotbed for a thriving black market.

see also   US Troops around the World    Utopia   The Eugenics Wars

Additional updates to follow...
Haiti unrest is funded by US interests testing bio-WMDs before applying it to Castro-Cuba.
Guatemala outbreaks is a two-fold mission to test destabilizing a country as well as hiding secret military forward installations for invading any adjacent nation.

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