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Friday, September 24, 2010

Now that I have your attention...Leave me alone!

The Daily Planet           Noon Edition             Fri Sep 24 8:36am
Stardate 10728.768
220 most recent FB posts...really?!?
My views of the past 72 hours
V, to me a friend is someone who took the time to get to know each other better. For those who are younger than me, I ask "kaninong anak ka?" usually because their parent(s) probably told them "Tito mo 'yan." On FB I have comminicated with ppl who I have not seen [still have not seen] for more than 30 years, That you and I reconnect on FB, of that I am happy. I do not feel bad about those who you never hear from again, because they probably have nothing they feel is important enough to say. I am not afraid of anything cyber-social because there is always the "off" or "reset" buttons :-)
I was born under "100W/120V GE" so what does that mean?
Can anybody tell me in a few words what the "Tea Party" is? I flunked AmHist in HS when I applied Chaos and Conspiracy theories to it. Rep=keep the rich rich; Dem=don't have a sound plan, And what's with all these people outside? Haven' we realized in 200 years that you have to be inside to make a difference? [ooohh teabagger! I get it]
On having a second FB account or persona...This Gemini will always argue, and... Unlike Janus, two sides of the same coin...sometimes see eye-to-eye. Even if I can't find someone to do it with...Castor and Pollux, one and the same guy.
I am a salesperson, so I know that no one approach works for everyone [contrary to the "company" beliefs]. We, as customers, know how we want to be treated...with respect. Not with contempt, or "It's your turn to help this customer," o...r "gee if you don't apply for our card, you must be really stupid." Being too sweet is not a good thing either.

So, customers that want freebies, or "can you give me more discounts?" Treat them with respect, too. BUT be firm! Let them know that we respect, not bend, "the rules" without making it look like The Law [be very careful, because your co-worker might say otherwise, somewhere down the line]. Don't fall back to "Let me ask someone."

Do you know where to look for, and expect the BEST customer service? A waiter/waitress/server. They have to be! Not just for the tip, but the guarantee that the customer will come back to the restaurant AND them.
-  My worst experiences? Customer service. Go figure B-P

All of the above points also apply to on-line. Be nice, not loud. Offer help.
I randomly look at the following to keep me on my toes...Yelp, Customers Suck, and The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.
TV Shows I am Watching, some on DVR]
New Season  TV Guide   CBS5  abc 7  NBC11 the "Big 3"

House  / Chuck  /  Lone Star  /  The Event  /  Castle  /  Hawaii Five-O
No Ordinary Family  /  NCIS  /  NCIS: Los Angeles  /  Detroit 187
Bones  /  Fringe  /  Nikita  /  The Mentalist
Smallville  /  Human Target  /  Medium  /  CSI: NY  /  Blue Bloods  / Outlaw
See also...
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
News at 11  CBS 5  /  NBC 3   /   abc 7  /  KTVU 2 at 10pm

Sites of Interest
Recommended Reading
Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell...specifically "The 10,000 Hour Rule"

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