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Monday, November 1, 2010

And so begins November

Let’s not be complacent, avoiding anything that will disrupt one’s normal life.
Vote!   Volunteer!   Join!

My Choices...or as said in Kitchen Stadium LET THE BATTLE BEGIN !
US Senate Barbara Boxer
-  Fiorina's statement is too mcuh 'I'
Governor Brown
-  I would still choose a 'failed' career politician over a CEO
Lt Gov Maldonado
-  Newsom is a 'poster boy' who really did nothing for San Francisco
[no surprise here, at least he stays in a cushy back office with no meaning]
Perata or Quan for Mayor of Oakland...City Hall is just one huge bureaucracy, i don't care
19  YES Whatever! It's bound to happen anyways.
[we're not ready to see everyone 'lighting up' in the streets. Perhaps if they show what the tax structure and public restrictions are first]
20  NO
21  YES
22  YES Each has their own funds!
23  NO Apply it now! Jobs will still be lost anyways.
24  YES Businesses need to stop redistributing their 'liaabilities'
25   NO The simple majority vote definitely allows the biggest party to win! Not good in any government.
[ok, well, I guess I will just flip a coin on this one when the time comes around again]
26  YES
27 . YES Get rid of one bureaucracy
[I was wrong about 20 and 27. CA ppl do want a bureaucracy to determine our borders/lines of representation. * my comments are my own, and does not project 'sour bitter grapes']

Meg and Fio-whaterver...great CEOs who got the job done! I don't feel sorry one-ass-bit for the employees who lost jobs. Greed plus opportunity equals profits and personal wealth. Am I voting for them? Hell no!
Palin will run for President in 2012 "if no one else will." I'm moving to Alaska.
After the elections, I hope the Teabaggers go back into the hole they came from. Just a smokescreen to pull undecideds to the Republican side. Conservatives = "we don't have a plan."
The new government motto "We don't have a plan!"

FedEx delivery from Yemen?!? Don't sign for it! Return to sender.
Chilean miners...get back to work! It ain't coming out of the ground on it's own.
Giants Win The Series!!! well they will tonight...
Go Raiders!! Two wins in a row...still doesn't prevent a blackout
"...all men are created equal" just taxed differently. Here's a thought, why not abolish the taxation systems as it is, and tax EVERY transaction 15% to be distributed to the running of the country, state and cities? Besides purchases, this would include income. No more state and "local" taxes. [why do we have counties anyways?] No additional tax for alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis [all referred as a "sin tax"*]. Coming soon, an oxygen tax based on how we breathe. Along with fines, that should keep our country running!

*About the ATF
ATF regulates via licensing the sale, possession, and transportation of firearms, ammunition, and explosives in interstate commerce. Alcohol and soon marijuana is seen as such a commodity. They also investigation federal offenses involving the unlawful use, manufacture, and possession of these as well. Meaning "pay the Revenuers!"
re CGT's post "While our nation is declining dangerously right now, a turnaround could be straightforward and simple with Libertarian steps like these: 1. Bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan; 2. Stop rewarding failed companies with bailouts; 3. Cut taxes and spending and let the free market work.

JD- Although I do feel that we need to bring our solders home, I believe it is a moral issue. I don’t see this helping as much as people think. Yes it will stop the money spent on the war. It will also bring 150,000 unemployed people to the mix. This will not help the economy. Now lets talk about the support personnel that are not in Afghanistan and Iraq. The companies that supply everything that is used by the troops will have to lay off employees. This will add millions of people to the unemployment lines. I think that telling people that ending the wars will improve the economy is misleading. Unfortunately the truth is that war is good for the economy not bad. If you are opposed to war for moral reasons you should say it. “Just My Opinion”

So you are saying that war is good for business. That would be true if we were in an actual war, then we'd be using a full war economy instead of some half-assed, cost-cutting corporations profitting. 100s of thousands of troops in countrries that don't want our help. Afghanistan I understand. It's a hell hole that needs to be cleaned out of terrorists.
Please read my “War is good for business." Also bringing home the troops does not mean making them unemployed. Most still need to complete their tour of duty.

In that sense, I am in favor of a less restrictive military recruitment policy. Open to all ages, as a true equal opportunity employer. Soldiers are still needed in peacetime. As humanitarians, not just trained to kill! The big problem is, can Congress afford it?!?
A texter's dilemma in history...
"For want of the letter 'K' a man never became a knight
And a kingdom never came to be"
Site of choice today
"Times have not become more violent. They have just become more televised". -Marilyn Manson
this is so true! Scandals, politics, and violence sell news. And especially disasters. They milk it until it becomes "old news." Politicians WANT to put their lies out on TV. Some people want their "15 minutes" of fame, like Balloon Boy. I personally do not care if Tiger Woods f^*$s around, or if Bonds suddenly dies due to steroid complications. Except for a very few genuinely compassionate anchors and reporters, I am tired of seeing fake ones on TV. Ask yourself "Whatever happened to..." and fill in the blank on any human interest story from not too far back. Current events and "breaking news" news is what advertisers want...and make no mistake about it, big corporations own the news! It's all about Ratings.
- see Max Headroom TV series "Good reporters MAKE the news" on You Tube
I scored 31 as being possibly Autistic
'New' on FB. We all know that we can send private messages on the upper left. You may not know, you can also 'I am sending a shout out' to 5 people. This would be 'cc' or 'to more than one contact' feature in e-mails. All responses to it and messages will now be in this 'chat room.' old AOL term.
     It seems to have surprised a few friends of mine that a response to another was visible to everyone in that 'room.'
A pessimist sees the glass as half empty;
An optimist sees the glass as half full;
An pragmatist takes the glass and drinks it empty’;
Most of us though avoid or deny seeing the glass altogether.
Sources for my 'political scorecard'
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  1. Much wisdom, Rodney! This is a good way for me to start the month!