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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Personal Information and Privacy Lost the War

"Personal Information and Privacy Protection lost the war against the Freedom of Information Act of 2011. Each individual is now responsible for his/her/their own person and personality." I posted this in my blog about a possible near future. It's here, now! With so much information now accessible to everyone, there is no way to regulate, investigate, or do anything about it. It can, however be corellated by commercial entities.

The First Amendment protects NO ONE. It was never meant to. And only in the mid-20th century has it even been questioned in any way. The Espionage Act, defamation of character laws, definition of  'the press' which come from it are actually restrictions, not freedoms.

The moment you post an opinion, have anything recorded, or are overheard saying are subject to investigation, summary judgement without proof; and penalties not subject of any written laws . You say anything about your place of work, co-worker, customer. You hate republicans, your boss is republican, you're fired. No reason needed. Really. You take someone's posted comment, change it a little and repost it as your own [or even acknowledge the source], you have infringed on his rights [even if he doesn't care either way].  Previously posted.

The Press is dead! Well at least journalism as an art is. Anyone with access to YouTube or blog or Twitter is essentially a freelance reporter. Information does not even need to be corraborated. All it takes is an intelligent and imaginative mind to have an event go viral. The biggest difference is that commercialism is not the primary reason. No overhead. Free access means no cost means no ad support required. Readers are intelligent! They know real from sensational, which fools a lot of professional journalists. Balloon Boy and Wendy's finger lady come to mind.

More on journalism later, but I did NOT say that Writing was is alive and well. Intelligent blogs and posts can involve personal experiences as well as those related to a particular field. One recently come to mind 'The Writing Gene.' Social Media is also an art that is a singled out term that can relate to many forms of communication, on many levels.

You Like, Share, or join a Group. You did not know that there wass a hidden agenda to any of them. Add a friend you know, but did not know his political view included a form of socialism- or that of a Friend, Friend of a Friend, etc-  you are now under federal envestigation under the Espionage Act...which is protected by, hold on...The First Ammendment.

Now if you will excuse me, a black car just parked in front of my driveway.

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