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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In the Beginning was the Word...

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SE Asian Tsunami Latest
Jan 23
Johnny Carson dies at 79 Bush 2nd term see also
Jan 30
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Steroids and
sports, baseball; Latest
John Paul II / Benedict XVI
May 31 Canada wins
Miss Universe in Thailand more more
June 1 49ers
Deep Throat
BART strike averted 7/6/05
London bomb blasts + 7/7 + Hurricane Katrina New Orleans see also Pakistan Earthquake CA Nov 2, 2005 Special Elections
Nov 18 SBC-
AT&T merger history

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2156-60 Earth-Romulan War
2161 founding of Starfleet and the Federation
The Early Years
Official contact with the Klingons 2240 "Final Reflection"
2245 Constitution class starship (1700) series commisssioned
2246-51 UFP-Klingon "Four Years" War"
2264 1312.4
Kirk's 5-yar mission begins
The Animated Series
2269 6987.31
end of the Original Series five-year mission The Lost Years pt 1
2272 7412.6
The Motion Picture (12/79) The Lost Years pt 1b 2278-95 General War
2284 8130.4
Wrath of Khan (1/82) - 8210.3 Search for Spock (1/84) - 2285 8390 Voyage Home (11/86), 2286 8454.1 Final Frontier (1/89) 2292 9521.6 Undiscovered Country (12/91) 2293 48632.4 - 48650.1 Generations (1995)
2311 The Tomed Incident
The Lost Years pt 2
2364-71 41153.7 - 47968.1 Enterprise-D [
The Next Generation series ]
Deep Space Nine series begins
James Dixon Chronology v9607.01 v?? v15
- late Aug 2375 Dominion War ends
New Frontier series
Nov 2375-Oct '76 post-DS9
Avatar / Mission Gamma / Rising Son / Unity /
Worlds of... series, currently
Maximum Warp / Gateways / Genesis Wave
Series' in print
IKS Gorkon, S.C.E., currently unfolding
2378.5 end of
Voyager series [ Homecoming & Farthest Shore ]
Oct 2378-79 TNG "
A Time to . . ." series
2380 56844.9 Enterprise-E
2380+ 57000s
Captain Riker of the USS Titan; Captain Chakotay of USS Voyager;
James T Kirk [William Shatner's Captain's series] Upcoming
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  . . . and Empires

The Romulan Star Empire
Overview Introduction Socio-History Brief Diplomatic Relations Encyclopedia Database an essay Google FactBites Wikipedia

The Earth-Romulan War History 162 Ships (UESNmore ships Peace Treaty RNZ map from Nemesis

The Klingon Empire
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Star Charts seen from Earth . . . Beta Quadrant The Klingon Empire The Romulan Star Empire

F&E Rules updates; Copy and Paste the URL to the Archive here.

Q'onos is about 142 ly in Leo just below Regulus
MAP as seen from Earth in the Beta Quadrant FASA map Worlds Romulus is about 75 ly in the direction of Achernar -
5 ly deep in the NE axis
of the
120 ly long oblique spheroid MAP

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