Retinal Scan...Searching...

Retinal Scan...Searching...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Touch Me, Feed Me, Read to Me, Entertain me

In the News This Week

Here's a thought. Why not have every airline passenger strip and wear only a hospital gown?
...OK, you can touch me all you like, if I can do the same to you.

Yay! More jobs promised! FOR INDIA

     Spam was 'graciously' provided by the US Navy. They did not have to eat it! The USS Romald Regan could have served jelly beans hehe. But that's not the point. They paid to be pampered and instead got an adventure of a lifetime! Fk'n liberals should experience weeks in a mine shaft, or at a resort next to that Indonesian volcano. Just to be fair though, not everyone complained.
     ATM imagining hunting for cougars on a dead ship....hmmmmm
     JST- Really!!!!!!!!!!!

     We all knew he was an idiot. The ONLY way he could ever write a book is by lifting the pages with Silly Putty! I'll keep the book next to the one by Paris Hilton.
     I am not adverse to the use of multiple sources by an 'author' and calling it his own. I have not read the book yet, but I doubt Bush gave credit or even acknowledged the 'true' sources. In his defense, many 'autobiographies' have been ghostwritten [not their own words], well after their death, he just decided to do it himself.

Lame Ducks in the Nation, Pelosi still head of House Democrats California Oakland, Ron Dellums 'says good-bye'   He should have just kept his mouth shut, tail between his legs-  he's got no balls there anyways
"We don't have a plan." catch phrase of the government
Evening Edition 11pm  CBS 5

UC raises tuition 8%; 50% in the past ten years. This is to cover a $1 B shortfall. Officials making six figures get raises and high paying positions are opened.

CA State officials meet regarding money matters. In Hawaii. Paid for by special interest groups, not the taxpayers...yet.

CHP officer caught on YouTube for being verbally rude to a German tourist. So what?!? Gave him a warning instead of a citation for speeding. That's money the State should have had!
- YouTube? Goes viral with no journalistic ideals required. Becomes evidence in any investigation and court of opinion.

Harry Potter 7.1 showing at midnight. 12 years of a 4-year college?!? I did mine in 7!

Black Friday coming soon! Wait, didn't it happen after Veterans' Day? And again tomorrow?

"Do you want a warranty with that?" Ask the salesperson if they are a certified insurance agent. 
"Do you want to apply for our credit card?" Ask to see hir for banking or credit sales agent accreditation.
"Excuse me, do you work here? Show me proof that you are qualified to work here." OK the last one was too much.

SF-Bay Area Discounts- Just bring yourr drivers liscense as proof. This is discrimination.

Thanksgiving coming next week. From near eastern Europe. Grecce with my Turkey and Romania lettuce.

Again, FaceBook invades our privacy! Let's get one thing straight...WE invaded FB, It's just fighting back!

Pelosi stays as head of House Democrat. The oldest stripper in Congress! Q'pla!

Whatever Happened to...

Sources:  Bill Maher     Jon Stewart     SNL Weekend Update
FOX News- like watching a train wreck, just entertainment, not to be taken seriously

Today's Music choices...
 The Lord's Prayer by Sister Mead 1973
     Thanks DL, I have been looking all over for this song. Should be easy enough, but there are a surprisising number of versions of the same title. Up there with "Eres Tu" and "Dominique" by the Singing Nun.
The Ballad of The Green Beret by Sgt Barry Sadler, movie 1968
     This goes out to ALL the men and women of our Armed Forces past and present. They are all Special Forces.
One Tin Soldier - The Legend of Billy Jack 1969 - 1974 ant-War song
     I do NOT support the President and Congress and the corporations who say war is necessary, but for the wrong reasons. Then don't back them up. War is a means with an end, conquest or exit.

All joking aside...

With all the media about this, I have my 'final; comments about this.
1} Security is an ideal;
2) Privacy is kept in the home.

Nothing is ever secure. If someone wants to do something badly enough, they will.
In this case, full internal scans can be fooled. Contrary to the movie Total Recall. Certain liquids and gels cannot be differentiated from other organics, ie. digesting food. It could be explosive or infectious. That's why containers of toothpaste, shampoo, peanut butter, and water are dispoed of right away instead of asking you how you will be using it on the plane. Pat downs can't can't detect implants or fake body enhancements. Short of cavity searces, anything can fool the hands and eyes of an inspector. Just as in prisons. 3 passengers might have the components to assemble one weapon. No system can stop a person who is a suicide weapon.

Your personal dignity is not the issue here. The TSA and the airport that it protects has every right to set rules for all customers/passengers/users. Posted and explained, it is your right to agree OR find some other way to travel. It is NOT your right to slow the process just as a matter of principle, Or you could agree to it. There is no grounds for a law suit once you agree. They can still refuse you service [passage] just as any other business. If someone later wants to file a complaint, it will be against the one individual who did the pat down. Or the person who 'saved' their scanned image, if you can prove it. Do it on your own time. You do not have the right to assume everyone is as stupid as you are.

Just move along home.

Airport security and other travel tips.

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