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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Heroes Lost in The Dead Zone...

...and Other Unresolved [or weak ending] Television Shows

Did the Robinsons ever make it back to Earth? Did the Time Tunnellers ever make it back to 1968? *

Weird happenings, alien influence, and government conspiracies go even way before the X-Files. Main characters on TV shows have been hunted for their knowledge. And none of them have been resolved, at least to a logical conclusion. A few have been waiting for a big screen event to hopefully tie up loose ends. There was Millennium, Dark Skies, Threshold, Invasion, the 4400, Tru Calling, VR5, Journeyman, John Doe, Nowhere Man, My Own Worst Enemy, and Kyle XY. Kindred the Embraced, Poltergeist (Legacy), Friday the Thirteenth (series), and Eli Stone are a few supernatural ones not known to the general public.

Series that are currently hanging include V [I hate remakes], Happy Town, Flash Forward, and some I have forgotten about; and will probably not waste my time on [even to catch up]. Disappointing endings were Lost, Monk, Life on Mars, and Enterprise. The last two are similar to the "Who shot Bobby" ending up as the "year that never happened." Some series were not even allowed to end. The Agency, North Shore, Vegas, Hawaii, Veronica Mars...just to name a few.

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* The Robinsons went to the big screen decades later; some even cameoed. James Darren went "time tunnel" to Deep Space Nine in the 2290s as a holographic crooner in a night club as Vic Fontaine.
October 5, 2010
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