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Friday, August 27, 2010

My response to the 11 Ways To Become The Worst Facebook Friend Ever. - @TremendousNews!

"Even though you don't play Farmville, do you have any wooden boards to help me build my stable?“

Send “John, Paul, and RePete are in a boat. The boat tips. John and Paul fall into the water. Who is left in the boat?” over and over again.

Post something significant on their Wall-to-Wall. Delete/Remove it 3 days later;

For every significant word in their post, search Wikipedia and copy the whole article. Paste them on a notepad. Copy and paste the whole notepad in a comment to that post. There seems to be no limit to the number of characters here. OR Type “Huh?!?” in every one of their Wall posts back to when they started FB.

Comment on their photos “How much for just the women?”

How do you keep an idiot in suspense? Create a story and don’t end it…

- original content from 11 Ways To Become The Worst Facebook Friend Ever at [site].
[] How would I delete my FB account?
I would never Delete, or Deactivate! I would just be Inactive, like I am on Friendster, MySpace, and a few others. I would do that only if Farmville invaders cannot be blocked, or I have to pay a fee [which you do now to get upgrades or see what people say about you, or other gifts]. Just like the ending of Hotel California "You can check out anytime like, but You can NEVER leave!"

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