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Friday, September 10, 2010

Stardate 10696.44

Rodney Rivera Fnord

What follows are my thoughts for the day, not directed at YOU oOooo

I have avoided FB Apps that ask for access to my FB info [which is ok since I put it there], but then asks me for more personal information! Hell NO!

So from now on, I want to see the benefits of "liking" something before I like it. This may sound stupid but these are the other things I do not like…
- Pop-ups, especially where the close button “x” is not readily visible.
- Seeing a vague “click me” without a clue as to what will happen if I do…in the days of really making your own web pages, this was called “mystery meat” to be shunned and avoided.
    - refer to Web Pages That Suck page and book
- excessive animation, flashing color changes, blipverts- “Warning, may cause seizures” should be attached.
- Icons, excessive hyper-links in the body of the text, words with pop-up when you roll over them, and other similar navigational hazards- I am NOT going down that wormhole!
I may be paranoid, but I’m not a fool!

So, before you ask me to subscribe to your exclusive news articles, ask me to be your friend, or ask me for personal information other than what I already show publicly INTRODUCE yourself first! Tell me why I should like you.
JD- I only "like" things that don't ask for info. If I click on "Like" and it sends me to another page I close the page and move on. FB is turning int a commercial venture. I don't mind all the adds plastered around the sides of the page but I am not happy about the intrusive stuff that is starting to pop up now.
Every time you "like" something, even if it doesn't direct you somewhere else, you have just been cataloged somewhere for future consideration to send an ad to. I try to clean out my inventory of apps and likes every once in a while.
JD- You have been sucked into a serious addiction to FaceBook. I know, I have been addicted for a while. The first step is to admit you are powerless over your addiction. Then you can get back to Facebook and find out what you missed while you were putzing with your addiction.
DL- I hope I don't turn into you guys. My internet time I spend is usually on Ebay, ESPN and Yahoo for news.
News?!? I check Jay Leno's opening monologue for that! As for FB addiction, nope, it's at the same level as eating, breathing, and...what do you mean there's a world outside?!? It beats driving to malls and other nowheres, expending energy ...running on grassy knolls, and spending money that belongs to the govenment.

You think my comments are long? Go talk to Wayne, he does half sentences hahaha!
RR [me]
…is now friends with God. So don't piss me off!
…hates misleading profile photos of bikini-clad women. "Wow you look exactly like Denise Richards!"
...likes Myself
There is a new TV series on tonight called Nikita.
WG- its so interesting how a conversation can change from Fnord to a tv series. Just shows how our brain can work. My diagnosis, is that we're all a little sick.
As I said at the beginning of this string, these are my thoughts for the day. Our thoughts do jump around, just as conversations do. Stirs the thinking process. Of all places, FB is not made for rigid ways of thinking. That's what work is for :-) My day, as planned, was FB, followed by expending energy running up and down a grassy island, culminating in a [I hoped] good TV show.
For more about FNORD please look it up in WikiPedia.

- also see
Another twist to "Medal of Honor by Electronic Arts"

The following are excerpts fdom The New York Times "Combat Game Goes Too Far for Military"

“Out of respect to those we serve, we will not be stocking this game," in the PX, Army and Air Force Exchange Service.

The game makers, the military, and combat veterans worked together to ...make this as real as possible.

“It’s a form of entertainment,... it’s wrong to blatantly censor something, whether it be a book, a movie or a video game.”

Video games increasingly give users the options of embracing the role of bad guy during multiplayer showdowns (when people playing online can play against others online).

“Basically it’s a cops-and-robbers dynamic,” said the spokesman, Jeff Brown. “Someone has to play the bad guy.” - Would you be offended by other games because your car was stolen or vandalized? You or someone you know was robbed once? A loved one was actually killed?

“I still might end up getting the game,” says an army Sergeant, “but I won’t play it like that.”- which is everyone's right to make that choice. Right?
A response to WWrites-
Being sentimental IS a good thing; it is the flip side of compassionate...of the same coin. One that every human should have in their pocket. As for sharing something significant [like your daughter needed to do something about] to something insignificant. It is no fun to watch a movie alone and talk about it with someone else later. Ya gotta be able to say "Dude! Did you see the scene where...!" "Dude! I was with you!"
Heard from a football player's bedroom...
"Go deep!"
"Honey, you got a tight end!"
"Just go straight down the middle"
If Iran and North Korea don't like people crossing their borders, why do they detain and imprison them? Just a thought.

I am referring to the 2 US women captured and imprisoned for spying in N Korea, March last year. And the recent to be released one of 3 who hiked into Iran July last year. I know they are not the only foreign nationals to be imprisoned, but a few of the media publicized ones. And yes, used as a political chip. My heart goes out to any one of them, having no rights on foreign soil!
...and it's not just their governments. Our Media is also to blame! Uncovering and bringing to light a plight is a fine ideal, but to sensationalize it because it is "today's news" is sickening! Who's to say Iran wants the news to last longer so they stay in the limelight!?! After it's no longer a "news byte" it's as if it never happened.
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