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Saturday, August 28, 2010

More on Inflation

Everything from the international trade imbalance, hoarding of currencies, deficit spending, buyouts, state and city governments in the red, insurance and healthcare woes, even unemployment...all can be solved with one thing. End the value of the $USD!

Declare a nationwide bankruptcy! A clean slate. End the speculations market. Just as communism ended. Will there be war? Perhaps. But soldiers AND the citizen at home will defend what they possess, not the money! People will still work, but for a localized merit system rather than a top heavy administration dealing in loans. Will we starve? Hell no! We are producers. Improve our transportation and distribution of goods. Institute a blanket communications network. Roads and technology will improve standard of living.

Stop working the payroll. Drop the credit system and speculation markets. We can begin by saying "let's barter and trade" and stop paying with credit. Am I talking anarchy? an end to civilization as we know it? Perhaps...or perhaps going back to the basic "Save and spend what you have, not what you don't have" or for that matter, what you think you will have.

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