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Friday, August 27, 2010

Dedicated to Father

Honoring my Dad, Mariano Rivera. Gone but never forgotten! Favorite words to me was “I can see it from here.”

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads, Uncles, Big Brothers, Ninongs, and Kuyas who have taken care of, or been role models to a younger one. Even if not related, or if it was only a weekend!

I was his first Father's Day present...I was born on Fathers Day!

A handy man who would rather do it himself instead of hire someone to do it. Neighbors in the Philippines laughed at him for it. I was no better! I mocked his 5 degrees off square steps! But if it requires a professional, he would pay $600 for a car repair a block away rather than pay $200 from someone he doesn't know.

He goes to a furniture store looking like a bum [1960s] and is told "You can't afford that." goes next door, pays a wad of cash and says "Bring it to the car parked in front of your competitor." He doesn't believe in credit, "Save up for it until you can afford it." I saw him pay cash for a 1967 Thunderbird!

In the kitchen, Mom is cooking, he would be on his favorite chair/throne, directing. He would tell me to get something from the refrigerator "...second shelf, behind the milk and bread. I can see it from here." Sure enough, it was exactly where he said it would be!

I needed a hammer. He told me "It's in the tool shed downstairs, third drawer from the top, right hand corner. I can see it from here. Put it back in the same place when you are done. Two weeks later he would ask me if I put it back!
I hated when he was always right! I wish he was around to hate him even more :)

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